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  1. Item: NHT VT-2 Speakers Pair Location: Gosford NSW. Will assist with shipping. Price: $455 neg Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: too many speakers Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Very well reviewed & definitely full range speakers, when correctly set up & amplified. Tall, narrow front baffle & side firing & ported bass driver in each cabinet. Gloss black with only slight damage on one corner, as pictured. Outrigger stands & spikes included as seen. One broken grill pin. Do your research & for the price, I doubt you'll find better. Not keen on packaging these and would prefer pickup. Pictures:
  2. PM'd to purchase. Cheers 'Nutz
  3. FS: ME 550 amp and ME 15 pre amp

    PM'd to buy Cheers 'Nutz
  4. FS: JBL 4367 Studio Monitors

    I was answering this question ... Cheers 'Nutz
  5. FS: JBL 4367 Studio Monitors

    4367 vs 4435 Cheers 'Nutz
  6. FS: JBL 4367 Studio Monitors

    Heard both at length. No comparison - 4367 win the day by quite a margin in all areas. Cheers 'Nutz
  7. FS: Artisan Archates Turntable

    Normally sellers can also assume their words will be read, along with the pictures. "Sale price includes the following" & "Available at additional cost/by negotiation are the following"
  8. FS: Artisan Archates Turntable

    $10k neg without arms. Arms & Cartridges available at extra cost. Cheers 'Nutz
  9. Item: Artisan Archates Turntable in Porsche Black Location: Sydney Price: $10000 neg TABLE ONLY. (Sna donation upon sale) Item Condition: As new. Less than 300 hrs and 2 years old. Reason for selling: moving Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal if buyer pays fee, COD Only Extra Info: RRP is USD$20k plus shipping etc etc etc Simply the best analogue setup I have ever heard. Owner has offered a challenge and will put it up against any turntable, at any price ! (Yes, he's very keen to sell!) Will accept AUD$10000.00 for quick sale for the table only - no arms or Headshells. Trade ins maybe considered.But, aso available with additional arms/Cartridges mentioned below, by negotiation.Offering a balance of musicality, drive and resolution rarely achieved in analog front ends costing twice the price, the Achates idler drive is simply a world class analogue front end, by any standard.This is not a dealer product so there are no discounts when you purchase - you have to place an order and wait for it to be made by the manufacture - Artisan Fidelity.Inspection and Auditions in Sydney Australia are encouraged and questions are always welcomed.Sale price includes the following:Artisan Archates Turntable with manuals, (no arms or Headshells) original crates and packaging.Approx 300 hours. Nearly 2 years old.Available at additional cost/by negotiation TO THE BUYER OF THE TABLE, are the following.Viv Labs Tonearm (9”)My Sonic Labs Hyper Eminent cart (Described by Harry Pearson as “ The finest moving coil”)FR 64 as new (very little use, 90% of life in storage)Zu modified Denon DL 103 Approx. 40 hoursCan demonstrate working with all the above.Michael Fremer described this Turntable as “Best Sound at 2015 HiFi Show”.The SoundThe sound of this table is in many ways very different to what you might imagine. During my listening, it was connected via a modified PS Audio Phono Stage, into a McIntosh Preamplifier and both 6BM8 (8w) & 13E1 (35w) valve mono-blocks (by Elson Silva of Cymer Amplifier fame) and then into a beautiful pair of AUD$16000.00 Voxative Zeth Speakers http://www.voxativ.com/en/loudspeakers/zeth/If I had to characterize the sound in a few words, it would be as follows; “Some systems draw you in immediately – others you have to analyze first, before you can then allow emotions to take over. The Artisan/Voxativ combination had me within the first few notes. Effortless, transparent, dynamic, natural, tuneful, immediate etc blah, blah, blah - all those “audiophile superlatives we're all so tired of just came and went in my mind. I was simply “there” in the performance. I drifted off with the sound I was hearing. Not tired or weary, but in that elusive “zone” that we all try so very hard to create with our systems. This is one of the very few combinations that made me forget the equipment I was listening too. Hell, I'd almost forgotten my own name after 10 mins !So, those are my impressions. Your mileage will vary I'm sure, but I've heard literally 100's of systems over the last 35 years in this hobby. My opinion, for what its worth, is that this Turntable (if its in your price range) would be the basis (or addition to) a world class music reproduction system that would be matched by very few, and outclassed by even fewer”Don't just take my word for it, here's a professional reviewers opinion...https://www.analogplanet.com/content/artisan-fidelity-turntables-drew-me-sound-made-me-stay#xKoMARHgLzXp3pEu.97Item Description from Artisan Fidelity;Continuing research and development over the course of past years in hopes to further enhance any hidden playback potential of the Achates idler drive platform has resulted in the debut of the worlds first modular inverted bearing and platter system based on the venerable Swiss Lenco idler drive geometry. Essentially, this inverted bearing system enables the Achates playback characteristics to achieve levels of fidelity previously thought unobtainable. Enhancements easily heard include: vastly lower background noise levels, improved left/right channel separation, increased resolution and improved speed stability. Additionally, this modular inverted design allows for interchangeable upper platter material selection, enabling the user to select a record material interface which suits their own individual tonal and to an extent, playback preferences. Modular upper material selections include: Pure Copper, 7075 T-6 Aluminum, Magnesium*, Stainless Steel 316 series. 240v/50Hz Australian Pictures:
  10. SOLD: FS: Krell KPS20i CD Player

    Sold Pending Payment
  11. Item: Copland CSA14 Integrated Amplifier Location:Gosford/Sydney Price: $635.00 neg Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Not used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal friends or pay fees, COD Only Extra Info: Integrated amplifier with hybrid mosfet solid state/valve output. Sounds far more powerful than its 60wpc rating and drove my 83db speakers easily. A few marks, as pictured, but nothing that affects the operation or sound. Happy to pack and ship anywhere at buyers cost incl insurance. Some further details on the amp ... "The Copland CSA14 is designed by Ole Moller who is a man steeped in valve design and his view presents an intriguingly different perspective from the norm. The circuit employs a mixture of devices, each carefully chosen for its place in the circuit. Superbly quiet, instrument-quality 0P37 integrated circuit is chosen for the RIAA phono equalization/gain stage. Toshiba power devices are used for the output pairs. Discrete bi-polar devices are used as a line-level input buffer. A pair of E88CCs form the differential splitters in the pre-driver stage, an area of the circuit which Moller feels is crucially influential in determining the overall sound quality of such an amplifier. Although Copland is known as a valve amp producer, in the case of the CSA14, the technology is almost entirely solid-state. But because Copland respects what tubes can offer, a pair of E88CCs are used in the input differential pre-driver stage of the CSA14, therefore allowing the notably smooth and transparent properties of the valve to blend with the power and dynamics of transistor electronics. In describing a family sound, the Copland sonic signature is portrayed as delicate, coherent and powerful, if restrained and polite. Copland has filled the CSA14 with red LEDs to control localised voltages, a cluster of 1.6V Hewlett-Packard devices which also serve as a method of diagonostics. Should one not light up, the engineer or technician knows just what stage has failed. A green LED has been installed at the output terminals to indicate switch-on stability, the unit switching on after a mute period to ensure that no nasties reach the speakers. The Copland CSA14 is one powerful unit despite a rating of only 60W/ch. It does not behave like the weeny little amplifier its case suggests. Source equipment prove equally unfussy, the CSA14 reacts with equanimity. In other words, the pre-amp section is as neutral as the power amp section is sturdy. Its signature characteristic of being polite or delicate or restrained is confirmed by choice of material rather than by choice of partnering equipment. When concentrating on the amplifier's finer points, its way with subtle details and low level information, the Copland surrenders gallantly, with a tube-like softening rather than the expected solid-state shriek. Even on HM and dance tracks, the amplifier does not show any nerd tendencies. It just seem to prefer the subtle, the delicate, and the refined. However, there's a sense of fragility to the spatial characteristics of the Copland, like the walls can cave in at any moment. Though the CSA14 delivers the 3D picture, there's a constant sense of lightness and delicacy that comes perilously close to compromising the illusion. There is feeling that the amplifier is working on the edge of its abilities - not in terms of power but of resolution. Curiously enough, this is not accompanied by a sense of strain. What holds everything together with the CSA14 is its coherence, regardless of music type, operating conditions or partnering equipment. WIth a degree of competence rare at the price point, the Copland CSA14 manages to produce uniform sound in terms of texture, balance, transient activity and weight, right across the spectrum" Specifications : Tubes...............................................ECC88/6922/6DJ8 x 2 Inputs...............................................RIAA, Tuner, Cd, Aux1, Aux2, Tape In Outputs............................................Tape Out Output Power...................................60 watts per channel into 8 ohms Frequency Response........................5Hz-120kHz, -3dB Power Bandwidth.............................5Hz-30kHz, -3dB Input Sensitivity...............................Line-level 130mV; Phono 3mV Input Impedance..........Line-level 33k ohms; Phono 47k ohms Dimensions(w x d x h).....................43 x 44 x 11cm Weight..............................................13kg Pictures: