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  1. Item: JBL 4412 speakers x 2 Location: Gosford or Sydney Price: $1350 negotiable Item Condition: Very good to excellent Reason for selling: Too many speakers Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal plus fee, COD Only Extra Info: These are amongst the most well regarded JBL Studio Monitors ever produced. Many sets are still in use in studios around the world. The cabinets on this pair are in excellent condition, as seen. All the corners look clean and veneer has not peeled anywhere I can see. But the grills are not great and neither are the repairs that have been attempted on them in the past. I would carefully remove the fabric and re-glue the frames and replace the pins. Plus, there's one small tear in a bass driver surround that does not affect the sound at all in my use and could be glued as well. I've simply got too many projects at present and these need to go to someone who will use and enjoy them. I see these priced between $500 for a ratty pair, up to $1800 (!) for a pristine pair, so I set these at $1350, but of course its negotiable like everything these days (I'm sure you guys will let me know if I'm dreamin' ...) SPECIFICATIONS The JBL 4412A is a 3-way monitor with a 12 inch woofer and titanium dome tweeter, designed for applications requiring maximum low frequency output from a semi-nearfield sized monitor. FEATURES: * Frequency Response: 45Hz-20kHz (+/- 2dB) * Frequency Range: 30 Hz - 30kHz (-10dB) * Sensitivity: 89 dB SPL (1W, 2.83V @ 1m) * Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms * Crossover Frequency: 850 Hz, 4.0 kHz * Transducer Complement: 300 mm (12 in ) LF, 125 mm midrange cone, 25 mm (1 in) HF pure titanium dome * Power Rating: Pink Noise: 150 watts * Enclosure: Finish: Gray Matte Laminate * Grille Color: Charcoal * Net Weight: 21 kg (47 lb) * Dimensions (HxWxD): 362 x 597 x 299 mm (14.25 x 23.5 x 11.76 in) Pictures:
  2. Item: 2008 Suzuki Swift Manual Location: Gosford or Sydney Price: $7350 neg Item Condition: good Reason for selling: not used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: 140195km. 12 months rego upon sale. A really nice little car with excellent performance and economy. Manual, Aircond, Alloy Mag wheels, Good Tyres, Big Kenwood stereo with touchscreen and powered Fusion Sub in boot (removeable). Log books and service manuals. Surprising amount of room for its size and comfortable as well (I'm 6'6" and fit easily)Black vinyl wrap on roof adds a sporty touch along with the shiny mag wheels.Zero squeaks, rattle or leaks and drives very well.May look at part trades of vintage or high-end stereo components. Pictures:
  3. Item: Musical Fidelity M1 and V-Link asynchronous USB-S/PDIF converter Location: Sydney/Gosford, will ship anywhere. Price: $620 for both Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Not used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal + fees, COD Only Extra Info: An extremely musical and very detailed Dac that plays to a level far higher than its price would suggest. With the additional VLink included, you can also play high res files via USB. In my current setup, I prefer the modded Dac in my CD player, so this is now surplus. Link to Stereophile review by Sam Tellig https://www.stereophile.com/content/musical-fidelity-m1-dac Specs and another opinion. https://www.crutchfield.com/S-v0KXSxvvLOi/p_778M1DACAB/Musical-Fidelity-M1DAC-A.html Pictures:
  4. Especially in this place. House design seems to be made in such a way as to pull dust in through vents into the rooms. Even with drop sheets and regular cleaning, a camera flash always finds some! That said, I could have done a better job, agreed. Doesnt seem to have affected the enquiry rate though .... Cheers 'Nutz
  5. Yes, this is the same model in at Audioconnection. My apologies for the dust on the amp in the pics. As was kindly pointed out by an obliging and alert poster that messaged me, who'd want to buy it in that state ! I obviously don't care about my gear, as the 100's who bough stuff from me will attest, I'm sure. I frequently punt it around the room, let the kids climb on it and on special days, the dogs get to sleep on top of it (nice and toasty on those cold winters evenings) <sic> Will clean and photograph in better light and state when time permits. Cheers 'Nutz
  6. Item: Gryphon Diablo Location: Gosford NSW Price: $SOLD neg Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Need funds. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal buyer pays fee, COD Only Extra Info: In my opinion, one of the top three amplifiers I've ever heard. Versatile, powerful and with the amazing Gryphon build quality. Original remote included, along with a copy of the manual. Serviced and checked by Kimmil Electronics, the authorised Gryphon Service Centre in Sydney. Once you've head Gryphon, it's hard to forget. I can ship this anywhere, as long as the buyer pays for packing and insurance. Alternatively, I can deliver to Sydney, or within a couple of hours of the Central Coast. I will entertain trade in offers of other high end audio, but will need to be cash on top of any trades. Pictures:
  7. Item: Artisa Archates Turntable in Porsche Black Location: Sydney Price: $12000 neg Item Condition: As new. Less than 300 hrs and 2 years old. Reason for selling: moving Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal if buyer pays fee, COD Only Extra Info: RRP USD$20k plus shipping etc etc etcWill accept AUD$12000.00 (USD$8900) for quick sale. Trade ins maybe considered.Also available with additional Arms/Cartridges mentioned below, by negotiation.Offering a balance of musicality, drive and resolution rarely achieved in analog front ends costing twice the price, the Achates idler drive is simply a world class analog front end, by any standard.This is not a dealer product so there are no discounts when you purchase - you have to place an order and wait for it to be made by the manufacture - Artisan Fidelity.Inspection and Auditions in Sydney Australia are encouraged and questions are always welcomed.Sale price includes the following:Artisan Archates Turntable with manuals, original crates and packaging.Approx 300 hours. Nearly 2 years old.Available at additional cost/by negotiation are the followingViv Labs Tonearm (9”)My Sonic Labs Hyper Eminent cart (Described by Harry Pearson as “ The finest moving coil”)FR 64 as new (very little use, 90% of life in storage)Zu modified Denon DL 103 Approx. 40 hoursCan demonstrate working with all the above.Michael Fremer described this Turntable as “Best Sound at 2015 HiFi Show”.The SoundThe sound of this table is in many ways very different to what you might imagine. During my listening, it was connected via a modified PS Audio Phono Stage, into a McIntosh Preamplifier and both 6BM8 (8w) & 13E1 (35w) valve mono-blocks (by Elson Silva of Cymer Amplifier fame) and then into a beautiful pair of AUD$16000.00 Voxative Zeth Speakers http://www.voxativ.com/en/loudspeakers/zeth/If I had to characterize the sound in a few words, it would be as follows; “Some systems draw you in immediately – others you have to analyze first, before you can then allow emotions to take over. The Artisan/Voxativ combination had me within the first few notes. Effortless, transparent, dynamic, natural, tuneful, immediate etc blah, blah, blah - all those “audiophile superlatives we're all so tired of just came and went in my mind. I was simply “there” in the performance. I drifted off with the sound I was hearing. Not tired or weary, but in that elusive “zone” that we all try so very hard to create with our systems. This is one of the very few combinations that made me forget the equipment I was listening too. Hell, I'd almost forgotten my own name after 10 mins !So, those are my impressions. Your mileage will vary I'm sure, but I've heard literally 100's of systems over the last 35 years in this hobby. My opinion, for what its worth, is that this Turntable (if its in your price range) would be the basis (or addition to) a world class music reproduction system that would be matched by very few, and outclassed by even fewer”Here's a professional reviewers opinion...https://www.analogplanet.com/content/artisan-fidelity-turntables-drew-me-sound-made-me-stay#xKoMARHgLzXp3pEu.97Item Description from Artisan Fidelity;Continuing research and development over the course of past years in hopes to further enhance any hidden playback potential of the Achates idler drive platform has resulted in the debut of the worlds first modular inverted bearing and platter system based on the venerable Swiss Lenco idler drive geometry. Essentially, this inverted bearing system enables the Achates playback characteristics to achieve levels of fidelity previously thought unobtainable. Enhancements easily heard include: vastly lower background noise levels, improved left/right channel separation, increased resolution and improved speed stability. Additionally, this modular inverted design allows for interchangeable upper platter material selection, enabling the user to select a record material interface which suits their own individual tonal and to an extent, playback preferences. Modular upper material selections include: Pure Copper, 7075 T-6 Aluminum, Magnesium*, Stainless Steel 316 series. 240v/50Hz Australian Pictures:
  8. Great amp. Good price. Loved mine when I owned it. GLWTS Cheers 'Nutz
  9. FS: ME75 amplifier

    Now Sold Thank You. Cheers 'Nutz
  10. Whichever is written on the unit itself. Sorry guys, should have checked the specs vs the unit. Cheers 'Nutz
  11. Item: Tandberg TD-20A Location: Sydney Price: $1500 neg. Item Condition: Excellent & fully serviced with receipts Reason for selling: Not used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This unit has been fully serviced and is in excellent condition. Spare spools and recordings shown will be included at the asking price. A famous model from arguably one of the premium manufacturers. If you've ever wanted to dabble in the wonderful world of Reel to Reel recordings and playback, this would be an excellent place to start ! Manufacturer: Tandberg Radio Factory, Norway Number of tracks: 4 track setup will play 2 track tapes as well Head assembly: 3 magnetic heads Drive: 4 engines Max reel diameter: 27 cm Tape speeds: 19 - 38 cm/s Tape counter: 4 digits with zero button Level meters display: 2 x frequency corrected peak instruments Wow and flutter: (DIN 45500): 19 cm/s = + 0.08%, 38 cm/s = + 0.06% Frequency range (DIN 45500): 19 cm/s: 15 - 30000 Hz, 38 cm/s: 15 - 34000 Hz Maximum compatibility: (decrease at kHz) at 10: 19 cm/s = 7 dB - 38 cm/s = 3 dB Crosstalk (1kHz, channel /channel) Stereo: 54 dB - Mono: 64 dB Deletion damping (DIN 45510): 76 dB at 19 cm / s Pre-magnetization and deletion frequency: 123 kHz THD (related to 320 nWb/m): 0.5% Inputs: microphone, radio, Line 1, Line 2 Outputs: Radio, line, headphones Dimensions without reels: 435 x 450 x 200 mm Weight: 17 kg Pictures:
  12. Sold Pending payment. Cheers 'Nutz
  13. Item: JBL SA600 Amplifier Location: Gosford or Sydney Price: $2900.00 neg Item Condition: Extremely Clean and Original Reason for selling: Too many amps Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Extremely collectable and excellent sound quality. This particular unit belongs to a well known Sydney Amplifier Builder. He's gone through it thoroughly and serviced and adjusted it completely, so its a "plug and enjoy" deal for the new owner. Cosmetically, its obviously had a very easy life. No major marks or scratches. The walnut side cheeks would clean up beautifully with some oiling to bring out their lustre. I've listened to this amp on my bookshelf speakers (Reference 3A MM Capo's) and it has some of the most transparent highs and mids I've heard from any vintage solid state amp. Paired with reasonably sensitive speakers, this would be a very enjoyable addition to anyone's vintage audio collection. I've enclosed some pictures of reviews from the day, plus a more recent opinion from Stereonomono here http://stereonomono.blogspot.com.au/2015/12/jbl-sa-600.html?m=1 SPECIFICATIONS Power Output:80 watts continuous RMS power; 40 watts per channel, at any frequency from 10 cps to 30,000 cps Frequency Response: From high level inputs : ±0,75 dB (20 - 20,000 cps); ±1,5 dB (10 - 130,000 cps) Power amplifier only (measured at test point provided) : ±0,25 dB (20 - 20,000 cps); ±1,5 dB (3 - 200,000 cps) Harmonic Distortion: From High level Inputs : less than 0,2% (20 - 20,000 cps at 80 watts or any level less than 80 watts); less than 0,1% (20 - 20,000 cps at one watt) Power Amplifier Only : less than 0,15% (20 - 20,000 cps at 80 watts or any level less than 80 watts) Intermodulation Distortion: From High level Inputs : less than 0,2% (at 80 watts or any level less than 80 watts); less than 0,07% (at one watt) Power Amplifier Only : less than 0,15% (at 80 watts or any level less than 80 watts) Sensitivity (Signal required for rated output): Phono Input (at 1,000 cps reference) : 4, 8 or 16 mV into 47 k ?, switch selected Tape Head Input (at 500 cps reference) : 2 mV into 47 k ? High Level Input : 0,25 V into 30 k ? Maximum Phono Signal: 250 mV at 1,000 cps with less than 0,1% harmonic distortion. The highest output magnetic cartridges available will not overload the input stages of the SA-600 Hum and Noise: Through both preamplifier and power amplifier : Low level inputs (1 k ? termination) : 72 dB below rated output, equivalent to 1 mV at input terminals or 80 dB below 10 mV. (These specifications are measured with the phono switch set a t Low, giving rated output with 4 mV signal. With switch set at Med. Or High noise is further reduced to 75 dB or 78 dB below rated output, respectively. ) High level inputs : 85 dB below rated output. Transient Response: rise time measured at high level inputs is 2,5 ms from 10% to 90% of square wave signal at 160 watts peak power or any lower power level. Power amplifier only 2,0 ms at 160 watts peak power or any lower power level. Response to such square wave signals is free from detectable overshoot or ringing, as observed on an oscilloscope. Overload Recovery: less than 1/10 of one cycle to recover from 100% single cycle overload at any frequency from 20 to 20,000 cps. Output Impedance: 8 ? rated impedance, 4 to 16 ? nominal impedance. (when driving a 16 ? load, the SA-600 meets all published specifications except that power output is reduced to 64 watts. Wen driving a 4 ? load the SA-600 produces 130 watts of undistorted power for brief periodes of time. Prolonged operation at more than 40 watts per channel however will trigger the built-in automatic overload devices. Stability: The SA-600 is completely stable when connected to any loudspeaker system or even to a capactive load, AC line surges do not affect the stability of the circuit. Short Circuit Protection: Absolute, The SA-600 cannot be damaged by accidental or intentional short or open circuit at the output terminals, or by any degree of impedance mismatch. Transistors: 36 silicon transistors plus 19 silicon diodes. Dimensions (W x H x D): 16-3/16" x 5-1/16" x 13-3/4" Pictures:
  14. No worriez It'll be getting dizzy at this rate ! Call me to arrange - no rush Cheers Scott