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  1. Yes they sounded pretty decent really.A friend had a pair in his Landrover. I see you can buy new ones but the drivers look a bit different.
  2. Most of the studio monitors used in the 1970s were pretty horrible.The JBL 4311s were commonly used and they sound really nasty.The NS1000s would have been a big improvement on them.Many studios used Auratones which used a 4. 5 inch full range driver in a tiny box.
  3. Well another poor attempt at humour on my behalf. I lived with a pair for quite a while.Not really keen to go there again. To me they are a bit like a half finished painting done by a master painter with some really great stuff going on but spoiled by the rest of it being finished off by a three year old.So although you can appreciate the good bits the overall picture is an annoyance.
  4. Sure that is not a typo Steve? Three of the four letters that spell cult I would agree with.
  5. I have a pair of Dynaudio Countour 1.3 Mk 2s which were the previous model to the Contour 1.4. and appear to use the same drivers. They sound full bodied and pleasant to me and I imagine quite forgiving of rooms or systems that might be a bit bright or thin sounding.The Esotec D260 is a very refined and sweet sounding tweeter.So probably a good "safe" choice.I think I prefer the treble in the Dynaudio to the Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor M [but I also prefer the paper midrange in the Sonus]. When it comes to stand mounts of this sort of size they all seem to be "voiced" rather than strictly accurate [because they have to fake things a bit to sound tonally balanced]- so it comes down to finding one with a voicing that you like.
  6. Heybrook HB1s are well regarded valve amp friendly speakers which would suit a small room. Or a kit version-
  7. That is strange as I was quoted $183.50 per night by Flight Centre for a King room.Although that was for a four night stay so perhaps that brings the average price per night down?Still when I went to book through the link here for the same four nights came to $836 [as compared to $734 through Flight] Flight Centre. Anyway for people planning to stay longer it might pay to check this out.I suppose Flight Centre might have stuffed up.I did not book the room as decided to stay elsewhere so have no documentation to support this price-just what I wrote down when I was in my local Flight Centre.
  8. It might pay to check out Flight Centre for the Mercure hotel prices.They seem to be offering a better deal than booking directly.
  9. Yes great if you have a problem room.
  10. Item: Harman Kardon HK990 amplifier with inbuilt DAC Location:Busselton WA.Can deliver to Perth or post. Price: $700 Item Condition:Excellent Reason for selling:Too many amps Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info:Harman Kardon went all out with this model to produce an audiophile quality powerhouse amplifier with a very high quality inbuilt DAC .The DAC is the same as that used in the highly regarded HD990 CD player.Two coaxial and two optical digital inputs plus the usual array of analogue RCA inputs including a MM phono input as well as one pair of XLR blanced inputs.No USB inputs but you can use a USB to coaxial converter . 150 watts RMS into 8 ohms which doubles to 300 watts into 4 ohms.Drives my Gale 401 speakers with ease which are a notoriously difficult speaker to drive. It produces a very refined and organic sound .This is a Class A/B amplifier not ClassD/Digital. Plenty of information and reviews available online.Manufactured in 2012 and has had very little use.Retail price on these was US $2599. Comes with remote,manual and all accessories. Very heavy so posting may not be cheap. REVIEW- Pictures:
  11. I suspect you might need to triple your budget to get something decent which will fill up that room. A pair of Tannoy 15 inch HPD dual concentrics in an Onken type box would do the job nicely and no need for a subwoofer.They will come with original crossovers which are usually fine.
  12. I would try mixing about 5% walnut spirit stain with shellac and applying several coats of that until you get the cover/colour you want. You can put any finish over the shellac/stain.Lacquer works well.
  13. You have to love the old Blundstone boots.
  14. So you would not agree with this- What is cone breakup? Cone breakup refers to way in which piston drivers bend at the top end of their bandwidth. At lower frequencies the piston moves as a unit, but at a certain point based on the mass, stiffness and geometry bending modes cause sharp peaks in response and resonant ringing. At this point the driver will most likely become unuseable. Stiff cones tend to have sharper breakup with a high Q peak that is easily seen in the response. Soft cones provide damping of cone breakup so that it may in some cases not be visible in the response. As a result, metal cone drivers will tend to have lower distortion prior to breakup and will often need a notch filter, steeper low pass filtering and a lower crossover point. Soft cone drivers may not require any special treatment in the crossover. Posted by Paul Spencer