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  1. Nissan Stagea + MacQuarie Pass = Heaven

    And I hope the pie was vegan?
  2. Nissan Stagea + MacQuarie Pass = Heaven

    Sounds like deliberate self indulgent environmental destruction to me.A wind powered car would have been fine though.
  3. Best MC Cart under $1000 ?

    I have been very happy with my Nagaoka MP500 .There is just a "rightness " to it that stops you thinking about the system and lets you enjoy the music.None of the MCs I have used have done that-good in some ways but not a complete picture.The MP500 is way better than a Denon 103 in my opinion and also better than a Soundsmith retipped Supex 900 Super I was using .
  4. MF A5CR or A3CR

    Seems to be some confusion here. I said the A3Cr preamp sounds quite warm.Nowhere did I mention the ACr 3.2 amplifier .Nor the ACr 3.2 preamp which has a reputation for sounding less warm than the A3Cr preamp and why many prefer the older model.
  5. Sometimes there is no pleasing the traditionalists.Yes Supratek takes an unorthodox approach to wiring but I have spoken to Mick Maloney about this and it is a deliberate approach because 40 years of experience taught him that doing it this way sounds best. What do you do when your prototypes done this way sound better than something with nice neat wiring layout?And with Supratek it is first and foremost about the sound.If it wasn't he would have been churning out circuit board based products years ago. It reminds me of the furniture designer /maker James Krenov who insisted on doing things a bit differently and who copped a lot of flack from traditionalists for doing so.Things like using solid timber doors rather than frame and panel or veneer board-something that was considered structurally incorrect.Anyway he ignored the critics and went on to become the most famous and influential furniture designer/maker in the last 50 years and his book The Impractical Cabinetmaker has been hugely influential on a whole generation of furniture makers.
  6. I have had plenty of trouble with components failing and creating a big molten mess in very neatly wired valve amps.Never had any trouble with my Supratek shortest path wiring in all the years I have owned it.
  7. The wiring Nazis! I guess some people can't handle the thought of what they perceive to be an unorthodox approach-despite the logic /rationale/experience behind it. Same sort of narrow and mean mindedness that lies behind opponents of same sex marriage.
  8. Only briefly and not in my system so a bit hard to compare. I know the 6SN7 based Suprateks can sound extremely good however.Even when I was deciding years ago between the 300B Cabernet and a 6SN7 based Sauvignon I agonised over which I preferred.Both were very good but just a bit different. I have also used a Mystere 6SN7 preamp which is very decent but nowhere near the Suprateks.
  9. My Cabernet is set up like that.It has a toggle switch by which you can select it to run with a 300B,PX4 or another. DHT which I have forgotten [45 or 2A3 maybe].The TJ meshplate 300bs sounded the best however so that is what I stuck with. I tend to agree that if you want a more obvious valve flavour the 300Bs are the way to go.Never liked the 101Ds that much although with valve power amps they would perhaps be a good choice.Never tried a 4PL1 but perhaps that could be used as switchable option perhaps half way between a 300B and 6SN7 in sound terms.
  10. Even I am not responding to that with any Tasmanian jokes!
  11. Yeah but you are probably safe from S.T.D s and unwanted pregnancies.
  12. Love this one-and the whole album of cheesy songs-
  13. Item: Dynaudio Contour 1.3 Mk 2 stand mount speakers Location:Busselton WA.Can deliver to Perth or South West Price: $820 SOLD SUBJECT TO PAYMENT Item Condition:See photos Reason for selling:Too many speakers Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info:These are high end Dynaudio stand mounts.They retailed at $3300.The modern equivalent is the Contour 1.4 which is more like $4500. Real ash veneer with an ebony stain.The cabinets had some minor scratches and have been professionally restored using two pack lacquer/stain.Matched serial numbers.The original Dynaudio stain is very soft and seems to be prone to marking.This should not be the case with the new finish which is very hard wearing. Perfect working order but PLEASE NOTE SMALL DIMPLES ON TWEETER DOMES.Unfortunately Dynaudios seem to be prone to developing these .In my opinion if this has any impact on the sound it is extremely slight and the treble quality and imaging on these is excellent and at least comparable to other speakers I have used recently including the Sonus Faber Auditor Ms This is an imperfection however and I have tried to price them to reflect this [less than a quarter of their retail price]. I have a pair of good stands for these which I am happy to sell for $100 if needed. These produce a big warm sort of sound and are happy driving a medium to large room . In my opinion they sound best with a moderately powerful SS amp with a clean and neutral sound. Pictures:
  14. The Jim Reeves albums made between 1959 and 1964 sound glorious.Gentleman Jim is a good example -produced by Chet Atkins but the Best Of albums are very good too. He died in a plane crash in 1964. He'll Have To Go is a favourite -Marlon Williams does a great version of that too. Super daggy but some great songs and players and beautifully rich ,deep and atmospheric recordings.