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  1. CNC in Sydney or nearby.

    Looks like you are sorted. I have a CNC contact who did my DTQWT speakers. PM if required. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Troels Discovery 18W

    Hi Benen The screws are the ones that Troels recommends on his site. They are more a timber screw but with a more open thread. I will check the packaging if they are self threading. The grille cloth dimensions should be fine, I will check tonight and PM. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Troels Discovery 18W

    I have plenty of spare black Parts Connection screws (3 sizes) and excess Jantzen black grille cloth. PM requirements and I am happy to send what you need. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Troels Discovery 18W

    Yep, checked my paperwork. Not sure why so low but Jantzen paperwork has a clear list of parts so easy for Customs/FedEx to work out. I did consider splitting into two packages to fall under $1k but postage worked out more. Your build looks great. It would be good to hear your thoughts on the sound once finished and run in. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Troels Discovery 18W

    Hi Benen Definitely consider the DTQWT if Troels house sound works for you. Re GST/custom charges my DTQWT Mk 2 kit shipped was E1,375 in 2014 (AUD$2k at current FX). FedEx the shipper handled the import paperwork, customs/import duty was $63 and GST was $130 plus their fees which I thought was reasonable. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Vinyl wrap for speakers

    Thanks guys @Jakeyb77, @Peter_F, @EV Cali, for the tips and the extra things I need to think about. @Zaphod Beeblebrox Axolotl is a great tip and their work looks impressive. @Powerglide, @Tasebass I have sent each of you a seperate PM.
  7. Vinyl wrap for speakers

    We have changed our living room decor and my timber veneer bookshelf speakers may be shown the door if they do not match the new look. Initial thoughts were trying an automotive vinyl wrap for the speakers. Do you have any experience and recommendations for automotive vinyl wrap suppliers in Sydney? Appreciate any advice. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Is Cadel Evans one of the best ever?

    His TDF win was only established on a very good time trial v Schleck time on a rolling hilly course on the penultimate stages with some easy to defend flat stages the following days. Obviously he had to stay in contention. I remember he never had the burst of speed up the hills ala Lance Contador Induran but when he was at his peak he was able to grind back to the lead pack. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. +1 on the room advice you have been given. You mentioned variable bass quality especially at higher volumes. This may be both room and speaker dependent. Not sure if you have Aurora 2 or 3. I had the previous non curved Aurora 2 and had found bass was a little loose especially at higher SPL. This could be caused by Aurora impedance drops to 4ohm for mid bass freq which may challenges low- mid range amps typically used this $1.5-2k speaker. Also these designs are smaller floorstanders so the high SPL may be pushing the drivers into distortion. The strength of the speaker was the midrange. Only after I built larger DIY speakers with 2 10inch woofers with build cost of 4x cost of my Aurora 2 that realised that the bass that I was getting with the Auroras was good in isolation but loose and not truly tight. I still have my Aurora as they are a well sorted high value speaker. Can you host a GTG or get another member to come over for a listen to provide context to your overall system sound? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Speaker choice.

    Although I haven't heard your iNova I see it had a tube (6n1p) in the pre and about 80watts. My pre also is based on the 6n1p which from accounts is a linear input tube which is often used in head amps. Possibly the tube front end with SS power contributed to the sound you preferred. I have driven my DTQWT with my first Cambridge Audio audio amp with 50watts to decent levels so you don't need huge power. Obviously the whole source-amp-speaker combo contributes to the sound. Are you able to just change the amp variable by borrowing other amps with more power from WA members to determine whether this suits your music and taste better? Check the various DTQWT build or GTG threads to check what amps may also work.
  11. Speaker choice.

    Have you tried more power? On my DTQWT Mk II I initially tried it with an early Weston Topaz Integrated with 20watts and although the speaker has good efficiency and is valve friendly I found the bass weak and uncontrolled. Midrange vocals were outstanding, extremely transparent. I swapped power to an ME 550II HiCap (100 watts) with an existing valve pre and the whole sound spectrum is balanced, sound stage is layered and instruments/vocalists localised and realistic. Bass is there and tight but often is unnoticed as it is not in your face in my setup. Although I have't compared to other speakers I find the design is a very resolved. In my setup integration between treble, mid and bass is seamless, at high SPL speaker is composed sounds same as low volume, transparent I can clearly hear different mixes in CDs and non fatiguing. I found the speakers to be honest of upstream components I could hear differences in changing amps and speaker cables. I run a Rega Apollo CD player but a quality source whether Cd or PC based will be revealed by the speakers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. All hifi retailers you have listed will give you quality advice. If you explain your budget and future plans they should be able to set up a package to listen to, you could buy each element separately and upgrade options when budget permits and whether you can hear a difference. One option is dedicate most of budget to highest quality bookshelf/floorstander speakers (which will reveal differences of future upgrades) with less spent on dedicated quality stereo amp (ie NAD) which can be upgraded in future to be repurposed or sold. Players are cheap you could use a DVD, Chromecast Audio or dedicated streamer to tide you over once budget recovers. Try packages with different % speakers/amps/players and whether it makes as much difference. Bring cds or USB with your music which you will become familiar with and test across all packages to remove one variable when testing. There are SNA threads with suggestions on audition tracks and what they are testing but pick what reflects your listening preferences. Also if you want to try brands from boutique brands not in stores put a request on SNA and members could help Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. You could also add Sydney Hifi in Castle Hill which is nearby to Eastwood Hifi in Dural. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. If buying new, if you can do a 2-4 day road trip I would recommend Legend speakers in Nowra, visit the larger hifi stores in Sydney, boutique brands like Redefy and privately tee up SNA members for specific brands like Lenehan, SGR, Wyndham Audio, VAF that interest you. This allows you to audition a large proportion of available brands in Australia. The stores/homes should provide realistic 10k amp/speaker combos which work well. You might not find a true night and day differences to your base line Paradigm Studio 100 which have sold well over several versions and produced by a established technically based brand. Auditioning widely you may find a sound combo that works for your preferences. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Panel cutting for speaker boxes in Perth

    My experience from my speaker build using CNC in Sydney 1. Found my CNC guy through Aust woodwork forum equivalent to SNA (check out their Festool v Other brand threads which resemble our SNA preamp discussions). Use google to search Cnc. 2. Sign making business often have in house CNC but may have to chase for quote and pay premium as you are not core repeat customer 3. Ask timber supplier for contacts especially if for they sell higher quality timber or birch /marine ply. They may also do straight cuts or know repeat customer with Cnc. 4. I found service provider with similar interest in hifi is beneficial as they can provide suggestions to design which enhance audio outcome of your project. Consider Aranmar Acoutics in Melb or Adelaide Speakers who do custom builds as transport costs of completed build to Perth may be ok. Plus they will already have contacts for speaker painting which may be another supplier you may need to source and get right especially if you have to deal with WAF. + 1 for CNC, accuracy of CNC makes final assembly a lot easier as cuts are square and within spec. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk