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  1. Another full range driver cabinet

    We have to take advantage of what we can, when we can How many passes on the CNC bed to get through the Ply? Is it marine ply or birch ply A/A grade? What thickness? Which finish will you go with?
  2. Another full range driver cabinet

    @muznuts Which machinery are you using to cut & rout your boxes? Curious...
  3. Another full range driver cabinet

    Yes they are those drivers. I only listened to them for an hour or so. Worked well in those enclosures. No distortion detected at high sound levels.
  4. Speaker build for a SNA member

    @SETsergio So was I!!! I built it as per the design. There is a notch filter in the crossover, I presume for baffle step. Which seems to work OK. There is also a cap & resistor across the driver, presumably to manage impedance curve??? Not sure. Hard to find out. When I delivered them to the client, the cap & resistor across the driver was disconnected, as it rolled off the top end, as I thought it may. Sounds OK now [emoji1303][emoji445][emoji57]
  5. Another full range driver cabinet

    @muznuts I presume these boxes are a kit... Where from?
  6. Another full range driver cabinet

    Do you think that cabinet a bit overkill in construction for a ported 4"/6" driver?
  7. Bathurst 2017

    Definitely, if they hear you and I won't be [emoji1303][emoji57]
  8. Speaker build for a SNA member

    Different life now. It's warm and sunny outside [emoji1303]all the time. Anyhoo. Getting to the end of this project. One more clear coat to go.
  9. Speaker build for a SNA member

    Oh, how I miss my pair of 18" subs
  10. Speaker build for a SNA member

    There are 15 ply & hardwood pieces for each of these boxes, plus internal treatment. Also consider these are vented boxes with high efficiency (low energy) drivers. I doubt they will be ringing anyone anytime soon based on there total design.
  11. Speaker build for a SNA member

    All things being equal, I don't think MDF "sounds better" than marine ply.
  12. Speaker build for a SNA member

    The only time I would use MDF is if it is pre-veneered, or it is going to be veneered. The designer of these boxes prescribes either MDF or marine ply. I do not like working with MDF. It's heavy, it's dust is toxic, it splits, it's a @$&/($&*^% to paint. It cuts and routs well.
  13. Speaker build for a SNA member

    Here ya go... Internal hardwood offset braces Prescribed oval baffles for baffle step correction. Ovals are now stained a contrasting colour to the baffles. Final glue up. Ovals are dry doweled, and hand in place by woofer affixed through oval and front baffle. Stain, clear, sand, clear, repeat...
  14. Weeknight at blybo's

    I do miss Going to AFL games & SNA GtGs. I don't miss the cold, or the amount of clothes you need to own. I do like wearing shorts & t-shirts every day of the year. Looks like another fun GtG. Aren't they all!?