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  1. May I suggest that you check your VTA. A 180gm record is thicker than a normal record, so this will affect your VTA. If your cartridge is low with respect to the counterweight, this will emphasize the treble. Playing a thicker record will raise the cartridge and give you more bass. If there is too much treble, it might sound analytical.
  2. Next Gen OLED TVs

    OK then, does anybody know when the 77" OLED's will arrive in Australia?
  3. Bach cello suites

    Arghhh, I didn't know about this!
  4. Next Gen OLED TVs

    Any news when the 75" OLED's will arrive in Australia?
  5. Any Leica users?

    Well, you can add me to the club now. I just received my M10 (after waiting for 3 months), and I only have a single lens - a Summilux 50/1.4 ASPH. I am currently shopping to round out my lens collection - I will need a 28 and a 35, and a macro lens. I will probably go buy a cheap Canon digital body and mount a Canon macro lens rather than rely on the Leica solution.
  6. He did say that he bought it from a guy who collects, restores, and sells vintage equipment. He MAY have the know-how to repair it. Just be honest with the seller and tell him what happened.
  7. Show us your tubes

    Now, those Nixie tubes are pretty cool. I have a Nixie tube clock as well. Unfortunately, one of the tubes died - since it is soldered on to the motherboard and I can't get a replacement, the clock is now a paperweight.
  8. I think it would be clearer to say that listening tests performed by Olive, Toole, etc. would indicate that a loudspeaker with a falling in room response (flat to 1kHz, then -6dB at 20kHz) would be preferred by most people.
  9. Why I WILL keep buying Apple

    Do you really need such a large SSD? If you need that much storage, an outboard HDD or NAS is more cost effective.
  10. Might be the supply side? It all depends on how many panels LG are able to manufacture, and how many they are willing to set aside for sale to competitors ...
  11. Camera Bags - What suits you best

    Hi Paul, I was thinking of one of the Billinghams. I will only be carrying the camera and two lenses, but I usually want some extra space in the bag to carry things like - a water bottle, a lonely planet guide, and whatever souvenirs I pick up from my travels. Years of travelling and owning a few bags means that there are three things that matter most to me: (1) capacity, (2) weight, and (3) whether the damned thing has a comfortable shoulder strap or not. I tend to favour messenger style bags. My current "camera" bag is a Crumpler - which strictly isn't a camera bag, but the camera went into it without any protection whatsoever.
  12. Camera Bags - What suits you best

    My long awaited Leica M10 will arrive at the end of this month! This makes me realize that my usual practice of throwing my camera into my normal bag (because my dedicated camera bag is too large) won't cut it any more. Any Leica owners want to share which camera bags work for them?
  13. RME Babyface Pro

    Don't forget that I have three pro DAC's at home I have an RME Fireface, a Focusrite, and an Audiobox. The last two DAC's are hooked up to my two home PC's for music listening, and the RME is used for taking measurements in the main system.
  14. RME Babyface Pro

    Depends on what you mean by "better". They usually have more features, yes. But nearly all of them have inferior power supplies, use cheap output stages, and some may not even come with RCA or XLR outputs.