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  1. I must have missed those clues. I was looking for the missing hand, then I wondered whether David had deliberately lopped it off. What clues did you pick up on?
  2. Chanh, I have tried a few times to read every page in this thread. It was quite difficult. I was wondering if you could summarize all the mods you have done to your PC in one handy post?
  3. All right, I finally got around to watching it. SPOILERS AHEAD, DON'T READ IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED THE FILM!!! I thought that Covenant was a mighty disappointment. On its own, it may be a decent film. But its problem is that it is Prometheus' sequel. If you remember, Prometheus left many people with unanswered questions. Who were the engineers? Why did the engineer kill Weyland and attack Shaw? Why do engineers sacrifice themselves? Where do xenomorphs come from? This was why Prometheus was such a debated movie - to some, it made no sense. Others thought that the director was deliberately leaving questions open to be answered in the sequel. Well, the sequel is here and it makes zero attempt to answer the questions raised in Prometheus. If anything, the whole of Prometheus was whitewashed and we are left with a typical "chomp chomp who dies next" film. You know the trope - bunch of people enter a fight with a monster, and crew members die one by one - e.g. Jaws, Deep Blue Sea, Alien and Aliens, Predator, Species, etc. Sadly, it is this type of movie when it could have been so much more. I expected a sequel to Prometheus - something to provide some closure. What we got was a run off the mill action flick. That is why I found it so disappointing.
  4. Hit the nail on the head. When your $1500 RME sounds better than your $14000 NADAC, you have to wonder why. When I opened up the NADAC, I saw that they were using a switch mode power supply. I bought an Uptone LPSU to bypass the SMPS, and it made quite a huge difference. It would have cost them $30-40 to use a LPSU and they did not do it. And guess what, they now make an outboard power supply for the NADAC. I haven't enquired how much it costs yet, but I will bet it will be umpteen thousand dollars.
  5. If you use this argument, there really is no excuse for cheap parts then. Case in point: I own a Merging NADAC. This is an 8 channel DAC which has won numerous awards and sells for USD$14,000. In its marketing material, Merging claims that one reason you should plump for the 8 channel model is so that you can benefit from channel summation. i.e. eight DAC channels are summed into two. Open it up, and you will find ... two Sabre ESS 9008S chips. This was already an obsolete part when the NADAC was introduced, and cost $8 each. On a $14,000 DAC. IF they decided to to use 8 of these chips, it would have cost them an extra $48. So what's with this unbelievable scrimping of $48 on a DAC that costs $14,000? I would have MOST HAPPILY give them an extra $48 if that's what they ask for.
  6. Impressive piece of kit, frankn. Are you a geologist? I would be quite curious how they couple that unit to the ground. They don't use speaker cones do they
  7. I read your requirements list: I note that it does not say "bass" is a requirement. That is good, because you might struggle to find something suitable at that budget! I would suggest: Tannoy, Lowther, or ProAc. A new Tannoy speaker around the dual concentric driver would be over your budget, but you may be able to find one secondhand. These tend to look a bit short and squat, but I think it fills your brief more than anything else. They certainly have a lot of romance, and they can do a lot with very few Watts. Lowthers will fall within your budget. You can either DIY them or someone like altilsley to build them for you. Lowthers tend not to sound romantic and honeyed. Instead, they are a little more lean, sound faster, have great dynamics, and great imaging (probably the best imaging you will find if you are looking for a high efficiency speaker). The downsides are: hardly any bass, and they struggle to fill large rooms if you like volume. ProAc's are somewhere between the two. Not as much honey/romance as Tannoys, but not as lean sounding as Lowthers. Dynamics on ProAc's are not as good as the other two. Imaging is better than Tannoy (especially if you get a ProAc bookshelf speaker), and maybe neck and neck with the Lowther. ProAc's do have more bass than Lowthers, but you need amplifier power to take advantage of it. And one last thing - of all these speakers, I think they look the nicest. They are built into beautifully veneered boxes and do not have the cobbled together DIY look of nearly all Lowther speakers I have seen or the squat dimensions of Tannoys.
  8. What a gorgeous speaker! But comparing it to the F-35 may not be such a good marketing move
  9. I have a 35/1.4 Sony Zeiss, and a 90/2.8 Macro Sony Zeiss. Yes it will fit your NEX7. $1600 and $950 respectively.
  10. I wish I could be there! I will make sure I contact you the next time I am in WA. (edit) nice wine too ... love Pierro!
  11. Welcome lakman. I think we have much to learn from you, rather than the other way round.
  12. (Edit) ... I should have said M9. Not M10 ... the M10 looks like it will offer enough performance for me
  13. There are plenty of bluetooth headsets, Marc. You prefer holding a phone?
  14. Uh-oh. OTL's have a reputation for being unreliable and blowing up spectacularly, taking speakers with it. I would take a brief video of it so you can document the symptoms, then post the video here. After that, keep it turned off until someone reputable gives you a diagnosis.
  15. Thanks for the heads up, but not really. I already have two 8-channel DAC's