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  1. Welcome aboard Muso BOB
  2. Legend gets used way too much these days in the press and here on SNA, with Mr Chuck Berry it is very very appropriate : he was one of just a few who lit the ROCK N ROLL fuse and kept it burning for decades. RIP RnR LEGEND.
  3. , I used a wax , looks good , smells good
  4. Reminds me of how hard it was to make my plinth. Looks fantastic AC - what finnish did you use?
  5. l have no idea what you are all on about re- Nirvana , but welcome back to SNA posting Capone
  6. The most immersive sound that l have ever heard was from these giants at Mondies Adelaide home. Had the sweet spot for Floyds 'Comfortably Numb' and l was a blubbery mess at the end of the track and l think l mumbled " wow! who needs drugs" Good luck with the sale and the move Simon
  7. l'm not real expierenced with phono amps ( love my Vincent ) but l have heard the 2 box Heed Quasar in my system and it was truly amazing. Out of my price range unfortunetly but in yours @Sir Sanders Zingmore
  8. Can't see anything to indicate Dyna groove ZM. Also found it strange for a record from the 70's that it doesnt say STEREO or MONO anywhere - it is stereo.
  9. Bought this Neil Sedaka record from a second hand shop the other day and gave it a spin yesterday . The record would have to be one of the most flexible records I own, so I wasn't expecting much in the way of good sound. The front cover says it is RCA pure gold . The fine print on the back says it is "Made from Masters of RCA Records" Well it surprised the hell out of me from the very start with Oh Carol sounding the best I have ever heard Sedaka sound (and I grew up during his era and having his hits on records and cassettes). The sound was produced on the slightly higher edge side of things , but the sticks on the high hat etc, and his voice were so clear, clean and sweet ; so enjoyable that I went straight back and played the track again . On to Little Devil and I was in awe that the music I know so well could sound the best I've ever heard it. I think this would be the best sounding 'oldie' I have ever heard on my vinyl rig. I think the Vincent pho8 phono amp might be part of the reason the sound was soooo nice, but I'm sure the production - pressing of this particular album is the hero here Anyone else have this same record and if so what are your thoughts of the sound quality please.?
  10. The HITACHI looks real nice - l have a P17 in great condtion but the auto return is faulty- l should get it fixed. Back on subject - l have tried a few different styled rubber mats and my current cork mat, but l dont hear any changes. The cork mat can slip on the platter, but 3 small bits of Blutack stops that.
  11. Looks like someones been playing scratching DJ
  12. Coasters for his Tassie cider ?
  13. Me too - what he said
  14. Welcome to the PHO8 club.
  15. While seeking some 'cool' under the Pepper Tree I had a visitor. I had to crop it a little.