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  1. They look like scenes from the interestg SBS TV show Abandoned, Geoff
  2. the fridge maybe? try turning the fridge off next time the noise starts, just to rule it out
  3. Stunning, absolutely stunning.
  4. looks like a SME 3009 arm to me
  5. Got the call this arvo from JBs to say it has arrived in store. Pick it up tomorow. (Thursday).
  6. That is an amazing mistake - someone should let VAF know
  7. Just ordered it from JB HIFI - pick it up next week. Yes!
  8. Thank you @David.M - bonus tracks, on vinyl ?
  9. Looking to buy the above BOWIE album , but l can`t find anything about it`s production etc, Is it remastered, is it from analogue or digital sources? Also can`t find any reviews of it with a google search. @Stump Where to buy it is another question
  10. l always turn the amp on last and off first - the other way creates a thump
  11. The YAM PF800 ?
  12. l couldn't stir them up too much Wol' l almost felt sorry for the other wharfie side It would be different if it was Collingwood .
  13. Me too