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  1. best its been for ages right now - thanks fellas
  2. Just my opinion but this season is crap, compared to the first 2 although the last episode was getting me more involved
  3. Looks like l have a US album A MX207977-B 23774-1-1
  4. l have ELIMINATOR on vinyl but l cant find where its manufactured. Back cover says Made in USA ? How can l tell where its made?
  5. A BIG thank you to Philip, Simon, all the VAF team, Allan (deqx) our Marc (cheeky bugger) and all the SNA'rs there for a fantastic evening of pizza, refreshments and some great sounds and a not so great sound from the vinyl played, which Philip did explain earlier was not an ideal setup for the evening. l really must get out more .
  6. I too would like to come along please - its been awhile since I last got out and about.
  7. Crows on the telly at VAFs - well that rules me out
  8. Ordered a JICO HE stylus (couldn't afford the SAS) for my Shure cart last week and it unexpectedly arrived this morning from Japan. What I found in the pack was the stylus, a thank you card, a little apple sweet and a piece of ORIGAMI . Now that is great customer service from EMJ MUSIC Japan
  9. slow here especially when clicking on 'unread content'
  10. Sorry l couldnt respond yesterday , not only the WIFI wouldnt work, but l kept losing the internet. Gave up trying about 2AM. This morning it all seems good - for now. @aasza thank you ill try and get my not techy head around that if it goes wierd again
  11. wouldn't they need my password etc and thanks for the response
  12. Oh! I did have a 'update' notice earlier which I did
  13. Noticed today that I have this new ip address showing up when I scanned my wifi Anyone else heard of or have this Wistron neweb corporation on their computers? A Google search tells me I'm not alone and this mob is Thailand based How do I get rid of a ip address if I need to?
  14. Hey! this Festi has a bigger motor than the original blue Festi I have, oh! and it's RED - you know what they say