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  1. If you had some measurements Id be happy to cnc the parts out for you for timber cost and a bottle of scotch...
  2. Looks pretty good. So something like these? http://www.theloudspeakerkit.com/dayton-audio-ps220-8-8-point-source-full-range-neo
  3. Ok no worries. Care to make some suggestions as to what will work better?
  4. I'm thinking I might try an open baffle speaker but know absolutely nothing about them. I've got a pair of 6" drivers to pair with a pair of silk dome tweeters with xover at I think 3k. They're probably destined for either computer use or attached to the TV via Cambridge Audio 2 channel amp. Any major pitfalls to be aware of or things to include?
  5. Late at night when the kids and the Fun Police are asleep. Nowadays I *almost* prefer the detail headphones provide.
  6. Some 2nd hand VAF's would probably be in the right price range.....
  7. If you say "Gullible" slowly it sounds like "Orange".....
  8. For a lighter colour try Scandinavian oil. For darker try Truoil. Experiment on some scraps....
  9. NAS

    One option is to use an old computer and just pile some HDDs into it and share them over the network. Its the same thing and a purpose built NAS. Whatever you do DONT use Seagate drives. They're total rubbish. I've had more Seagate's die in NAS's than any other brand. WD Reds are very good, use those.
  10. Thought Id share. This is pretty cool.
  11. Ahhh yeah that might have been the issue. Dowels were too tight so when I clamped them they were slightly compressed. Add that to the grain running 90 degrees and bingo....split. I did grab from fleabay some 300mm long drills so Im going to try drilling the dowels out and see if I can salvage this one otherwise Ill just recut them in my holidays after xmas.
  12. I instantly think of.... ACDC's "Ride On".
  13. Yeah holes were a tight fit. Any tighter and I wouldn't have been able to get them in. I figured it was due to the way the grain runs and the differing expansion. Finally had time to get a pic going....
  14. I think its 2 months but not sure, might be 3. What they do though when something "doesn't arrive" is say "Oh it must be held up in customs or shipping is slow can you please wait a little longer". So you wait.... And wait... They stall some more... Then before you know it times up and they say "oh sorry too long I don't have to refund but if you wait some more Ill resend". As soon as its past due its best to dispute it. If it does eventually turn up after a refund is issued you can always email them and send the money back.
  15. Paypal protection is time limited. If they try to stall you until this runs out dispute it with Paypal immediately. Not so important within Oz but for stuff coming from OS where the shipping time can take up a large proportion of this it becomes an issue.