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  1. CNC machine here at home in Adelaide. Will work for grog
  2. Its worth adding a small 8 or 10" sub under the desk to fill things out a bit also.
  3. +1 on HD 600-650-700 Great sound and build and well worth a listen.
  4. I have the LP packed away somewhere from the early or mid 80's.... Great stuff from a classic band.
  5. +1 for the Mens Sheds. They have all the right tools usually and will also give some great company and good advice. You could probably find a retiree at the local mens shed who would make the boxes for next to nix. Youtube is an absolute goldmine when it come to "how to" videos. Other than that a good variable speed orbital sander, a router, a jigsaw, and a good quality square or 2 is a good place to start. You can build good boxes without a table saw but its harder and takes longer. You can rough out the size with a jig saw then trim to exact size with a straight edge and router. Don't buy sanding discs from Bunnings, they're stupid expensive. Hit up Ebay and the Chinese sellers for consumables. A couple of us here have built our own CNC machines to make our diy lives easier.
  6. Youll likely need more than just a layer or 2 but if the mush is sandwiched between some decent layers of strips it might be better. At the very least itll make them prettier as the mush bit will be hidden. Also as others said some wire mesh or maybe something like fishnet stockings....its netting and itll stretch (plus it goes with the pink latex adult toy theme) Maybe a premade wire circle dropped into the mix to help keep the warped bit straight might help...
  7. The mush one might be good with a couple layers of strips inside and out....
  8. https://www.google.com.au/?gws_rd=ssl#q=increase+size+of+OS+partition&spf=1495964506794 But in all seriousness you should just run the OS off a SSD internally and use the other drive, or another large HDD internally for storage. 80GB is usually more than enough for an OS and a ton of other programs but SSD's are pretty cheap nowadays. Try using CCleaner to free up space perhaps.
  9. You've got far to much free time.... MDF mould....glad wrap to stop things sticking......hmmm
  10. Im starting to wonder how a paper mache and epoxy mix would go making a regular box style speaker or something a bit kooky like the nautilus shell style....
  11. Edwards a good bloke and easy to deal with and he knows tons about building speakers. Great looking speakers you have there.
  12. You see a circus tent but I see a pink latex adult toy. Where's the beer?
  13. That's what makes this such a cool project there no limit to the funkiness they could end up. Does the glue dry clear? Im assuming Aquadhere? Inside clear coat of varnish or something like epoxy?
  14. This is a pretty cool project. What sort of glue? Painting the end result or doing the last layer with coloured paper or leaving white?
  15. Why not get yourself one of those little office size paper guillotines? The cost bugger all then cut 10 pages at a time?