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  1. That's what makes this such a cool project there no limit to the funkiness they could end up. Does the glue dry clear? Im assuming Aquadhere? Inside clear coat of varnish or something like epoxy?
  2. This is a pretty cool project. What sort of glue? Painting the end result or doing the last layer with coloured paper or leaving white?
  3. Why not get yourself one of those little office size paper guillotines? The cost bugger all then cut 10 pages at a time?
  4. He *is* making an adult toy
  5. Not sure if you could reuse it but if latex only took an hour to dry them possibly yes. https://www.amcsupplies.com.au/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=2026_2723_2206 Ive used it to make casts of the kids hands when they were little. You can see their finger prints etc, it picks up every little detail.
  6. Try alginate for mould making. Sets fast and is easy to use and picks up every little detail.
  7. Finally had time to cut and assemble. Still needs a bit of something to seal it and a nob on the back for the cable though...
  8. Ive still got some from when I was selling them and Im happy to send some for the price of postage and maybe a small donation to Marc/SNA. Even got enough of the stick on felt discs.
  9. Skilo if you wanted better ply with nicer timber faces youd have to use marine ply probably. This can be faced with other species of timber for making it prettier. Marine ply is more likely to be void free than the basic bunnings ecoply also. Bones or Ottos or any of the boat builder place can get it but youd be more likely to get a better price on smaller buys from a boat builder but anything they have laying around ready to go is likely going to be faced with teak. Might I suggest it also would maybe look pretty nice if the joints on the storage cab were finger jointed and glued rather than screwed from the inside. Make the corners a bit of a feature. Theres some great ways to do inlayed finger type joints also for some nice contrasting timber colours. It might be worthwhile you getting a vac system and just facing it yourself with laminate timber from Ottos or off the internets. Possibly ask Phil at Vafs who his CNCer uses to face the MDF used on their speakers. The fronts of those cabinets are just begging to have some music notes inlayed into them in jarrah.... Sorry for dribbling on...
  10. On wood to fix the caraven table if both sides are wood use Titebond 3. Its better than Aquadhere. Or you could use an epoxy but tbh Id go the titebond.
  11. If you had some measurements Id be happy to cnc the parts out for you for timber cost and a bottle of scotch...
  12. Looks pretty good. So something like these? http://www.theloudspeakerkit.com/dayton-audio-ps220-8-8-point-source-full-range-neo
  13. Ok no worries. Care to make some suggestions as to what will work better?
  14. I'm thinking I might try an open baffle speaker but know absolutely nothing about them. I've got a pair of 6" drivers to pair with a pair of silk dome tweeters with xover at I think 3k. They're probably destined for either computer use or attached to the TV via Cambridge Audio 2 channel amp. Any major pitfalls to be aware of or things to include?
  15. Late at night when the kids and the Fun Police are asleep. Nowadays I *almost* prefer the detail headphones provide.