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  1. Subwoofer flat pack

    Theres me and Silent Screamer as well as a couple commercial guys who are into audio on the forum who have their own cnc machines. Screamer is in Brissie and theres another guy in Melbourne (I think).
  2. Subwoofer flat pack

    Might be worth working out shipping mdf bits from Adelaide assuming 16mm MDF.... I have a sheet of 16 sitting here atm. Will run machine for grog
  3. Subwoofer flat pack

    A couple of us have CNC machines why not just cut one?
  4. Subwoofer flat pack

    You can use that Australia Post reshipping service as it often saves on the stupid America Tax (shipping). Never heard of flat pack sub tho. Linky?
  5. I play mine off a Intel SSD and when I was listening off a HDD there was a faint buzzing noise. Not audible with speakers but with the DAC/Perreaux/Senn combo it was there. Disappeared when I moved to SSD.
  6. Enjoyed this the other night. Gorgeous and hilarious.
  7. External cross overs

    All cut and glued up. and a clear acrylic cover cut from 3mm acrylic. Got to get some SS M4 button heads to hold the lid on as buried some M4 rivnuts in the 2nd to top layer. Now to paint etc and put the binding posts and such on....
  8. External cross overs

    Ran the second half of the program today before the kids talked me into taking them climbing.... Just need to get them off the machine and glue them together.
  9. External cross overs

    So I made a bit of a start cutting out some MDF for layering into smallish boxes and bought some binding posts.... If it works out good Ill recut the boxes out of solid timber. Planning on a clear acrylic top with M4 stainless button head bolts to hold it down. A work in progress.....
  10. External cross overs

    Cheers fellas. I didn't think it would matter either way but I can see how less vibrations would possibly help. Hard wired to the speakers or binding post connections is fine?
  11. External cross overs

    Just wondering.... I'm in the middle of making some new bookshelf size speakers and was thinking I might put the crossovers in external boxes to make it easier to change. Do they get hot enough to need any sort of ventilation or can the enclosure be sealed? Cheers
  12. Hiphop YES....Metal...NO
  13. Time To Start Building

    Youre going to have a LOT of fun. I for one expect to see some great things off that CNC THB I don't know how you'll find time to do any jobs for yourself once word gets out. Most of my free time is taken up cutting stuff or making stuff for other people (for either grog or money).
  14. CNC in Sydney or nearby.

    CNC machine here at home in Adelaide. Will work for grog
  15. Its worth adding a small 8 or 10" sub under the desk to fill things out a bit also.