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  1. My eperience also with the Klipsch.
  2. Probably a whole lot less than the wire running inside the speaker.
  3. Dish? It's tuppaware isn't it? Sold it on ebay.
  4. Not forgotten believe me, just trying to avoid!
  5. Hey, kinda like my system. Well kinda,SGRs with Elektra pre! I may have to throw some silver in again soon to test. Like you as I have changed components or cables, a quick adjustment on the crossover (active) would yield noticeable improvements.
  6. May have to take you up on it, soonish! I must mention I have never done this stuff before
  7. Ta some good reading there, not sure whether I could take on the mods? I wonder approx how much the bits would come too? Well I suppose the worst thing that could happen would be a bin worth of scrap!
  8. Dunno what your talkin about its a Dacmagic2 I should really check what I have
  9. Hi all , Ive got this Cambridge Audio Dacmagic2 that's been sitting here for a while . Bought it to use as a modding project but it has just sat here since. So does anyone have any experience or suggestions about what to do or what can be done ? also what would any likely mods bring ? Mod or sell?
  10. No he just peeks through the Venetians.
  11. Friggin save button , grrrrr!
  12. Same here, before my post is uploaded my phone turns back to standby. As annoying as it is I'm sure those behind the scenes are doing their best as it's in their best interest as well. Wishing them some speedy luck
  13. One year???
  14. One year???