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  1. Hi Nick Well done with these. They sounded lovely, very nicely balanced from top to bottom. They looked quite stylish as well making a nice visual statement in Marc's room. I also liked your coupling concept between the two boxes, i was going to do the same with my speakers back in the day. Being the SPL type that I am I would have loved to put them through a bit bit more stress, perhaps another time. Will look forward to Marc's review.
  2. Well i was driving past Marc's place yesterday so i thought I'd drop in. Found a set of these in his listening room, well like these but a different color. Gotta say they are a lovely speaker to both look at and listen too. I only stayed for a short while before Marc kicked me out, how rude!! But during the handful of tracks I listened to I would say do yourselves a favour a grab a listen when you can. They don't do much wrong at all. Yep the drivers up top look very familiar???? But with some decent bass! Bang for $$ and looks
  3. Cash for comment? A very cheap shot without any substance what so ever because your perspective is different?!
  4. Interesting! Many years ago I went to audition some power amps. The retailer suggested something I had never thought of or even heard of at the time. Anyhow I went in knowing exactly what I wanted. The salesman setup a simple blind session and so I listened. The Rotel stayed in the shop. So we have different tastes!
  5. Now if someone near you could bring something around to compare then you could make on the fly AB comparisons. Really hearing is believing so somehow try before you buy. I know it sounds like it'll never end but those that have walked this road are actually right. Like all things in Hifi some options will be worth more to you than others.
  6. From what can see that window is one of your major culprits. Drapes! well it's one of your first reflection points and all that glass is a doosey! then where you are sitting, you have nothing but more reflective surfaces directly behind your head. Would suggest something there. But of course there is the ceiling also. like you said it's your living space, perhaps tackle one thing at a time. Start where you think you can get away with it.
  7. Most probably will, just need to work out the positions for the extra inceiling speakers. More holes, the bride will love that
  8. One day soon, not quite ready for the update. Still toying with the idea of Atmos or not?
  9. Like Castaway with Tom Hanks and Wilson?
  10. Equinox do some great sounding speakers and if only you were local as I'd love to hear them. But alas I'm not looking atm. But after a brief listen to some other models I would agree with your desciption. GLWTS.
  11. I'm due for an avr upgrade soon and I must say I don't know where to start looking? But luckily I have little interest in what it does with stereo as that's taken care of by something else. But nonetheless I can see it being a headache when the time comes .