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  1. Never thought I'd say it but are the 80s now the Golden Age of Cinema? Love reliving so many of the films. Perhaps I'm just getting old and nostalgic.
  2. SNA Members Top 100 LIVE albums

    94. Ben Harper - Live From Mars
  3. Music as time travel.

    So many. Gary Glitter and Alvin Stardust blasting over the PAwhile a young teen ice skating at St Moritz. Wish You Were Here. Going to the coast surfing over the summer. Dire Straits as driving music going skiing Salt & Peppa / Push it while clubbing in the Greek Islands in my 20s. Aah the memories
  4. SNA Members Top 100 LIVE albums

    77. Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains The Same.
  5. I think I may just have to go and put the original on now. Very cool!
  6. Bathurst 2017

    Sounds good
  7. May I suggest adding all the details to your for sale listing please to keep things within our guidelines. Ta!
  8. A snip from the link provided about LZ1. I think a bit tricky in a van. I no doubt that they would have made things like demos in such a small place, but not so whole albums. But then that's only a guess.
  9. No mention of recording in vans in that link you supplied , only a mention of Atlantic? and Olympinc Btw, I'm a Zeppy from way back too!
  10. Bathurst 2017

    Will it be like an Elvis convention?
  11. Report Bugs Here

    How about that? Control F5 worked!
  12. Report Bugs Here

    Hi Marc, Using PC with chrome. The My Activity tab is showing as a double with one above the other but not letting me use it.
  13. Have you got any more daggy tracks hidden away? I don't want your money! Evil, you win!
  14. 1. Robert Plant and Alison Krauss - Raising Sands 2. Epica - Consign to Oblivion 3. Tupac. Me against the World 4. Marillion - Marbles 5. New Order - Get Ready 6. Radiohead - Kid A 7. Portishead - Third 8. Tinariwen - Aman Iman 9. Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. 10.Anouar Brahem - Le Pas du Chat Noir. 11. PJ Harvey: Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea 12 Dave Rawlings - Nashville Obsolete 13.KD Lang - Hymns of the 49th Parallel