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  1. Sounds exeactly like what my room was like until I treated it.
  2. @Jakeyb77 is doing what your thinking about. He should chime in now. the options are limitless
  3. Sure thing, incorporating subs can be difficult to do properly. But when they are done correctly little compares. Unfortunately the don't tend to be plug and play like they way they are sold. i can understand your mentor is probably concerned about a less than ideal integration. so your wish is my command and I shall close this thread.
  4. If accuracy is your thing I would suggest it doesn't stop at 38 hz @ -6db.
  5. Me thinks this is a good deal, only wish I had a place for it.
  6. Harden up. Btw have you got those Tongans ph no handy
  7. Sold pending pickup
  8. Your second in line I'll let you know if it falls through
  9. Item: Bell'O avs 422T Location: Werribbee Price: NADA! Item Condition: Good Reason for selling:Don't need it Payment Method: Pickup only Extra Info: 105cm W x60H x 60D Advertising on behalf of a friend,PM me for details Pictures:
  10. When the 2 channel unit is in by-pass mode the HT receiver does all the volume control and switching of your HT sources. When the bypass is turned on all the HT signal goes directly through the integrated as if it were just a piece of wire. When playing back any 2 channel sources the 2 channel intergrated looks after all the controls for the 2 channel sources as they will be plugged directly into the 2 channel unit. Clear as mud?
  11. This item has been withdrawn from sale or relisted.
  12. Aah the 80s I was a young buck back then. Ofcourse I miss them
  13. This item has been withdrawn from sale or relisted.
  14. This item has been withdrawn from sale or relisted.