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  1. One from tonight. i made sure I wasn't there after midnight, just in case Ghost fungi (Omphalotus nidiformis)
  2. Another find over the weekend #1 Coral tooth fungi (Hericium coralloides) #2 Close up
  3. A few from the weekend, #1 Eastern Yellow Robin #2 Superb Fairywen #3 Little Wattlebird #4 #5 New Holland Honeyeater #6
  4. My final outing for autumn colours this season. Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens, such a lovely place to visit, although it is very popular with the tourists. #1 The colours are stunning #2 The Lake, and yes I did photograph the boathouse. Although the colours looked nice in the subdued light #3 When the sun finally hit the trees the colours exploded! #4 There was also plenty of fungi at the gardens to keep me amused #5 #6 So far we've had a bumper season for fungi, although with the recent dry spell, nice specimens have been a bit harder to find. The dry spell must also be keeping the leeches at bay, although they are still around.
  5. EDIT: I just checked and it's a ZP100 I have. Not what you are looking for. Good luck, I'm sure something will come along!
  6. Fuji opted for their own filter array for APS-C sensors, the issue is nearly all of the RAW converters are designed for Bayer array sensors. DXO Optics Pro for instance have indicated they are not going to support X-Trans filters. Interesting Fuji is using a Bayer array sensor in the GXF 50S. Capture One Pro and ON1 RAW have indicated their commitment to processing X-Trans RAW files, likewise Iridient Developer have been great with their development and processing of the files. It'll be interesting what Lightroom do with Ver 7 when its released.
  7. Congratulations Al, nice to see you giving a Sony sensor a run for a change. The Fuji's do produce nice JPG's IMO, particularly skin tones. Will there be an X-T2 or posssibly GXF 50S on your horizon?
  8. The programming remote worked well, converted all 3 units to region free DVD in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately it sends the signals quickly so a bit hard to follow to share sequence.
  9. I was only there on Saturday Al, I cannot believe how quickly the tree has been stripped of its leaves I loved the progression of autumn colours there as well Was this still sitting on the bench post as you entered?
  10. I went and bought the local blu-ray of Hacksaw Ridge. Great movie and like yourself I didn't see any banding with the player set at the default Automatic and 12bit. Interesting with this blu-ray it doesn't up-sample the bit rate, I'll check a few others including a couple from the US to see if this is the common output for blu-ray's
  11. I did a while ago, at the time there wasn't much 4k material. I use Amazon Prime 4k regularly, however as to whether it is 4k I have no idea.
  12. Having read the book, I was keen to watch the movie. We planned to watch it when it was on in the theatre’s but somehow never found the time. The movie is based on the true story of African American women Katherine Johnson. Who at a very young age shows ability to solve complex mathematics. The movie starts with some background video of Katherine as a young child, then moves onto the early sixties with Katherine, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson all working at NASA. As the movie progresses it starts to build on the lives of the three characters, and shows some of the issues they faced, particularly being coloured and women working at NASA. What I found fascinating was the required use of advanced mathematics based on some unknowns of space travel, particularly by Katherine to determine the re-entry point, and precise landing location for the space craft. One of the things I didn’t get from the movie, as much as I got from the book, was the struggle for employment and the reason all three woman ended up a NASA. But it does cover some of the smarts of Dorothy, although doing a supervisor’s role couldn’t get recognition or the pay grade for the work. Who took it on herself to learn Fortran with the pending arrival of an IBM main frame, which would mean the end of her career at NASA. Likewise, the hurdles Mary had to endure to be recognised as an engineer. All in all, a great movie. I’d give it a 4.8 out of 5 for quality of the acting, the compelling storyline, and an insight of some of the trials and tribulations of what it took to get man into space. Apparently the movie was made using 35mm and 16mm film with a 2160p transfer in 2.39:1 and DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1. I personally found both the video and audio fantastic on the UHD disc, and was happy the included Blu-ray appears region free.
  13. Hmmm doesn't look to flash Al, I'll put on a few concert disc's and check it out. Stoked, only one of the UHD, included Blu-ray I bought in from the US, Patriots Day is region coded, the others are region free
  14. I checked out the settings, and the info on the settings page says to set it on 12bit unless you get video banding or other issues in which case drop it back to 10bit or off. I've left it at 12bit, as I find playing blu-ray and DVD both upscale nicely to 12bit
  15. Thanks Al, I'll set it to 10bit and see if it makes a difference. Of the 6 UHD discs I've played I haven't noticed any visual or audio anomalies.