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  1. Nikon D850

    I'm glad more manufactures are implementing this. From all accounts the Olympus focus stacking works quite well. I haven't created a focus stack for months, but late this afternoon I had the opportunity to create a 15 image one of a Native Orchid.
  2. Help me choose a second camera

    If you're planning on going to 1:1 macro then there are a number of nice auto focus macro lenses in the various brands of cameras you're considering, coupled with the appropriate hardware/firmware to create automated focus stacks. Going past 1:1 I believe you'll be 100% manual focus, which will require the use of a programmable focus rail if you're wanting to create as error free stacks as possible. In the end its only money
  3. Post some pics thread...

    HG no need to justify why you took a shot a particular way. Your photography prowess has come along way in quite a short period of time. You are the maker and therefore it is your prerogative how you present an image. Some consideration is required if your taking images for clients, or trying to sell your work. You never know, you might end up starting a new trend in the photographic world one day
  4. It should be good to go now @Milo
  5. Help me choose a second camera

    One of the things I’ve found with mirrorless bodies, quality glass tends to weigh a lot. Basically, and IMO, if you put quality glass on the front of a mirrorless body the combined weight is not a lot different from a DSLR. However, there are some great zoom lenses which may lack a few features e.g. weatherproofing, that perform close enough for general purpose photography and weigh a lot less. With regards the Canon 65mm MP-E lens, going past 1:1 does require some skills. You also need to be mindful the lens grows in length with magnification, and 65mm even on an APS-C body puts the front of the lens close to the subject. With the DOF under 1mm and depending what you’re trying to achieve you’ll more than likely be creating focus stacks.
  6. Post some pics thread...

    It’s funny in all the years of photographing flowers, Native Orchids have never been something I’d considered photographing. A few months ago, I saw some images of the Flying Duck Orchids and this is what got me interested in them. So far, I’ve met a few enthusiasts but it has always been during the week, and not on the weekends. I also had the privilege of meeting Rudie Kuiter on one of my walks. The people I’ve met so far appear so passionate for the preservation of the orchids, and are willing to share information about them. What I like about Rudie’s books is they not only list the month/s the orchids flower, but also which reserves you can find them and whether they are scarce or in abundance in each reserve. The owner of the bookshop where I purchased a few books was also very helpful with information about Native Orchids. He also told me Western Australia has more Native Orchid species than the whole of Europe, and suggested I make time to take a trip over there just to experience them. Anyway, here are a few of the books Rudie has published on Native Orchids, and the Flying Duck Orchids should be in flower in around 6 weeks. #1 Flying Duck Orchids on the cover of this book #2 #3 #4 #5 #6
  7. Post some pics thread...

    I was out looking for native flowers over the weekend. Should be getting some nice Native Orchids other than greenwoods over the coming weeks. It's amazing the devastation controlled burns and following cleanup can do to the ecosystem. Several of the orchids which should be flowering in the area appear to be no longer. #1 Blunt Greenhood #2 Tall Greenhood #3 Nodding Greenhood #4 Showy Bossiaea #5 Scented Sundew #6 Showy Parrot-pea
  8. Post some pics thread...

    The past few weekends in Melbourne have been unsuitable to be out chasing native orchids. It's been too breezy. The forecast this weekend is looking good, so I'll venture out and try my luck. In the meantime a few images from last weekend. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6
  9. Post some pics thread...

    Unfortunately its not as easy as the old split focusing screen of the SLR IMO. On my next outing I'll try a tripod and the device I use for focus stacks as it allows for focus peaking. Currently I'm only using the lens at f/2.8 thru to f/5.6 with f/4.0 probably the one I'll use the most. At f/2 and below the image has an overall soft look as per the Camellia. It all depends on the outcome I'm trying to achieve with regards the chosen aperture. I've found hand holding makes it somewhat difficult as I'm concentrating too much on the point of focus and not the composition. Its a bit of fun!
  10. Post some pics thread...

    A few more practice images using the manual lens #1 #2 #3 #4
  11. Post some pics thread...

    I pay money for bodies with all sorts of smarts, only to tack on a relatively cheap and simple (no electronics) lens. It’s like riding a bike going back to the manual days of the film cameras and operating without too much thinking. It’s still early days, but I’m looking forward to putting it through its paces over the coming months. Camellia after the rain
  12. Post some pics thread...

    Thank you. These were taken at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Cranbourne, the post from yesterday were from French Island, and the ones from last weekend were from The Briars in Mt Martha. EDIT: There were a number of other bird varieties which I also photographed at these locations besides the ones I post here. The variety should also increase as we head into Spring.
  13. Post some pics thread...

    A few from this morning... #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6
  14. Photographing in NZ, bro!

    Enjoy your skiing HG, and if it's the stars you're after what better place than the Mckenzie Region. Unfortunately Lake Tekapo is also a tourist mecca. But it can be very cold, so I would suggest using a lens heater. https://mackenzienz.com/scenic-highlights/dark-sky-reserve-2/
  15. Post some pics thread...

    Another from yesterdays outing, Spring is on the way...