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  1. I love the Billingham bags, pity about the price. I only have one, a Hadley Pro, but would like to purchase a couple more in different sizes/styles.
  2. Don't forget to take a tripod? When we did a motorhome trip down the South Island a few years ago, the majority of my images were taken using a tripod and alot of the time under an umbrella due to the rain. It can be quite dark on overcast and/or rainy days.
  3. I guess each of us are different with regards where we like to host our images. With regards my longer term usage of both Photobucket and Flickr I'll first assess what other services are available. My concern with uploading images directly to forums is some of their terms and conditions. I received an email from one site I'm also a member, at least they offer an out for members if they require. Of late I've pulled back on the number of images I post online with regards hosting services and forums. I still post plenty via social media but most have restricted visibility.
  4. A close-up of a lily
  5. All Nikon users who use EN-EL15 batteries. Nikon have issued a recall http://www.nikonusa.com/en/service-and-support/service-advisories/h0ndzaip/EN-EL15-Rechargeable-Li-ion-Battery-Pack-Recall.html
  6. Some more rumors regarding the replacement for D810 and D750 http://www.techradar.com/news/photography-video-capture/cameras/camera-rumors-1278354/3
  7. Nikon creates largest human image of a camera in Italy http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/news/2017/7/nikon-creates-largest-human-image-of-a-camera-in-italy-478811
  8. I found this interesting and something for me to consider going forward https://www.slrlounge.com/a-message-to-photographers-direct-advice-on-making-truly-great-images/
  9. My bag turned up today for my new camera. This time I opted for a Billingham Hadley Pro bag. I also bought a few accessories I.e. SD cards etc. for the new camera as well. The bag is very nice, but has quite a number of pockets and dividers and so will take sometime to configure it to suit. So far so good, I've transferred a number of accessories e.g. Batteries, filters, triggers etc, and will check it out in the field over the weekend.
  10. I was all set to purchase a D500 taking advantage of the recent sales and cashback offer, but I think I'll wait to see when the 810 replacement is due for release in AU and what the street pricing will be. It'll be interesting how Arsenal handles the file sizes, it apparently has no issues with the D810 files.
  11. A good overview https://photographylife.com/mirrorless-vs-dslr EDIT: a link from the above article https://photographylife.com/the-mirrorless-hype
  12. From my experience and images viewed online it would appear camera manufactures who use Sony to produce their sensors have the same/similar issues with red hue. I cannot understand why that would be if the sensors are not similar with regards production. Canon sensors don't have this issue with red, they have it with blue.
  13. If the sensors are made by Sony! Regardless of who designed, or ordered, or fitted etc. etc, it's still a Sony sensor IMO. I guess the rumour Sony send their sensors to Nikon for tweaking prior to fitting in their cameras mean Sony use Nikon sensors.
  14. When did Sony indicate they're no longer going to manufacture sensors? Sony purchased Toshiba sensor business back in 2015 Looks like a worthy replacement for the 810