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  1. In the recent months, I have put together my power amp based on Holton’s DIY kits. I choose the HPA-NXL300 R4. I run a straightforward 2-way loudspeaker system based on SEAS drivers. These loudspeakers are really good in terms of sound stage (the DXT tweeter is very nice) and the phase-coherence. The latter is where the magic happens (at least for me) for any loudspeaker. I was looking to upgrade my Class-D based amp that sounded very clean, but missed the music, its missed the magic. Building the kit was a lot of fun and with a bit of help from Anthony, very achievable. I ordered transformers from Poland and a DIY chassis from Italy. I used the HPA-NXVPSU-One R2 Power Supply to power the module. When I turned on the AMP, it immediately put a smile on my face. It was clear immediately that this amp has all the power and punch I needed. But better, the sound was amazing. Detail, crystal clear mid's and like I said, enough punch. Voices sound very clear and the sound stage it produces is very large. A friend of mine has put together a set based on Holton modules as well and told me I should really order the Volt One and power the input-stage of the amps separately to really get that extra bit of magic. And because the whole process of building something yourself is so much fun, I did. I was not sure what to expect, as it is always easy to think something sounds better, because you just spend extra bucks. When the Volt One was installed, and I turned on the amp again, I was simply lost for words. I now have the sound I was looking for, for the past 5 years or so. With this upgrade, the instruments and voices sound so crystal clear, it’s almost scary. When Diana Krall sings, it’s almost like she is standing a few meters away from me. Leonard Cohen’s voice on the album ‘Old Ideas’ makes my blood clutter from excitement. It sounds incredible. The amp has so much control and clarity now, I can easily say it’s the best I heard from an amp. Class D, or the famous Bryston amps are suddenly toys. This amp is in a league of it’s own. Although I do wonder what the Holton class A would sound like ;-) Another thing I like to stress: The help and responsiveness I got from Anthony was simply great. Anthony takes all the time to answer your questions, helps you out, even during weekends he responds to my email. Thanks Anthony for creating a great product and all your help. Stefan – The Netherlands The picture below is when the amp was operational, but not finished. I now run it with a DA converter with digital volume control. The Rotel pre-amp has been retired.
  2. May be next time I will bring this one...
  3. I'll be bringing my baby amp with me
  4. Hi @CryptiK Here is a top side view of the Five-Zero-Zero, each channel has its own 350mm x 100mm heat sink, so runs cool for a high powered amplifier. Not planning any EOFY sales, selling well with 3 sales of amplifiers already on the board for this month. If you would like to read a testimonial from a customer who was recently supplied the Five-Zero-Zero amplifier. Here is the link.
  5. @Suopermanni I can supply you the 50 watt model Send me a PM and I can make you an offer.
  6. @CryptiK Yes there is here is a photo of it.
  7. Hi @Suopermanni There was only one available at the into price and it was sold. Which power level were you interested in?
  8. Hi Guys The Quad II power transformer is very conventional. It is just a EI core about 200VA with 240vac primary and 600VAC centre tapped secondary, which is split into two 300vac windings for the GZ32 tube dual rectifier, the only other winding is 6.3vac 3 amp winding for the Tube heater circuit. There is a 5vac sec winding as well but this would be no longer needed as its only there for the Tube rectifier heater and I plan to replace this with silicon diodes, but leave the tube in place to keep the original looks of the Quad II amplifier. Gene get in contact with Southern Electrical Services-VIC , there is a link to them on my web site. Otherwise yes Littles Electrical should be able to rewind it for you, I thought Little's went out of business. Nope here they are, Little's Electrical Service (03) 6331 4324 108 Gleadow St Invermay, TAS, 7248
  9. Hi Guys The input impedance is 20k Ohms Single Ended and 40k Ohms Balanced for the Zero Five Zero amp. I hope this helps, if you need any other info please let me know I am here to help.
  10. A month or so ago I purchased a fully built Holton Five Zero Zero power amplifier, and I feel compelled to share my thoughts on it. For reference, it replaced another relatively high power, high current amplifier of similar value, albeit an integrated with a passive pre-amp stage. First up, it looks stunning! The finishing quality is impeccable, and even my wife, who is normally a bit ho-hum with HiFi gear, commented on how much she liked the look. It's also got some serious weight to it, partly due to the solid case, thick machined fascia, and large heat sinks, but also no doubt thanks to the huge transformer and capacitor banks; no scrimping on the important stuff here! I was very happy with my previous amplifier, but in all honesty I can say the Holton has taken the sound of my setup to another, altogether superior level. My previous amp was renowned for having good bottom end, but the impact of both drums and double/electric bass with the Holton is just phenomenal! Everyone who's heard it has remarked that it sounds like there's actually a drum kit in my lounge room! There's a track I'm infinitely familiar with where the bass guitarist slides between notes; with this amplifier I can not only hear the changing pitch, but actually pinpoint the moments when the bassists fingers slide over the frets. I can clearly discern whether they're playing with a pick or with fingers, and sometimes even how close to the bridge they're playing! Ultra low bass punches you in the face and then "blooms" outwards like an explosion from the impact zone; pretty spooky stuff! Mid-range is also incredibly detailed and precise; there are subtle background "noises" which have suddenly turned into easily recognizable instruments. Guitars, woodwind, whispered vocals, suddenly revealed in crystal clarity despite being many layers back in the mix. Everyone who's heard the amp has also commented on how "black" the background is; one friend said "wow, now I can actually hear the notes that they're not playing". Instrument separation is superb, and you can easily follow each one in isolation, or simply tune into the music as a whole, and then again tune into another single melody or rhythm line, just like you would with a live performance. There's a naturalness to vocals that really needs to be heard to be believed, and a beautiful, expansive sense of air and space around each of the instruments; you can easily picture the size of the recording studio or venue. If you listen closely, the sound of a piano can be heard firstly as finger on keys, then keys hitting felt, then hammers hitting strings,then the body of the piano resonating with the strings, and then that resonance reverberating through the room. Imaging is pinpoint-sharp and clearly defined; when people speak of holographic imaging, this is it!! The image is higher, wider, and deeper than it was before, and the only limitation is my room and the placement of my speakers. Treble is clear, defined, and ringing without being harsh or scratchy; tiny triangles, the sound of a cymbal struck on the bell or near the edge, the crack of a rimshot, all rendered in an utterly lifelike way. On more than one occasion it's sent shivers down my spine or brought tears to my eyes. And to top it all off Anthony was extremely personable, easy to speak to, and was happy to help out with all of my many queries; the sort of service you only get from someone who is passionate about what they do, and does it exceptionally well. If you are looking for a power amplifier to build your dream 2-channel system, I cannot recommend this amp highly enough; in my opinion it'll absolutely blow the doors off amps worth many, many thousands of dollars more. Anthony, I have three words for you; thank you, thank you, thank you! Cheers, Steve H NSW, Australia
  11. Hi Ozzie The rectangular blocks like the rest of the case has been custom machined, so they are not available for purchase off the shelf so to speak. The blocks are used to fasten the case together, the main amplifier boards are fastened to the heat sinks with M4 stand offs I hope this helps mate?
  12. Hi Linc Thanks Mate! Yes the same amps only with a few improvements. The customer will be getting two of the above amps as well as 2 high end versions of the Zero Five Zero amplifiers. I will post some photos of those as well hopefully in the next couple of days.
  13. Here is some preliminary photos of one of the latest dual mono block power amplifiers to be produced by Holton Audio. The current assembly of these amplifiers is been carried out in Basel, Switzerland This particular unit is one of 4 power amplifiers that will be delivered to a customer in Switzerland in the next couple of weeks. The blue covering on the main toroidal power transformer is the protective plastic which will be removed once final assembly has been completed. I will post more photos of the fully completed amplifier when they become available.
  14. Sorry mate looked at the wrong post Thank you Zingmore for the catch.
  15. Thanks for that @Zaphod Beeblebrox all fixed!