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  1. Hi Rori Thank you. Yes the 501 amplifier can be bridged with an adapter cable on the XLR inputs, either for balanced (XLR) or unbalanced (RCA)input. The expected power output into an 8 ohm load would be around 1300 watts RMS or more. I hope this helps you; if I can help you with anything else please let me know?
  2. Holton Audio Testimonials

    Holton Audio Testimonial#4 “In my world it is a rare thing to change my monitoring setup - as I’ve spent many years tweaking it. When I heard the new Holton Ex Nihilo amps though, I just knew I had to have them. They have one of the smoothest, deepest and widest sound stages I’ve heard in years, if ever.” William Bowden, Grammy Award winning mastering engineer. Credits include Gotye, The Church, Katie Noonan, Hermitude and many others. http://www.kingwillysound.com/
  3. Holton Audio Testimonials

    Holton Audio Testimonial#3 I am just listening to a CD called Crystal Tears with Andreas Scholl, the countertenor. It sounds like we are having a private recital with him actually in the room. it matches perfectly with my Harbeth speakers. "I have had Anthony Holton’s Three Zero Zero amplifier for several weeks now and have already listened to a lot of music on it. It is the 200 watt version of the flagship five zero zero which he built for me. There is a special pleasure in that - that someone can build you a bespoke amplifier for a very reasonable cost. The sound of the amplifier is something special. It is very pure, detailed but somehow magically human and warm as well. I have largely owned tube amplifiers over the years. For me Anthony’s amplifier sounds like an ideal blend of both solid state and tube amplification. Loads of power and great tube charisma. Listening to it, I sense strongly how much artistry as well as technical craftsmanship has gone into the design and build. I am really thrilled by this amp. If you are looking for an amplifier, definitely do yourself a favour and get Anthony to build one for you.” Rob Castiglione Western Australia
  4. Holton Audio Testimonials

    Holton Audio Testimonial#2 I love listening to my favorite artists in the great music halls of the world. Places that are built for performances and full-spectrum listening that evoke deep immersion and emotional connection. I want that in my lounge room every time I listen to music or watch a movie. And, I want it without re-building a version of the Opera House, Carnegie Hall or the Melbourne Recital Centre in my lounge room. The choice of processor, amplifiers and speakers is absolutely crucial. And, this time around, the choice had to be right as I wanted to buy my speakers and amplifiers to keep me musically satisfied for the rest of my life (I'm 61). Having invested in a range of VAF Signature speakers over the past 5 years, I followed a suggestion from Philip Vafiadis that I might like to listen to Holton Precision Audio amplifiers. In one visit to Holton’s exhibition at the International HiFi Show in Melbourne, I experienced the simple clarity of music that defies comparison with any other amplifier. You see, I was connected definitively with the music - leaving the source instruments and natural voices as the only viable comparators. And, I could not fault what I was hearing. In short, I had my speakers and I had now found my source for amplifiers. I am eternally grateful to Philip Vafiadis for pointing me in Anthony Holton's direction. With a passion for music and for movies - I needed 14 channels of amplification. For music: I chose two 2-channel Holton Cube amplifiers, which I bi-amped, one to each of the front speakers - VAF Signature i93 that are accompanied by two Gravitas sub woofers. My goodness - how crystal clear, natural and engaging is the sound. Adele is singing just for me and my wife, right there in our lounge room. The accompanying piano and orchestral backing are live and precise. The stage presence appears as perfect. In the next performance, Paul Simon’s layering and integration of Africa into each of his tracks on Graceland is reproduced magnificently - evoking the land itself. Then, Jackson Browne’s “Running on Empty” is sublime, bringing live performances into the lounge room transparently, epitomizing the skills of Anthony Holton and Philip Vafiadis to design pieces of audio mastery that do not stand in the way of the artist. Browne’s version of “Stay” makes me want to stay just a little bit longer in a simulated reality verging on perfect reproduction. For movies: I added a third Holton Cube, bi-amped to drive the centre channel - a VAF Signature i93CC. A Holton Quad Cube amplifier drives four VAF Signature i66 (beautifully modified to reduce their physical size) as surround speakers. A second Holton Quad Cube amplifier drives four VAF i91 height speakers mounted in the ceiling. I wanted an immersive sound stage and it’s the best I’ve ever experienced to take me deep into the story. Every carriage on the train in the Polar Express rattles through the room, steam blasting our feet as it pulls up to collect each child then jolts back hard with each carriage coupling pulling forward on departure. It’s pure immersive magic. “The Police, Certifiable” blu-ray, live concert in Buenos Aires, puts you in the crowd and on the stage, bringing to centre stage the dynamics of Stewart Copeland’s drumming and percussion in “wrapped around your finger”. The artist is again delivering a complexity of rhythm and sound untainted by the audio system. Imagine, if you can, pouring your heart and energy into building a system of such quality that it disappears and you never notice the system. It is remarkable from the Holton and Vafiadis teams. My favourite live play is Roy Orbison's Black and White Night blu-ray backed by a parade of stars. All that was missing from a real world experience in the room was the smoke. Thankfully neither Holton or Vafiadis deliver on that. My processor is the Anthem 11.2 channel AVM60 (which doesn't do smoke either). It comes with Anthem Room Correction to optimise the listening experience without re-creating my room. Impressive. This combination gets me as near to perfection as I can imagine getting. I can always change the processor as technology evolves a better "brain" for the system. But, I'm sold for life on Holton Audio for my power amplifiers and VAF Research for my signature speakers. I'm also sold on the absolute integrity of Anthony Holton, Philip Vafiadis and Simon Wilde (GM at VAF, who brought the pieces together). They deliver on their promises enabling me to buy with deep trust. I commend them and their work to your attention. Amplifiers: The 2 channel "Holton Cube" amplifiers are Dual Mono Block amplifiers with a nominal power rating of 150 watts into 8 ohms and 260 watts into 4 ohms. The 4 channel "Holton Quad Cube" amplifiers are quad mono block amplifiers with similar power ratings. Speakers: See: http://vaf.com.au/vaf-speakers/ Richard Hodge South Australia
  5. Holton Audio Testimonials

    Holton Audio Testimonial#1 A month or so ago I purchased a fully built Holton Five Zero Zero power amplifier, and I feel compelled to share my thoughts on it. For reference, it replaced another relatively high power, high current amplifier of similar value, albeit an integrated with a passive pre-amp stage. First up, it looks stunning! The finishing quality is impeccable, and even my wife, who is normally a bit ho-hum with HiFi gear, commented on how much she liked the look. It's also got some serious weight to it, partly due to the solid case, thick machined fascia, and large heat sinks, but also no doubt thanks to the huge transformer and capacitor banks; no scrimping on the important stuff here! I was very happy with my previous amplifier, but in all honesty I can say the Holton has taken the sound of my setup to another, altogether superior level. My previous amp was renowned for having good bottom end, but the impact of both drums and double/electric bass with the Holton is just phenomenal! Everyone who's heard it has remarked that it sounds like there's actually a drum kit in my lounge room! There's a track I'm infinitely familiar with where the bass guitarist slides between notes; with this amplifier I can not only hear the changing pitch, but actually pinpoint the moments when the bassists fingers slide over the frets. I can clearly discern whether they're playing with a pick or with fingers, and sometimes even how close to the bridge they're playing! Ultra low bass punches you in the face and then "blooms" outwards like an explosion from the impact zone; pretty spooky stuff! Mid-range is also incredibly detailed and precise; there are subtle background "noises" which have suddenly turned into easily recognizable instruments. Guitars, woodwind, whispered vocals, suddenly revealed in crystal clarity despite being many layers back in the mix. Everyone who's heard the amp has also commented on how "black" the background is; one friend said "wow, now I can actually hear the notes that they're not playing". Instrument separation is superb, and you can easily follow each one in isolation, or simply tune into the music as a whole, and then again tune into another single melody or rhythm line, just like you would with a live performance. There's a naturalness to vocals that really needs to be heard to be believed, and a beautiful, expansive sense of air and space around each of the instruments; you can easily picture the size of the recording studio or venue. If you listen closely, the sound of a piano can be heard firstly as finger on keys, then keys hitting felt, then hammers hitting strings,then the body of the piano resonating with the strings, and then that resonance reverberating through the room. Imaging is pinpoint-sharp and clearly defined; when people speak of holographic imaging, this is it!! The image is higher, wider, and deeper than it was before, and the only limitation is my room and the placement of my speakers. Treble is clear, defined, and ringing without being harsh or scratchy; tiny triangles, the sound of a cymbal struck on the bell or near the edge, the crack of a rim shot, all rendered in an utterly lifelike way. On more than one occasion it's sent shivers down my spine or brought tears to my eyes. And to top it all off Anthony was extremely personable, easy to speak to, and was happy to help out with all of my many queries; the sort of service you only get from someone who is passionate about what they do, and does it exceptionally well. If you are looking for a power amplifier to build your dream 2-channel system, I cannot recommend this amp highly enough; in my opinion it'll absolutely blow the doors off amps worth many, many thousands of dollars more. Anthony, I have three words for you; thankyou, thankyou, thankyou! Cheers, Steve H NSW, Australia 30/05/2017
  6. Here is a growing list of Holton Audio Customer Testimonials.
  7. Item: Holton Monobloc Stereo Amplifier Location:Launceston, TAS Price:$6990.00 ONO + Shipping Item Condition:New/Demo Payment Method: Direct Deposit, CASH, Credit Card, PayPal Extra Info: 500 watts per channel into 4 ohms, 320 watts per channel into 8 ohms Aircraft grade full aluminium case, 2Kva toroidal power transformer, ETI KRYO binding post, 12v trigger, 160,000uf total supply filtering. Pictures:
  8. Holton Zero Five Zero Introductory Offer!

    I love the photos Paul, permission to use them if I may?
  9. Holton Zero Five Zero Introductory Offer!

    At the moment I am waiting on heat sinks and machined panels. This has slowed things a bit. Hoping to see these by the mid August. also some key components like the motorized volume controls have to be ordered as well. Development of the remote control code and printed circuit board is under way, so lots of stuff happening in the back ground, but sadly no photos of anything really tangible just yet, this will be some weeks away. As a side development I have produced a scaled up Zero-Five-Zero amplifier board. It is an all in one stereo power amplifier board just like the 050 or 100 stereo power amplifier. But with much more power output and with dual mono block configuration. These boards will replace and upgrade the current Three-Zero-Zero and Five-Zero-Zero commerical power amplifiers. Upgrades from the current range of power amplifiers include a new MOSFET driven output stage for improved bass control, highly augmented dual mono block power supply with as much as 300,000uf total power supply storage/filtering. Here is a 3D model of the new power amplifier board.
  10. Another Holton Five-Zero-Zero power amplifier finished and ready to ship to a customer in Victoria, Australia.
  11. Holton Zero Five Zero Introductory Offer!

    That is actually a really good point, I will make sure the RCA inputs are spaced out enough to allow larger cables.
  12. Holton Zero Five Zero Introductory Offer!

    Hi Wen currently I am waiting on some larger heat sinks from Conrad to arrive. Sadly they are going to be delayed a few weeks as Conrad have no stock and will not have any in my hands until about 3 weeks into August. not such a bad thing; will give me more time to design the new PCB and build a prototype. It will have remote control volume and digitally selectable inputs (3) and mute. The preamp circuitry is going to be fully discrete and based on the same topology as the Holton power amplifiers. so the sound quality will be perfectly matched to the One-Zero-Zero power amplifier. Things are moving behind the curtains will post more as things become available .
  13. Holton Zero Five Zero Introductory Offer!

    Thanks Matt! This version measures about 200mm high 300mm wide and 220mm deep, still nice and compact but plenty of space to get extras in like a preamp etc.
  14. Holton Zero Five Zero Introductory Offer!

    Hi Ray Thanks! This version is quite a bit more expensive however, three of these units sold in Switzerland for about $7000.00AUD each. If your budget extends that far I'm very happy to supply.