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  1. Nagaoka Carts

    Double post..
  2. Nagaoka Carts

    I ended up sourcing from this seller. Arrived in 4 days, well packed and in as-new condition from what I can tell.. Recommended..
  3. Best MC Cart under $1000 ?

    Thomo - I'm currently running in one of these myself, coming from a 2M Black I'm enjoying it so far. What phono stage are you using?
  4. Definitely upgrade the phono stage if you change cart. I fed a 2M black into this and it sounded okish. Changed to a Project Phonobox RS and the sound changed dramatically (in a good way)..
  5. Hi guys, Very interested on getting one of these for my LP12. Where did you purchase from? It doesn't seem to appear in the Tiger Paw online store? Cheers, Cam
  6. This is a VERY good buy. Should be gone within the hour!
  7. Magenta Audio in South Australia are the distributors - great to deal with. I'd contact them about it. http://magentaaudio.com.au
  8. Dusty as, but I don't care.. this thing sounds fantastic straight out of the box.. can't wait for it to bed in!!
  9. Mac Pro 2013 Onwards

    Thanks for the input Pete. I've found one that will suit so will post back results if I go ahead with it.
  10. Haul from Diabolik yesterday afternoon. Must collect the rest of the Bonobo catalogue!
  11. Mac Pro 2013 Onwards

    Could be - though I'm using apple extreme (tower version) hub with cat cable between devices and the router only for internet. Old telstra cable unit.
  12. Wowsers! Good luck with the sale - looking forward to seeing the next step!
  13. Dropbox business

    I've found dropbox for business excellent. Changed to it from Box (stay away from this product) in 2013 and haven't looked back. We run a business with branches in Brisbane and Perth and a total of 18 users on desktops, laptops, iPads - both using a mix of Win7, Win10 and OSX. No issues at all. Cost is around $2k per year so much cheaper than local file servers. I think our space is around 18TB so I use it for the company, but also have a personal section where it automatically backs up my entire music collection. Feel free to PM an questions you have about roll out ect. Cheers, Cam