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  1. Thanks for the input Pete. I've found one that will suit so will post back results if I go ahead with it.
  2. Haul from Diabolik yesterday afternoon. Must collect the rest of the Bonobo catalogue!
  3. Could be - though I'm using apple extreme (tower version) hub with cat cable between devices and the router only for internet. Old telstra cable unit.
  4. Wowsers! Good luck with the sale - looking forward to seeing the next step!
  5. I've found dropbox for business excellent. Changed to it from Box (stay away from this product) in 2013 and haven't looked back. We run a business with branches in Brisbane and Perth and a total of 18 users on desktops, laptops, iPads - both using a mix of Win7, Win10 and OSX. No issues at all. Cost is around $2k per year so much cheaper than local file servers. I think our space is around 18TB so I use it for the company, but also have a personal section where it automatically backs up my entire music collection. Feel free to PM an questions you have about roll out ect. Cheers, Cam
  6. Thanks for the detailed reply. The thought is that it would be a pretty looking machine that wouldn't need upgrading in a hurry. You're right though - quite pricey. Software - I use iTunes for music through the remote app on ipads/iphones and that works fine. It's a method to serve videos in a user friendly way that I'm chasing. I'm currently using a NAS to store the video files and accessing them through the Hisense TV app over DLNA. It's a very clunky method and the NAS is getting long in the tooth. Thats why i've been looking at Plex as its looks to be a good way to browse the files without working through a large folder structure ect. I was either going to use plex through the ATV or the Hisense app, depending on video resolution as the ATV won't process 4k. Hardware - the mac mini has an SSD and this did improve things dramatically, however it is getting a little old and with the newer versions of OSX seems to be running slower each time. In a trial run of a plex server it seemed to cope ok, but suffered on higher res formats - definitely couldn't do 4k, which is the reason to look to upgrade.
  7. Hi guys. Has anyone implemented a 2013 onwards model mac pro (cylinder shaped one) as a iTunes source & plex server? iTunes would be direct to a DAC through either USB or optical. Plex would be through ethernet to an AppleTV3. I'm currently using a core2duo mac mini sever which struggles with plex and thought this would be a good upgrade. Using a thunderbolt drive to store media and huge processing power, speed shouldn't be a problem. Or given these usually have dual video cards ect is it complete overkill? (I'm not sure what plex uses to serve/process the video) Either way, they'd look dynamite as a server.. Cheers Cam
  8. PM sent Much shorter than their previous albums - not sure about the track "Hit me like that snare" however am finding the rest pretty good. Also - Best pressing by them so far the first two albums weren't too good. Roger that - works well with whisky too!
  9. Item: Alt-J Relaxer & Asgeir Afterglow Download codes Location: redeemable online Price: Free to first response to this thread will get a PM from me with the codes. If you only want one of them note in your post - donation to SNA would be a nice gesture Item Condition: not yet redeemed Reason for selling: couldn't wait for the vinyl to arrive so I purchased both albums through iTunes as well Payment Method: n/a
  10. Does it come with packaging and would you be willing to ship to Perth? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Hi Pete - welcome to the forums. May be worth taking it to liquidaudio or turntable doctor. They should be able to give you an idea of whats wrong.. As for buying parts, sorry - no idea. Try the importer?
  12. I'll be in Brisbane next week so will check out the suggestions..
  13. Schematics located by a very helpful ex-dealer. First post updated.
  14. Best of luck with the sale John. I wish I could even find a place for these, let alone the $..