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  1. A friend of mine who continuously experiments with mats supplied me with a suede mat - fuzz side up, he said. But then he came back and told me to put it 'leather side' up - and it sounded better! Then he said ... cut the central circle out (where the record label is) and it will sound even better! And it did! Andy PS: Don't forget to adjust VTA if your leather mat is thicker than whatever you were using before.
  2. Isn't the whole point to be 'better than CD' quality? Andy
  3. That is the whole point, Trevor! Correct! I could say therefore, he is chasing a mirage. Never having heard AP, I cannot comment (I'm a 25-year Maggie owner). So, no - I don't have any useful suggestions for Russell ... so, yes, I'm just "hanging around". Andy
  4. Mmmm, have you ever heard any Maggies, Ray? (Russ wants "planar transparency, staging and mid-range brilliance"! ) Andy
  5. Aah - thanks, Dave. I will play with window length, next time I set up my computer in the 'music room' (2nd floor!). Regards, Andy
  6. OK, thanks, Mike - but what does that mean about doing PEQs above 250Hz? Have done this after spending the day re-doing PEQs after your posts - lets see if these 'captures' post. Yes, 2 subs in the front corners - crossing to the 'mains' at 100hz. 24dB L-R HP & LP. I believe I have the delay for the subs "perfectly" set (they are further away than the mains - Maggies). Does REW have any way to confirm or disprove this? 2 Maggies + 2 subs. You are absolootely correct! I thought I had already tested this but after changing the invert setting for the subs in the miniDSP plug-in, I found that 100hz dip disappeared. Now, re. the latest waterfall plot, can you comment on the below?: this still has the 50hz horizontal 'bar' ... but this appears to be over 25dB down, right? there is another bar at 100hz - is this the mains harmonic? what causes the bars at 60hz & 80hz? Room modes (5.8m x 3.6m x 2.8m)? decay seems to be acceptably steep ... all the frequencies have decayed before 240mS - except the bars from 50-120hz ... and below 30hz? so is this waterfall a good result? Thanks, Andy
  7. Great - thanks very much, Dave. I have ticked both 'Minimum phase' and 'Excess phase', separately. See attachment - Minimum phase is the first graph. But what do these graphs tell me? Understood. Thanks, Andy REW Phase Plots.pdf
  8. Hi Mike, The REW paper shows an "Excess Group Delay" graph - which, as you say, identifies 'minimum phase regions' which can successfully have PEQ applied. Can you tell me how to generate this graph? I can't see which tab at the top of the REW screen would do this. Thanks, Andy
  9. Thanks for your explanation, Mike - and the REW link. Andy
  10. Why are you doing this, Murray? Andy
  11. Mmmm, well that's what one expert told me ... but another expert (Dave, here) says that you - and my "other expert" - are confused. Andy
  12. Jeez, what's that saying ... something about a black pot and a kettle? Andy
  13. I was told, re PEQ, that there is no 'free lunch'. IOW, any PEQ introduces a phase shift ... which is deleterious to SQ. If this is true - then, the fewer the better. Andy
  14. Thanks, Mike. Will do some more playing around. Andy
  15. Thanks, Jv - will read it tonite. Andy