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  1. Alas no, Steve. But I think the cart that was supplied with my LP12/DV505 when I bought it from The Soundcraftsman in 1979, was a Grace ... but I forget which model. I was then exclusively a LOMC user for many years until I bought a Grado Ref Ref 1 as a backup cart, about 8 years ago. Then I found the Stanton WOS CS100 which was better - so I sold the Grado. Recently, after listening to the Stanton exclusively for nearly a year (an unfortunate choice of cart re-tipper for my Benz LP ), I got the LP back and have to say that it is a step or two above the Stanton. Andy
  2. Damn it....DIY is better!

    Try your 'Phantom Audio', Felix! Andy
  3. Best MMs ever - have you heard them all? If you include MIs in the MM family then I'd suspect a Grado Statement Reference 2 would give it a run for its money. And I'd put my Stanton WOS CS100 up there, too! Andy
  4. I believe it is possible to buy cheap Cat5 or 6 which is stranded ... but the stuff I use (Belden 1585a) is solid-core. Sure, using multiple twisted pairs to make up the wire to the speaker means you have multiple strands ... but the strands are individually insulated - so it's a Litz wire configuration ... ie. it is 'solid core'. No, I haven't listened to a comparison between Belden 1585a and RG213/U ... for the simple reason that: 'normal' RG213/U is stranded (which I don't use), and the solid-core version is, as you say, impossible to work with (for speaker cable). But I have braided 3 lengths of the central insulated core of RG213/U to make some heavy-duty power cords. (The insulation is rated to 1000v.) See pic. Andy
  5. That's your opinion, Trevor. It has a stranded centre core - so it's not something that those of us who follow the late, great Allen Wright's advice about the benefits of solid-core wires will ever use. Andy
  6. Trevor, you need to be careful to check your facts before posting. Sure, normal Cat5 uses PVC insulation. however, plenum-rated Cat5 (eg. the Belden 1585a that I use) has teflon insulation on the strands. Andy
  7. I installed the TKD stepped attenuator in my AKSA GK-1 about 15 years ago (and moved it across to my GK-2 about 7 years ago). The designer chose the TKD after an exhaustive search for the best-sounding attenuator for the cost-no-object 'Blowtorch' preamp. He then installed 4 external resistors to make it sound even better. Yes, an $80 one is not going to sound as good as a $500 TKD. Andy
  8. External cross overs

    Indeed!! Andy
  9. External cross overs

    No I don't, David. I suppose that means I must have cloth ears! Andy
  10. External cross overs

    Totally agree! I went 3-way analogue active nearly 20 years ago ... and last year replaced my analogue active XOs (Rod Elliot's P09, modified to give 18/12/12/12dB) with a miniDSP 10x10. The flexibility of a digital crossover is amazing! Andy
  11. Haha, yes - smart marketing guy, was the old Julian! Andy
  12. Sure - that's what the Naim marketing blurb said. But I reckon JV was just saving a dollar per amp. Andy
  13. Hah - you obviously were using easy-to-drive speakers, Peter! When I was using 2x 250s and a 140 to passively tri-amp my Maggies (over 20 years ago), they would frequently shut down (from the thermal cutout) when playing Pink Floyd! Andy
  14. Neutral = non-coloured, to me. Neutral, to me, means that it doesn't add anything - or take anything away. Coloured, to me, means it has added something. Something that's transparent has allowed everything through - so may well be the same as neutral, in my lexicon! But warm / organic / clinical mean to me that they have added something - or taken something away. So they are not neutral! Andy
  15. So you never get to hear the actual sound of the cart - it's always filtered through the SUT's "distinct sonic signature"! Andy