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  1. What a sensational - and technically advanced - TT! Andy
  2. Haha ... but now you've seen the light, B! By 'fanboi' I was referring to those one-eyed folk who use a Class D amp - and are 'happy with it ' - but refuse to accept there could be something much better for Maggies! Can you remember what the top end was like with the Nuforce vs. what it sounds like with the Sanders? Andy
  3. Yes, nice n easy and cheap. But can I suggest a much more secure way of packaging LPs (but much more work! ) is to: cut up 3mm ply sheets into 305 x 305 squares sandwich the LP (or LPs) between 2 squares of ply then wrap fabric tape around the 4 edges. Andy
  4. Absolutely - on the surface! But the fact that some dip-switches seem to have produced a negative effect suggests they are not ideal. Compared to a pair of parallel input RCAs, into which you put 'loaded' RCA plugs - what can possibly go wrong with them? Andy
  5. OOOOHHH, David ... I can feel a flaming coming on from the Class D fanbois!! Have you got your flame-proof undies on? Andy
  6. Mmmm, if that is the case (voltage fluctuations) ... then that is a very good argument for not using dip switches for changing loading. Use a parallel set of RCA sockets - which also allows an infinite range of loading options. Andy
  7. There are only 2 potential 'issues' that I can think of: does a Lithium Ion battery have as low output resistance as an SLA? If it doesn't ... it won't sound as good (as a standard SLA supply - which would be 2x 12v re-chargeable SLA batteries arranged in series). will the Musical Surroundings phono stage have a problem if it gets 26v instead of 24v? This may not be a problem with a Lithiun ion battery supply (I know nothing about them). But SLAs get to a higher voltage than their nominal voltage when they are fully charged - so 2x 12v SLAs could get to 26.2v at full charge. This isn't generally a problem ... but it might be for the MS phono stage> There are 2 alternatives that you might like to try out before you buy that MP100-24 battery supply: put one of my isolating transformers between the wall wart SMPS and the wall socket. I do that for the 48v Meanwell SMPS which powers my TT - it made a significant improvement in SQ. (And, interestingly, was judged to sound better than a battery supply. ) use a 24v Sbooster linear PS (I use one on my miniDSP, instead of the SMPS that it was supplied with). Again, this improved SQ and has the advantage that it will not supply more than 24v! Both of these options will cost more than the MP100-24 but, given you're in Vic, you might like to try them out? Regards, Andy
  8. You could get 2 - or 4 - of the cheap, thin plastic ones that you can find on eBay (or given away with Benz cartridges) and arrange them on the platter - each side and front & back (remove the mat). Or a small carpenters level, 200mm long. Andy
  9. +1, John. But then, as the man said, we are in the "Headfi" section of SNA. Andy
  10. C'mon, Felix - get off your bum and fix the "Phantom Audio" phono stage you bought from me. In my view (with its custom-made PS & Allen Wright's 50Khz boost), it will kill Rod's ESP-06 ... so I will be really interested in your opinion when you do get around to comparing the two. Andy
  11. Absolootely! In terms of John's (and my) definition ... are you interested in: an amp to drive headphones (aka a "headphone amp"), or an amplifying stage so a LOMC can feed an MM phono stage (aka a "headamp")? Andy
  12. White-ants your what, G? Tell him to buy some Mye stands (direct from Canada) - which is what they are. Bill McLean (the Oz Maggie importer) used to handle them but I believe he doesn't any more ... presumably because the cost got too high (for him to make a profit)? Or get in touch with Grant Vandermye (who makes 'Mye' stands ... he may well give you the measurements, knowing that the shipping cost to Oz means his stands are uncompetitive). Regards, Andy
  13. Then shirley the guy making the request should be able to provide you with these measurements? Andy
  14. Yes, I've got one of those Mana levels, too, Shane. But mine is black and says "Mana Acoustics" on the top. (And it came in a nice black leather pouch. ) Andy
  15. Ummm, I'm interpreting what you wrote as "Seriously, that is very hard to believe"? With that attitude, Chill, I know I won't be able to convince you ... what you need to do is try it yourself. (Hint: what you need is a good light source and a magnifying glass, as well as the arc protractor.) Andy