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  1. There is another Playstation app version that is probably different again. My Sony TV has lost it's SBS on demand app, but my Panasonic digital recorder still has it, likewise my PS3 & 4 consoles, they appear different depending on which apparatus I'm using at the time. I think it comes down to SBS changing the way it's on demand service is accessed, to view it on a PC you have to create a account and log in first, much like the BBC in the UK. The reason they do it this way is to stop people from overseas viewing content for free, that would otherwise bring in revenue if sold in that country.
  2. Maybe just amend that to 'Will not be resolved within out Children's lifetime'
  3. This sort of reminds me of two friends sheltering behind a couch while sheepishly watching me adjust the yokes on the Red, Green and Blue tubes of a CRT projector while in was powered had to know where to keep your hands away from, otherwise a quick flash/bang and a trip across the room in another state of consciousness could eventuate A lot of this tech is pretty indestructible, especially the old B&W TV's, the early tube based colour TV's can be resurrected as well , but the 80's bought in circuit boards, and it was found just easier and cheaper for the customer to replace them, rather than charging the customer for the labor involved for board level diagnostics......which if followed through, would probably have found it was a sub $1 replacement part that was needed, but 4 hours to find it. Now days you don't even bother doing that, TV's tend to get trashed as soon as they stop working.
  4. Yeah I watch Passengers as well the other night in 3D, the movie was OK, the 3D I rated around 7.5/10. I'm just a bit miffed that JB sent me a voucher for a further discount to the 20% off sale this weekend, when I just bought 4 3D titles..... I mean $50 saving is not to be sneezed at. KUKYNAS...don't you mean SING, rather than SIGN ? I didn't mind it, but I thought they didn't take a big enough advantage of some of the characters they created for the movie, they sort of introduced them, then that's basically all you saw of them for the whole movie, which was a pity.....and I still don't know what was the point of the little group of Japanese vixens / dogs that kept appearing sporadically, as they weren't in the contest.
  5. That whole 80's STIFF RECORDS thing was brief but brilliant. I suppose you would also remember pre BLONDIE- Lena Lovich...another 'One hit wonder' Stiff Record signing
  6. Just meeting Ian was a privilege. If it wasn't for him the CLASH wouldn't have been....I could tell tales, as Ian would say
  7. New boots and panties......mixed Reason to be cheerful part 2 My mix got edited....hence "Reasons to be cheerful" part 3
  8. Classic example....of difference. The Ballard of Lucy Jordan: written by Shel Silverstien back in the early 70's...sung original by the band DR HOOK. But the same song made famous by Marianne Faithful ....Go Figure.
  9. Fred...big up on your support.....but...ultimately...aren't you louring MR Black into a lesser [It will do, I made it work situation] rather than a ..'This Works' situation I have propose. To each their own.......and THAT'S THE POINT ! BE YOURSELF !
  10. Suggest you listen on how to get music like you are attempting...Right. I'm not sure if you want a 'Critique ' or not....if so....sound like basic early 80's 808 drum based, but harsh sounding in the mid range [needs EQ adjustment ] If you want to hear the masters of what you are the BLUE NILE.....HAT's Album...Enjoy
  11. Well save yourself the heartache, and forget anolug for the me. Learn the basics with the much cheaper to learn way of some sort of PC/Apple muti track recording. Hell...Try Audacity free mutitrak PC recording software....try back .
  12. VIVA ! The "FIX IT" revolution. WOW...This Forum could start a revolution......HOW TO FIX YOUR [insert item]...Plenty that would know how at this forum.......the "Resurrected from Dead Forum" is to FIX STUFF and basic tools needed to find out exactly what wrong [HOW TO USE A MULTIMETER }
  13. Sorry, but it is totally obvious that you have absolutely no knowledge, let alone experience, in either mono or stereo recording, only deduced by your questions. My only reply that would be of any long term benefit would be, TOTALLY DISMISS THIS AS A PROJECT. Reason being using Old technology that you have NO way of calibrating, let alone fixing if things go wrong [which they will] is a total waste of your, and any musician unfortunate enough to waste their time being recorded by somebody that obviously doesn't know what they are doing.......Sorry to be so sharp/shock.....but somebody has to tell you. Your getting advice from somebody that has been involved in the recording industry from the late 70's......think AC/DC....Cold Chisel...Thin Lizzy... Midnight Oil....The Clash....Ian Dury....plenty others
  14. That is NOW, I'm thinking about the future. If LG supply lesser panels to Panasonic & Sony ...which would be in their interest...long term....attrition of known brand names is sure to happen since all panels are sourced from the one place. It would depend on the distributorship of Panasonic to keep that service up.....if LG basically makes Panasonic & Sony irrelevant in the AUS market once the general public knows the only difference is a bit of programing and that going to still happen? Sony is already abysmal service wise, one could and should expect Panasonic to end up the same
  15. I don't think people fully comprehend just how big a problem Toshiba folding would be......well apart from the Japanese, as they would probably be left without power for the most part unless the government jumped in.