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  1. I just hope Ridley is around long enough to finish another, as he will be 80 in November
  2. Yeah I use one in the lounge room, what with every device pretty much all internet connectable...TV, HT AMP, DVR, PSTV, PS3, PS4, Laptop. I don't like using WiFi, even though I have a pretty much top of the line modem/router, it's just that I have concrete walls and the signal strength needed with all these devices, both to and from the modem, just isn't worth the hassle with drop outs etc.
  3. I agree, considering all the dancing about that was happening close to that TT at the time, it never ever skipped, actually if memory serves me correctly, it was quite a well suspended platter, quite wobbley like a Thorens 160. I haven't run a TT in a few years , while looking for a old guitar effects processor for a mates kid yesterday, I found a Dynavector 501 Tonearm that I forgot about [seen better days] and that got me looking at this thread's also got me just about to pull the trigger on a Denon DP80 motor unit from Japan
  4. My first ever turntable I bought new back in 1976, part of a Sansui TT / Receiver and speaker trio Sansui called on the pamphlet 'True HiFi system' , cost around AUS$450 for the lot back then, which I was paying off a bit every week on lay buy [remember that].... I ended up paying for it a lot quicker than the people at the store thought I would, I remember they seemed quite surprised at the time. Served me well for several years until things got out of hand, and the HiFi bug really hit around 1978. There's one on Ebay going for $350 ATM .... Inflation?
  5. Honestly, I have a heap of antidotes. Colin Hay from Men at Work having a drink with Billy Connally [when he was still on the piss] at the same Manzil room in Sydney's Kings Cross. Billy fancied this dancer that had rocked up, and decided he and she should hit the dance floor. All was normal until Billy decided to do the "Dance of a Thousand Crabs". The sight of the Big Yin in leather trousers grabbing his crouch while splaying his legs prancing about with this poor woman was hilarious. I saw Billy with one of his daughters around 10 months ago in Sydney, WOW....he is a shadow of his former self, very Grey, very gaunt and very slow moving....still witty, but not as quick witted as old. Hopefully others will chip in with their antidotes......I would loath to be the only one. I've got funny stories on all of the below.....but will only reveal when a story I haven't heard is posted. Clash/ Ian Dury/ Pretenders/ Rod Stewart / Elton John/ Cold Chisel/ Angels
  6. What do you want to know? I spent over 10 years watching live music in Sydney nearly every night over that period, the majority was AUS bands I can tell you a FACT that a lot of people say is fiction. Chrissie Amphlett, from the DIVIYNLS definitely was a drama queen that THREW things at people when things weren't going her way. I was nearly a victim at a early Diviynls gig at the Manzil room in Sydney when she threw a ashtray at Mark McEntee, it flew past my nose less than 1cm in his direction and shattered against the wall. She proceeded to jump up and down at the back of the room pouting, and just generally throwing a kiddy like tantrum....still looked cute in that school uniform.
  7. Only at the secondhand record shops. The REELS : Greatest Hits Dynamic Hepnotics. The ***** swelling had to be at the MANZIL ROOM in Sydney's Kings Cross when Penthouse Pets were around Live was HUGELY better than anything they recorded unfortunately
  8. I wanted this type of cleat, and had fitted pedals that accommodated these cleats originally But try buying at any Bike store in inner Sydney that isn't locked in to one certain manufacturer / brand.....very hard. Giant have their own CBD Sydney store, Clarence st Cyclery does TREK, Woolys Wheels in Paddington does Specialized.....each store does the corresponding shoes / cleats made/ used by those manufacturers......seems never the twain will meet, of if it does, it's very basic compatibility. Result was, I went into Clarence st Cyclrey aiming for a $250 pair of shoes that fitted both cleats.....they didn't have them in stock [rare they have anything on their website in stock from my experience] so ended up with with a pair of Bontrager specter shoes, which meant I needed to change the pedals, as they only could be fitted with SPD-SL cleats, which since everything else was Shimano Ultegra, they saw me coming and sold me the pedals to match....Happy days...empty wallet....bright Fluro Yellow shoes and cleats/ pedals that nearly killed me They wonder why people buy online.....although I'm glad I didn't buy my shoes online, as according to the online sizing process, I was a size that was 3 sizes bigger than was my actual fit when measured in store.
  9. I was the same when it happened to me, then when all seemed lost and I was about to die [exaggerated for effect ] I was heading for my right side, then the angel of death must of decided to go to the pub and my left foot disengaged from the pedal, more in a panic flap of heels outwards in a last ditched attempt to save myself.....the anti Judy Garland Christ move I call it.
  10. The worst thing about this foot / pedal 'Never tear us apart' dilemma is, Which direction is the better of two evils to fall in? Close to curb means probably hitting the guttering with likely arm / collar bone breakage, other side means possibly run over by motorist wanting to make the lights. A lose lose situation
  11. Well the build intentions were to fulfill three things. 1] Something to do while on unexpected extended holiday leave due to it being so quite at work early in the new year. 2] I wanted to try Carbon Fiber [apart from a short ride on somebody else's CF bike], at least on a frame, to see how I would like it, without spending at least 3X /4X the price on a name brand CF frame, with the prospect of upgrading at a late date. 3] Being able to get parts that were to a specific spec suited to my measurements and preferred riding routes-climbing basically [things like specific crank lengths, cassette, rear derailleur, disc rotor size, adapters for larger disc calipers, seat choice] all things that I would probably have to change if buying a branded bike that was close to what I wanted........ BMC Road Machine 02 or Merida Scultura Disc 7000 are the only two prebuilt bikes that even came close to what my build ended up like. Things that swayed my choices regarding selection were the following. Shimano strongly recommends 160mm Disc Rotors for at least the front on any road bike, yet go to your local bike store and you will see they are nearly all fitted with 140mm disc rotors front & rear, so that would have meant both the added expense of buying at least one new 160mm rotor [around AUS$80 each for the new Freeza model] plus a adapter for the brake caliper......I opted on the cautionary side and bought two adapters and put 160mm rotors on front & rear, and glad I did, it balances the look of the bike as well as improves brake balance from being overly front heavy. With disc brakes, it puts a strain on one side of the wheel, especially when braking hard, you feel this when braking [These disc brakes have already saved my sorry arse from a car traveling on the wrong side of the road while exiting Centennial Park], The wheels also have to have the spokes laced a certain way to accommodate this different strain on them, like wise the recommended spoke count for a disc brake wheel is at least 28 to accommodate the forces put on them when braking [especially with the recommended 160mm rotors].....I've been riding this bike for about two months now, and after having to brake pretty hard on several occasions now, I can see why that minimum spoke count exists, you can hear a few of the spokes lightly pinging when braking hard, then ping back again once far my wheels have remained true, but I wouldn't expect that to be the case with wheels built with 24 or less spokes running 160mm rotors. The weight saving with any CF stem/ bar over the Aluminum PRO stem/bar I bought was so negligible I thought I might as well stay with the PRO's ....Hey, if it's good enough for the SKY race team. The reason I went with Di2 over standard cable shifting was to a certain degree, future proofing my purchase if I want to upgrade the frame / wheels. If Di2 was still with all the external cabling and battery packs on the bidon cages etc, I wouldn't have bothered, but the more recent internal design has made this tech really come of age.....and honestly, once you have used it, you just want to pat yourself on the back for making a wise decision, it's cycling bliss, if you can afford to fit it, do it, you won't regret it.....just the thought that I won't have all the hassles that come with putting on new shifting cables, dialing in the gears, then having to keep doing so till they stretch out ever again is like the relief of getting out of a crappy job or bad marriage. And the latest upgraded E-Tube software basically removes the need for separate sprint shifters, you can adjust the way your gearing shifts in the software, and how quickly it does it.....just keep pressure on the up shifter when starting a sprint and the gears will keep shifting up in sequence while you pedal, up until you take pressure off the shifter. I suppose a certain amount of testing with the different speeds that this syncro shifting is available to work at is in order to get the max benefit out of it, but even in it's non tweaked form it's a joy to use, and certainly can make your mates on non Di2 equipped bikes think WTF ! how did he get up to that speed in such a short distance? The only regret I have had with this build was buying the FIZIK Arione seat, Oh my GOD ....It seemed OK on small test rides, but then I was on a proposed 100Km ride with some mates [first big ride] and I had to quit after 40km, my crotch was dead numb, it has taken nearly 6 weeks to regain 90% feeling back in my perineum......That seat has been put back in the box it came in, and a much wiser purchase [at 3X the price ] of a ISM PL 1.0 saddle has totally made the chance of any further damage happening in that area again down to Zero. Also I had a close call with the new cleats / Ultegra pedals on first outing when I pulled up at some traffic lights on a hill, whew !!! it was SO close to suffering that major embarrassment of not being able to get my foot out of the pedals and toppling sideways onto the road....shook me up quite a bit actually, I had forgotten just how unnerving that can be. As for the Yoeleo Chinese made CF frame, TBH I'm quite happy with it. It took a while for me to get used to it, as it's vastly more responsive than my other bike in every dept, and subsequently was a bit unnerving at first, this in turn has made me very much more vigilant on what I'm doing on it , as it won't let me get away with any slight misjudgements, which I suppose ultimately is a double edged sword, but I'm enjoying the challenge, and riding up hills is a doddle on this, which is exactly what I designed it to be like.
  12. There is another Playstation app version that is probably different again. My Sony TV has lost it's SBS on demand app, but my Panasonic digital recorder still has it, likewise my PS3 & 4 consoles, they appear different depending on which apparatus I'm using at the time. I think it comes down to SBS changing the way it's on demand service is accessed, to view it on a PC you have to create a account and log in first, much like the BBC in the UK. The reason they do it this way is to stop people from overseas viewing content for free, that would otherwise bring in revenue if sold in that country.
  13. Maybe just amend that to 'Will not be resolved within out Children's lifetime'
  14. This sort of reminds me of two friends sheltering behind a couch while sheepishly watching me adjust the yokes on the Red, Green and Blue tubes of a CRT projector while in was powered had to know where to keep your hands away from, otherwise a quick flash/bang and a trip across the room in another state of consciousness could eventuate A lot of this tech is pretty indestructible, especially the old B&W TV's, the early tube based colour TV's can be resurrected as well , but the 80's bought in circuit boards, and it was found just easier and cheaper for the customer to replace them, rather than charging the customer for the labor involved for board level diagnostics......which if followed through, would probably have found it was a sub $1 replacement part that was needed, but 4 hours to find it. Now days you don't even bother doing that, TV's tend to get trashed as soon as they stop working.
  15. Yeah I watch Passengers as well the other night in 3D, the movie was OK, the 3D I rated around 7.5/10. I'm just a bit miffed that JB sent me a voucher for a further discount to the 20% off sale this weekend, when I just bought 4 3D titles..... I mean $50 saving is not to be sneezed at. KUKYNAS...don't you mean SING, rather than SIGN ? I didn't mind it, but I thought they didn't take a big enough advantage of some of the characters they created for the movie, they sort of introduced them, then that's basically all you saw of them for the whole movie, which was a pity.....and I still don't know what was the point of the little group of Japanese vixens / dogs that kept appearing sporadically, as they weren't in the contest.