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  1. I know your pain, I hate having a remote that will turn on/off or what ever, two different pieces of gear. I have the same shuffle each time I go to turn my Sony PJ on with the remote, it will turn the Sony TV on as well, I then go to turn the TV off and it will also turn off the PJ ....I have to switch outputs via the HT amp, then physically go turn the TV off. I had set it up with different SCENES previously, which worked OK, but I have since changed all the inputs of the various source gear, and really can't be buggered doing all again as it's probably going to change again soon anyway.
  2. Did you import it? I thought CH 9 had the rights to show the series first before it was sold as a Disc in Australia....they have had a 'Soon to be released' poster at JB for a while now. I was going to say, putting screen shots of UHD is going to be problematic for forums like this and AVS, as it's just not going to translate properly, as it is the above shots look hugely overstated.....still, it's stuff like this that drives technology forward. I've just been looking at a replacement HT amp from the same manufacturer as my current one [I don't fancy learning my way around a whole new user interface, which would happen if I switched brands ]. Pretty much the same price as the last one considering inflation, looks like I'm going to have to bite the bullet and get a new one, I know I'll just be a cankerous old git until the whole equipment revamp is done properly.
  3. Having a perfectly working Yamaha receiver at the moment, it's only a few years old, but I'm soon to upgrade my visuals to 4K, it looks like I'm going to have to bite the bullet once again........ I can work around it with one source in the manner AL mentions, which will suffice for the moment, but it is disappointing that a lot of the advances can't be applied via a simple internet update, which I'm sure some could, but just aren't so the manufacturers can keep selling new units I've just been on Ebay looking to see what possible worth it my current receiver might be worth.......think I might as well keep it and try to daisy chain it somehow to the new one when I get it.....although I imagine using the remote will probably effect both amps at the same time, which would be a nightmare to work out WTF the signal had been routed to.
  4. I was going by the post at the AVS forum by one of the Fury's developers the other day in regards to waiting to see what the new unit will do, I think there is more to come that isn't yet reveled in the Fury comparison chart, but as you say, I might not need it anyway. My problem regarding 4K signals into the proposed new JVC PJ is that I would very likely end up having at least 2 if not 3, 4K capable sources, the Panansonic 4K player, a Playstation PS4 Pro, and a PC outputting 4k [although I'm not really that into PC gaming- so maybe not], which wouldn't be a problem if I had a HT amp with 4K pass through......hence my interest in the Fury as a stop gap measure. I can imagine the difference of the 4K disc's on a PJ screen, much as the difference Bluray was to DVD, and I suppose new content that is released that is not also released in 3D, I should be amassing, so I have a decent collection when the new PJ gets bought, but I already own the 3D versions of 6 of the 9 titles you mentioned.....but as 3D titles seem to be tapering off, I guess my purchases will inevitably end up being 4K ones. [I have a JB store directly beneath my work place, which I go through pretty much every day on the way home - I've already seen one or two 4K discs in the bargain bins O-O ]
  5. Gru has a twin brother in this one called Dru, it's sort of like the plot of Twins, but in reverse.
  6. The problem now days with buying Rolex's and Omega's particularly is getting them serviced. This never used to be a problem until a few years ago, as a lot of watch repairers were actually trained by these manufacturers, but things have changed, and both Rolex and Omega will not supply watchmakers with spares for current watches, even if they have been a Rolex / Omega agent dealer/servicer for years. Both Rolex and Omega now only sell and service by their own boutique stores in each city, this unfortunately adds a huge hidden expense if you buy a new Rolex / Omega, in that they can charge you whatever they like for even the simplest repair or adjustment, far more than what used to be charged previously by your local Rolex/Omega agent, when they had agents. This business model change has had a catastrophic effect on some great people within the watch industry, for no fault of themselves. It's for this reason I have avowed to never ever to buy a new Rolex or Omega again, they have treated the whole industry with disdain, people that have given them many many years of loyalty, who have been trained buy both manufactures, basically told, we are not going to allow you to work anymore, bye. Vintage watches on the other hand can still be serviced by any good watchmaker, as parts can usually be found. Nicholas Hacko in Sydney's CBD is probably one of the best in Australia if you want to get one.
  7. Despicable Me 3 .....What can I say, I have a soft spot for this series.
  8. Thanks for the info. I'm not sure which HD Fury I would need to be honest, and I think I would be best served by waiting till the new one is released to see what it's specs are........I did read something about it at the AVS forum last night, but the poster said that due to something with the new unit being proprietary with a partner company, he wasn't able to give specifics just yet......I suppose all will be revealed shortly. I suppose I only really want one so I wouldn't have to update my HT Amp to one that has 4K pass through, as my current amp is only a few years old I was wondering about the relatively quick model updates of JVC PJ's and how they worked, timeline wise.......MMMM...interesting, I might be better served waiting for the next model update, as there are a few things on the X7500 [all JVC's] I would rather wait and see if the alter first [ Like having a USB socket fitted to update the PJ rather than needing a USB to RS-232C cable - and the ability to turn off automatic HDR detection as mentioned in the HD Fury post you copied and posted ] To be honest, 4k isn't that important to me, well at least at the moment, there aren't that many 4K discs around ATM anyway [what is out I already have in 3D or it's a title I wouldn't bother with], and if there was the option to buy the 4K or 3D version of a new movie, I would buy the 3D version every time. While looking around at prices for JVC PJ's, I see most, if not all have already sold out of the older X#000 models anyway, and a bit of discounting is happening already on the new X#500 models. Add to that that I prefer to pay cash for items like this, it will take me a while to get that disposable cash together anyway [I just spent the equivalent amount on a new Hydraulic disc brake Shimano Di2 equipped Carbon Fiber racing bicycle ] As you probably know, it's knowing when to jump in and actually buying this sort of gear, rather than constantly waiting for either trickle down features from higher tec models, or a major price drop. I can't see full 4K projection being available to the consumer at this price point [X5500 / X7500] for at least 5 years, unless there is a major discovery of a brighter alternative light source than the lamps currently in use
  9. I rewired my HT in Jan after cleaning the took nearly a week after making a few changes, as I have concrete walls, I have had to run round conduit along the ceiling moldings to encase the 5m HDMI cable and 4 runs of speaker wire to the PJ and rears & surrounds. After deciding that my next project will be to upgrade my PJ, and at this stage looking like it's going to be a JVCX7500 model rather than the Epson W9300 I was looking at getting [The JVC's 3D performance swung the decision ], I think I'm going to have to change things around again to having the majority of the gear setup under the PJ [ It's the HDMI issues with 4k signals I want to avoid ] ......the only two problems I have is there is no power points on that wall, or any near it without running over a doorway, and it means finding somewhere to put a rack with around 450 discs in it......I've changed this room around at least 10 times in the last 20 years as technology has progressed...3 lens CRT PJ to start with first one more time shouldn't be a problem [but God I hate wiring stuff up and working out 'work-arounds' to accommodate gear placement] Interesting stuff about this HD FURY, I'd never heard of one until I started reading the several JVC PJ related posts in this forum section. Purposely, I haven't really been keeping up with the 4k stuff, as the full 4K gear is way too expensive ATM And I know it's still early days getting the pixel shifting PJ's [JVC's / Epson etc] working to their full potential with 4k disc playback, so I thought I'd wait till the early adoptees sorted it out before I started upgrading [saves confusing myself with calibration standards that are seemingly being initially troublesome to get working to their full potential BT2020, then quickly superseded to a higher one ST2084 with full Iris use with a relatively simple addition of the HD Fury, as with this new F/W update ] It will be interesting to see what the new as yet unreleased HD Fury unit will do. By the way, are you guys buying them direct form the USA? or are they on sale in OZ? Same for the Darbee video processor, I thought I might try one with the old PJ and just use it for gaming, otherwise the difference between the old and new PJ's is going to be so great I'll end up gaming on the JVC, and I'd rather not waste long hours of lamp life doing that, especially as I'll probably end up running it in bright mode for 3D playback [depends how it looks]
  10. Bought the new 3D version of Underworld Blood Wars today, might as well as I have all the previous Underworld titles.
  11. Bad Santa 2 for worst movie [Saw it had been released on disc this week while at JB today ]...... even the trailers are awful
  12. QUOTE from al's first post on describing his first impressions of the Panny. One thing I picked up straight off for instance ... and this might mean something to people and might not. the oppo like just about every brand blu-ray player in the last few years ... since the conception of 3D has a screen size setting. Not that it is totally clear what that does..and given my projector also has it appears a facility which I will explore. But have always without thought bunged in the screen size in the bit of a surprise to not find it any place on the pana. Something will report through to panasonic. I think I've found the answer to this when reading other peoples finding on the 3D version of Dr Strange, which has fine 3D in parts, but absolutely horrible 3D in others. I've since read that this effect is called 'Floating Window', an explanation in the link below. I suggest trying the 3D version of Dr Strange and see if you suffer the same problem I did firstly without any adjustment, and then with adjustment of that screen size setting parameter, and see if there is a improvement. This is the first disc in my 100+ 3D collection in which this unwanted effect has been so prominent, so it would be nice to know if there is a possible cure.
  13. There already seems to be some backlash against MQA. HIGHRESAUDIO has stopped offering it as a option, you can read why in the statement they issued. A short quote from their statement. MQA is NOT lossless, the original signal is never recovered, estimate to recover at most 17bits (reduces the sampling rate), reduces the frequency range, SNR reduced by 3bit, aliasing with artifacts at 18kHz. MQA encoding filters manipulates drastically the original source. No analysis tools are available to verify the encoded MQA content. Therefore no quality control is possible
  14. I was hoping you would post photos of this model Epson or the 9300 , but considering the 9300 already has the inbuilt ISF metering, your services would be unlikely to be called upon to calibrate that. What is this referenced to?.....Extended gamut or 709 ? I've seen a review online that says it doesn't do the extended gamut of 4k. Test results below......looks out of whack to me. I've been looking at getting this PJ for several reasons, mostly black level and latency for gaming [seems fine at 1080p].......But, looking at those photos above, I'm reconsidering even bothering getting a demo....the left side of the top photo seems to have pixels that are slightly misaligned, unless that is some chromatic aberrations of you phones camera lens [It hasn't made a appearance in previous photos you have posted, that's why I think it's a fault of this particular PJ] To my eyes, the contrast is spectacular for a PJ in this price range, until you look at the low level blacks, then that contrast ramps downwards quickly from I estimate 25% to just looks flat at those lowest levels, probably only because everything else looks so good in comparison.......similar to have a great floorstander speaker that does everything brilliantly but is let down by the extreme bass. where it sound 'one note' . As for the CRT PJ's. No the SIM2 went many years ago, I swapped it for a HTPC build for me by some Uni students. I replaced it with a NEC CRT PJ that I bought from a forum member of a now defunct Aussie HT forum [just as the original incarnation of this forum started - before it became ] Actually I still have some spare parts if you run across anybody needing any for a NEC 6PG or 9PG...I have a set of NOS Tubes, a setup remote, deflection board, and point board- which gives finer picture convergence points between the 3 lenses electronically.
  15. Spend most on the PJ. Next best spend is calibration, either purchase a meter + software to do it yourself, or pay to get it done. SCREENS are topic of their own....personally, as long as it is as WHITE [no Cream / off white ] or Wall painted PURE WHITE.... You are wasting your money buying anything else...been around doing this stuff for 20+ years....stuffed if I can notice a difference once a screen is calibrated....That's if it's White to start, or the person calibrating your screen, will end up with the same results regardless of the screen projected on....for the simple reason is it's now calibrated for that particular screen [Calibration is taken measurements of reflections, to a meter, off the screen, to the meter in place ] Screen 'Gain" is a obsolete term......Screen Gain was needed back in the days of old 3 lens CRT PJ's....reason was the small light out put of old 3 lens CRT PJ's...people used to have multiple 3 lens CRT PJ converging, just to get extra brightness [ Stuffed if I would have the been the ISF tec that got called in for that job ]