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  1. Maybe they should have considered Eddie Izzard to play Dr Who for a couple of episodes, where the Peter Capaldi DR hadn't quite regenerated properly yet into Jodie Whittaker, and was a transsexual Dr Who for a while till the regeneration took 100%, after all, DR Who wasn't supposed to be able to regenerate this many times, so they could have had some fun with it. I'd pay to see that, it would have been hilarious
  2. I sort of get the feeling that Dr Who will become a bit more cerebral, and a lot less ridiculous for the next series......well, I'm hoping it will, it's sort of become a time and space pantomime over the last five or six seasons.
  3. It's official, a female Dr Who as was hinted at. Jodie Ann Whittaker announced as 13th Doctor.
  4. I think Peter Capaldi got sick of the role, not so much filming the series, but all the endless TV talk shows and the 'Special Appearances' for Dr Who related events, you could see him being quite fed up with the whole thing in a few TV interviews, almost gritting his teeth while answering inane questions.
  5. The new DR will be revealed this Sunday after Wimbledon.
  6. I buy high powered magnets from the store that occasionally send me 'Fun Fact' video's, and uses for magnets generally. I got this one yesterday, have a look. I don't know who or if any have the ability to try this sort of photographic capture, but I thought somebody will, either individually or with some help, would. So the post on what it's about, and how to go about it , I link below. Enjoy. Video below that.
  7. I've really been looking forward to this release. It's so refreshing to have something other than the usual dark and dystopian look of most SciFi movies, like the most recent Star Wars and Stark trek movies. I hope it's a massive hit, and causes a change in the look of movies that are in the planning stages now.
  8. It differs quite a lot from the novel. The story is told is 'Back Flash' for a lot of it, just purely for comparison sake , between, pre and prior 'Revolution'......I'd love to story spoil......but it is SO TRUMP relative to what is happening now......serendipitous to when the script writers were writing it.........that's what makes it so scary.......It could happen....and sooner than you think.
  9. Thanks, by the way, the projected image was a low lamp level [Cinema mode] so you can see that even if you did have some light leaks, the image is still as good as your average Hoyts [well from my last visits at least]. Get it totally light tight, and have your PJ calibrated [A HUGE difference] and it's magical ......I started out with several old 3 lens CRT PJ's before going digital, so I know what is easily screwed up in building a HT. You want to hit it in this order. 1] Light tigtness 2] Ventilation with above - most people forget this, big mistake, very hard to enjoy a movie when you are drowning in your own sweat. 3] Masking around your projected image.....your getting 70% of the impact that is possible if you don't account for it... Grey around a image looks like somebody cut corners, and you will never be happy with it, it will eat away at you till you do it do it right from the start. 4] PJ calibration....HUGE difference.....for the price less than a new replacement PJ lamp, you could purchase Calibration software and a suitable meter to measure with, that not only help keep your PJ looking good as the Lamp wears, but can also be used to calibrate your TV's and PC monitors...... a bit of a 'No Brainer' to factor into the cost IMHO....there is no logical reason NOT to do so if getting a HT. It's a one off purchase that will last. 5] Your surround sound.....TBH it depends on your room size, and Main stereo pair. I run Harbeth SHL5's as my main speakers, and have B&W surround set.....after various configurations, I put away the Subwoofer and Center MY room, having them active made things worse. Unless you have a room where you sit around 2.5m/3m from the screen, I doubt running a Center speaker is really worth your while [That's unless you are running small stand mounts ] as your main L+R should do the job perfectly well. 6] Coffee tables at side, and no Glass tops.....even in your peripheral vision [if reflective], they can be a deal breaker and ruin all the effort you put into the rest of the build.
  10. I loaned my Camera out ATM, so I can't take any new shots, but here are a few I took to show a mate how I got around running one long HDMI cable and speaker cable to 4 rear speakers via some conduit attached to concrete walls You can see the curtains with the window open 1st shot, then again from another angle with them closed and the PJ screen lowed in front of it in the 2nd shot. I had the curtains made with a shorter drop than would normally be the case, as I had ones prior to this that went closer to the floor, and I found they wouldn't close properly due to catching on all the different cables coming from the TV Ariel / surround amp. The third photo shows the screen with a projected image on it during the day [the Sun would have been shining directly into the lounge room when I took the photo], you can see the Black pelmet at the top stopping light leaking between the ceiling and the top of the curtains, that Black pelmet usually runs a bit further on either side and would normally cover the whole of the PJ screens white casing, and usually blocks out all light at the top, I had knocked it slightly downwards when I removed the side masking. It does usually have further black masking running down the sides of the screen that would have normally blocked out what light you do see leaking at the sides, but I had removed at the time of the photograph, as I was altering it for a new design, that will allow the side masking to be both removed entirely when not required, and also allow masking of the screen for different aspect ratios. As for the wall colour [not to everyone's taste, but great for HT use to stop reflected light from the walls], I can get away with a matt purple / dark plum, as during the day I get a lot of light coming through the window, and through the balcony door, but at night, if you want to read something, you need a bright lamp, as it soaks up the light from the ceiling.
  11. Don't forget to either wash and rinse out the air filter [yes it can been done easily and without ill effect if it's a light Grey colour] or replace it [if it's really filthy ] TBH, depending on usage, and on what lamp setting you use it on [high or low], I'd say you'd get to use up two lamps at low setting usage before something else will give out, which is usually either the power supply or the deflection board. When that happens your PJ's likely to be close to 10 years old, so you'd be better off either replacing it, or trying to source another secondhand unit of the same and use it for replacement parts and fix yourself [not hard to do], as I don't like your chances of finding new replacement parts and getting it fixed by a tech, well not at a cost that would be worthwhile given the age that the PJ probably is.
  12. One part of me sort of thinks that if you buy a new PJ, you should factor in buying a spare lamp for it at the same time, to make sure you get a proper one, not some Chinese copy Another side of me thinks, well if I finally need to replace the original, and put in the replacement bought at the same time, and it suddenly blows....hell, I've just wasted the better part of $500 as it will be out of warranty, and I still have to buy a new lamp. One of the tough choices you have to make as a PJ owner
  13. The Harbeth's are designed as Studio Monitors, as in the BBC spec's, which means they are voiced to sound at their best at around the 85db mark, they will do louder, but the bass will compress. You can get around this by adding a subwoofer, just for the lowest octave, this also opens up the mid bass of the Harbeths if not required to reproduce the low bass. The truly wonderful thing about the SHL5's is that you don't need to turn the volume up, you'll be able to hear all the detail, with amazing tonality at a far lesser volume you would need with the PMC's or ATC [maybe active versions might get close to the Harbeths] To be honest, running SHL'5 or 30.1's in a 3m X 3m room if really pushing it, I think you're going to need some pretty hefty bass traps unless you listen to Dub or Reggae. The only reason I say that is because I've been a Harbeth SHL 5 owner for nearly 10 years now, and my room is 3m X 5m [sort of L shaped] which I can get away with, as it's pretty heavily damped by two large leather recliners sitting between the speakers and the back wall, so they work as bass traps I wouldn't change the Harbeth's for anything, as everything else I've heard might do one thing slightly better, but equally falters elsewhere, nothing has the complete package like Harbeth speakers, and once you have that you realize that 'IS' what you wanted all along, the search is over. If I were you I'd get the exact measurements of your room, and run them through a free online software [link below] to find out what your room modes are going to be, then work out just what it will take to reduce them. You might get more bass with the PMC's, but it's going to be hard to control either way.
  14. I've been watching 'The Handmaidens Tale' TV series, which I believe SBS will start showing soon. This is not light viewing, quite disturbing in a lot of ways. It's about a future America, where due to pollution the vast majority of the population has become sterile. The whole of America has fallen under one highly restrictive and controlling religious sect, with dress codes and punishments much like ISIS. The main story is of women who are found still able to fall pregnant assigned to a man to have children, they are called the 'Handmaidens', and how they are controlled both mentally and physically by this sectarian society. Not that far fetched when you consider some of the weird sects in the USA almost identical to the one portrayed in this series.
  15. Wow, what a difference, it looks far more realistic once calibrated. Hopefully you'll get one of those Samsung QLED TV's do do soon, I'd love to see the results with one of those.