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  1. Heh - I have this LP, with the same sticker on the front. Looked interesting, so I bought it, hoping it would sound kinda Tangerine Dreamy. But it was so much gooderer. --Geoff
  2. Ilydaen - Digressions -- had a listen to this on me daily walk around town. "Math Rock"? "Post Rock?" I dunno ... but I liked it, some good rockin' riffs and the tunes segue nicely. Download here. Format: MP3/FLAC/WAV --Geoff
  3. Got my tix for Steve Hackett @ Brisbane. Front row centre :-) --Geoff
  4. "Least compression" doesn't guarantee best sound quality. Some early CDs used pre-emphasis and "no noise" filters that can affect the sound. And some are mastered so quietly that the DR value may be low without any compression. As always, use compression levels as a guide (avoid anything brickwalled) but you still need to listen and decide which version sounds "best" to you. --Geoff
  5. Or just go to the steve hoffman music forum, where there are plenty of discussions on 'best version' for various albums in various formats. --Geoff
  6. Bing Satellites - Castles In The Sky -- Time for some ambient. This one reminds me of Eno's Music For Airports, as it features fluffy pads with occasional tinkling piano. Download here. Format: MP3/FLAC/WAV --Geoff
  7. Peeps like the vinylz as a format in itself. In the "Currently Spinning" threads I talk about the music, and how it's sourced doesn't matter to me. But there is a thread about "Vinyl Currently Spinning" where the format is the thing. No science needed to understand that LPs and turntables are fun toys to play with. --Geoff
  8. Cousin Silas - In Dub -- while on the subject of dub, I've also been spinning this one. Cousin Silas is a prolific artist who normally dabbles in droney ambient shiz, but has a stab at dub on this release, with some guitar thrown in here and there. Download here. Format: MP3/FLAC/WAV --Geoff
  9. Panda Dub - Psychotic Symphony / The Lost Ship / Shapes And Shadows -- French dub, deep bass with a touch of world music and 8-bit in parts. Been playing these all day. Psychotic Symphony is prolly my fave. Download here, here, and here. Format: MP3/FLAC/WAV --Geoff
  10. Cosmic Ground - The Watcher -- a nice example of Berlin School electronic music, like a mid 1970's Tangerine Dream album. Download here. Format: MP3/FLAC/WAV --Geoff
  11. simakDialog - Trance/Mission -- not trance, but Indonesian jazz fusion. Playing it now ... more relaxed than Return to Forever, maybe closer to Weather Report, with more focus on the keyboards. Download here. Format: MP3/FLAC/WAV --Geoff
  12. Sometimes I feel that my life is spiralling out of control ... Stairs @ St Andrews Church, Brisbane wot I spied on today's perambulation. Nikon D750 camera, Nikon 24-85 lens. Really needed a wider lens here. --Geoff
  13. Caleb R.K. Williams - The Golden Tombs Sessions -- a collection of three EPs, all tracks solo electric guitar, sounding like "Angels Of Darkness" era Earth (in fact the last track is an Earth cover). Sorta like Neil Young playing a Nick Cave penned version of Paris, Texas. Part of the Sonic Eagle netlabel discography, which tries to promote an "ambient americana" sound, and I'm liking what I've heard so far. Free download on Bandcamp, see the Currently Yoinking thread for details. --Geoff
  14. I walked past The Old Museum today, so I remembered to bring my camera, and tried a similar shot to yours: I wanted to stand further back to compress the columns more, but couldn't because of all the people milling about, and various bits of junk along the corridor. --Geoff
  15. Spiral and Soil Festivities for me. Got 'em both on LP, but I am yet to find a cheap copy of Spiral on CD (although I do have all but on track on various compilation CDs). --Geoff