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  1. Currently Spinning

    Labradford - E Luxo So -- been a long time since I gave this bad boy a spin. A mix of slow paced piano-based instrumentals and spaghetti-western guitar. --Geoff
  2. Currently Spinning

    Brendan Pollard - Flux Echoes -- described as "the long lost sides 5 & 6 to Tangerine Dream's 'Encore'" album, and that's about right. If yer into 70s Berlin school sequencers and mellotrons, then this one's for you. Currently a "Name Yer Price" lossless download at Bandcamp. --Geoff
  3. Electronic currently spinning

    I've got a "Dark Side Of The Noom" CD somewhere with this track on it ... might be time to queue it up --Geoff
  4. Post some pics thread...

    The lights are there for an installation that closes today. I'm hoping to go back to the reservoirs for the "Brisbane Open House" weekend to get some shots without the lights. --Geoff
  5. Post some pics thread...

    Lurking in the shadows. At "The Weight Of Light" installation in the Spring Hill Reservoir. --Geoff
  6. Currently Spinning

    Inspired to play this now: David Sylvian & Holgar Czukay - Plight & Premonition -- two tracks of drone and effects. --Geoff
  7. Currently Spinning

    Unto Ashes - Saturn Return -- alternating male and female vox over mildly medieval gothic occult folk ... it's all a bit too derivative of early Dead Can Dance to me, but it may float someone's boat. "Name Yer Price" lossless download from Bandcamp. --Geoff
  8. Currently Spinning

    Damon & Naomi - Everything Quieter Than Everything Else - a live album from ex Galaxie 500 duo. Just the thing for a stormy Friday night. "Name Yer Price" lossless download from Bandcamp. --Geoff
  9. Post some pics thread...

    Thanks, but I'm basically a hack. I take a lot of shots and hope for the best. Occasionally some of 'em are not totally crap --Geoff
  10. Post some pics thread...

    It all depends. My tree shot above was a short exposure to get the sunlight on the waves and to get a sunstar. My jetty shot above was a longer exposure because it was dark, and the waves were boring. I like to use a long exposure (actually just a second or two) for waterfalls to give a feeling of flow. I would use a very short exposure to freeze the action just to show the power of the water. --Geoff
  11. Post some pics thread...

    I got up at stupid o'clock yesterday morning to check out the Beachmere tree at sunrise. The tide was out when I arrived but by the time I took this shot I was almost knee-deep in the brine: Nikon D750 camera + Nikkor 20mm lens @ f/16, ISO 50, 1/100 sec. Sunstar is not as nice as some of the others I've taken with this lens. And it's not a long exposure @Newman --Geoff
  12. Post some pics thread...

    This happy snap was taken just after sunset. I was using a 6-stop ND filter. --Geoff
  13. Currently Spinning

    I've got this on LP .. there was a 2CD version released not so long ago ... but I assume that you have some early CD issue? --Geoff
  14. Post some pics thread...

    What remains of the old jetty at Cleveland Point: Nikon D750 camera + Nikkor 16-35 lens @ 16mm, f/11, ISO 100, 30 seconds. --Geoff
  15. Currently Spinning

    I have this CD somewhere ... maybe even two copies of it, I think ... needs another spin ASAP. --Geoff