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  1. ultradisc one-step

    I have this on LP and CD. Both sound superb to my ears, and can still be found relatively cheaply. The ultimate version of this album would be the original digital data as a hi-res download. Maybe that is what is on the dvd-a release? --Geoff
  2. That's what I did. You may also be interested in similar release wot I also bought: https://pantheophania.bandcamp.com/album/drone-jazz --Geoff
  3. Dvory - Drone Jazz -- listening to this now on Bandcamp. Drones with trumpet, more minimal than The Necks and Bohren combined. Is it electronic, or jazz, or both? I dunno. Have a listen and decide. It's only €1 for the FLAC files if that's yer thang. 1. alap 08:58 2. flow my tears 20:50 3. sea music 26:38 4. nisargadatta 11:35 5. ripening 10:51 6. benares astral orchestra 52:38 --Geoff
  4. Dvory - Dvory -- listening to this album today, it's 2 hours of drones and ambience, punctuated with stabs of guitar and trumpet. Noice. "Name Your Price" download at Bandcamp. 1. Anniversary Of Fa Diez 25:18 2. Night Air 30:42 3. Fractal 15:55 4. Pastoral Dream 20:26 5. Waterfall 14:04 6. Duality 12:36 Format: MP3/FLAC/WAV --Geoff
  5. I can help! I'm wondering if this is a foreshadowing of something that happens in a later episode: --Geoff
  6. Previously mentioned in the Electronic Currently Spinning thread, adding here for future reference: Earth House Hold vs Bvdub - Wishing And Withering -- spun this one a couple of times today. Two 12+ minute tracks combining dub techno, house, and vocals. "Name Your Price" lossless download from Bandcamp. --Geoff
  7. Mentioned in the Electronic Currently Spinning thread previously, adding here for future reference: Various Artists - Quiet Friends -- billed as a 'tribute' to Steve Roach's seminal work Structures From Silence, this is a "Name Yer Price" lossless download from Bandcamp. Format: MP3/FLAC/WAV --Geoff
  8. Adding some albums that I've mentioned elsewhere an SNA, so that this thread is up to date. Kauan - Sorni Nai -- a post-metal / black metal concept album about the mysterious disappearance of hikers in the snow. Sung in Russian, but it's a great listen. "Name Your Price" download on Bandcamp. Format: MP3/FLAC/WAV --Geoff
  9. Narcotic 303 - Second World -- more of that underwater dub techno house sound. This is quite a nice release, up there with the best of echospace, etc. "Name Yer Price" download from Bandcamp. Format: MP3/FLAC/WAV --Geoff
  10. Dusan Jevtovic - Live -- a live album from Serbian guitarist with bass + drums rhythm section. Sounds a bit John Scofield, then a bit Bill Frisell, then a bit Robert Fripp. Got that angular, distorted, rock/jazz fusion thing going on. "Name Yer Price" on Bandcamp. Format: MP3/FLAC/WAV --Geoff
  11. Ghost Signals - Ghost Signals -- listened to this one today on me daily perambulation around the city. Some more ambient guitar soundscape noodling, described as "ghostly sounds, shimmering guitars and haunting keyboards combine and collide to create an album of lost soundtracks, fragments of past memories and vague nostalgia". Yeah, kinda like that. "Name Yer Price" from Bandcamp. Format: MP3/FLAC/WAV --Geoff
  12. This Moral Coil - Filigree And Shadow -- taking a break from Bandcamp browsing to dig deep into the CD back catalog. This is basically a bunch of 4AD artists performing delicate little numbers and some cover versions. 30 years old (no way!) and still excellent ... --Geoff
  13. Cousin Silas & Øystein Jørgensen - Coefficient Of Variation -- two 25+ min pieces, each is mainly light pads with light beats and gliding guitar over the top, kinda sounded a bit Klaus Schulze like in parts to my ears when I listened today. "Name Yer Price" download on Bandcamp. Format: MP3/FLAC/WAV --Geoff
  14. The Eight - Missing Parts -- the cover shows an effects pedal surrounded by empty space, which is as good a metaphor as any for this album of ambient guitar noodling. "Name Yer Price" download at Bandcamp. Format: MP3/FLAC/WAV --Geoff
  15. Stone From The Sky - **** The Sun -- charmingly titled album of "instrumental space rock" from France. A bit stoner rock, a bit post-metal, a bit post-rock, a bit quiet, a bit heavy, and a lot of good stuff. I like it bigly. I bought this on bandcamp, although it is a "name your price" lossless download for the cheapskates. (I posted this on the Currently Yoinking thread but I dunno if more than handful of people read it, so reposting here since I think it would appeal to many on SNA). --Geoff