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  1. 'fraid not. sorry to hear that you're sick btw
  2. I can also pick up a passenger around the northern burbs if anybody needs.
  3. Won't be buying Plinius again.

    Sorry to hear your woes. I wonder how a board could get cracked? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. No need to throw out the squeezeboxen - just change from the Spotify plugin to Spotty..
  5. Squeezebox & Spotify Dilemma

    Correction - I did receive it. I plan to install Spotty, which apparently gets around this issue.
  6. Squeezebox & Spotify Dilemma

    Are you sure that email came directly from Spotify? I haven't had such a message and wonder if it is a phishing attempt? So far, the Logitech Media Server community has been successful in working through/around Spotify connectivity issues. Are using the 'official' Spotify plugin for LMS, or the triode variant?
  7. Most interested!
  8. Feeling lucky, punk Joz?
  9. Rega RP6 - mod install help

    You can borrow mine if you like. I'm a little closer.
  10. Actually that was slim devices. Logitech bought them up but ultimately had a different vision for the products Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Here's the website: It would be a bit of a hike if walking, a doddle on a bike, or about a $10-12 Uber ride from Waikiki.
  12. I picked up a US Living Stereo pressing at Idea's Music & Books in Hawaii last week. Did a quick clean and spun one side. Wow - what a great recording and performance, Have to clean it again for best results. Mine is labelled LSO 6006. Very happy with this find. If you happen to be in Honolulu on the 3rd saturday of a month - make sure to pop in for their monthly sidewalk sale. They also have a big unloved collection of $1 classical LPs in a back room!
  13. Currently Spinning

    I have come over all classical this morning. Must do some me thing about that messy network cable. Someday Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. True and my mistake for skimming the OP; however the list of integrated amps that include a streamer is tiny (btw musical fidelity has one). You would have a lot more options, as well as better future-proofing if you are open to a separate streamer, such as a Roon end point, which will auto-boot and can be hidden away for an uncluttered look. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk