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  1. John Hiatt: Bring The Family I've been revisiting my collection of John Hiatt over the last couple of hours, and this is spinning at the minute. Probably regarded as his best, but the guy has so many excellent albums that would challenge that opinion. Features a stellar cast which includes Ry Cooder, Nick Lowe and Jim Keltner. A pretty damn solid rhythm section I reckon.
  2. Mikey, do you have the vinyl version? I settled for a Flac version on bandcamp when I purchased, and burnt a copy. Sounds awesome too, but have considered buying a vinyl copy.
  3. Jaimie Branch: Fly or Die I only came across this mighty album a couple of hours ago via a review on free jazz blog. I can't recall coming across Jaimie Branch before, but she seems to be pretty prominent in the Chicago jazz scene. Listened to it on Tidal, but it can be heard and purchased on bandcamp. They want $29 for shipping of a vinyl copy ordered on Amazon. A mini doco here:
  4. Say hi to Leigh for me would you please Dave? Haven't had contact with him for a while. I think I put him onto that album via this fine jazz thread. As for the Halsall album, I can't recall either who mentioned it either, and am still waiting for my vinyl copy to arrive. A superb album, and I also really like his other releases too.
  5. I Think You're Awesome: Loft Mig Op.Sa Jeg Kan Na ( loosely translated as "Lift me up, so I can reach" ) One of my favourite records from 2014, this Danish ensemble plays a mixture of folky pop and avant-garde jazz. Beautiful melodic grooves and textures abound. Recorded live, and this was their debut album. Well worth checking out, and it can be heard on Tidal.
  6. I came across this Italian septet on a jazz and music blog recently. Heard and then purchased a copy on bandcamp.
  7. I've enjoyed Season 3 immensely, even though not a great deal happens until Episode 5, as @Kaynin indicated above. Love all the characters, and the dialogue is to die for. I don't mind at all that it unfolds slowly, but I can hazard a guess there will be some carnage to come in the episodes to come.
  8. Love this 2 disc set. Wish it had been released on vinyl.
  9. George Coleman: At Yoshi's George Coleman: Saxophone Harold Mabern: piano Ray Drummond: bass Alvin Queen: bass A gem of an album, love the big mans tone.
  10. No longer required. I have ordered a custom length Curious Cable
  11. Jlin: Black Origami While sampled music is usually not my go, this rhythmic percussion led album is quite appealing. Came across this on bandcamp, listening on Tidal. Great artwork too.
  12. Ordered "On The Go" myself, but have since read that a couple of folk have stated they have found non fill issues, especially on side 3 of the second disc. Hope it's not a universal problem, cause the album is superb.
  13. Nice. Have bookmarked it on Tidal, but am enjoying this one at the minute. Thanks for the heads up.
  14. I reckon this'll be a ripper table when completed, and like your choice of tone arm too. Hurry up already.
  15. Working my way through a few Gato Libre discs after work. Listening to Kuro at the minute. Satoko Fujii sounds quite at home playing Accordion too. This is really Natsuki Tamura's band, he writes all the compositions. And I guess they like cats.