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  1. American Gods

    I purchased the blu ray of season 1 today. Had watched 2 episodes via streaming, and very much enjoyed it. Look forward to the rest of the episodes.
  2. I saw Dunkirk on Thursday. Very good, but only 4 out of 5 for me.
  3. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Satoko Fujii Orchestra Tokyo: Peace ( Tribute to Kelly Churko) CD Her 15 member orchestra in this case are supplemented by drummer Peter Orins and trumpeter Christian Pruvost ( two members of another group that Satoko and Natsuki Tamara are members of, the more experimental Kaze.) Fujii doesn't play here, in her words "my Orchestra is my instrument". The album is dedicated to experimental artist Kelly Churko who, apart from his own solo and group work, was a member of this orchestra for one album, and also in the quartet First Meeting with Fujii and Tamura. He died in 2014 and the first track is a 32 minute tribute to him. But the highlight for me was the 2nd track Jasper, where a slow drone bassline is joined by Sachi Hayasaka with her mournful wail on sax. The tune builds as the orchestra enters and washes of horns build to a crescendo before tapering back to relative peace. Exhilarating stuff. If one wanted a starting point to some of Fujii's work in larger ensembles ( and she has a few of them) this Tokyo Orchestra would be a great starting point. She might not play on this one, but the music undoubtably has Satoko Fujii written all over it.
  4. The Sea - Jonathan Zwartz

    It's a great album. @mikey d put me onto it in the jazz currently playing thread about 5 years back. The best thread on SNA IMO.
  5. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Satoko Fujii/Natsuki Tamura: in Krakow in November Junk Box: Sunny Then Cloudy Satoko Fujii Trio: Junction Two of the three albums feature Fujii and Tamura, and the Junk Box group also contains an amazing percussionist in John Hollenbeck. Jim Black is on drums in the Satoko Fujii Trio album with Mark Dresser on bass. Love them all, and I consider Fujii and Tamura my favourite musicians living on their respective instruments. The Junk Box album stands out though, for the fiery playing of all involved. Incredible.
  6. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Playing via Tidal, just ordered the CD.
  7. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    An exceptionally good album from Trespass Trio. Many of the brotherhood here will know Kuchen from his Angles 9 ensemble, and Raymond Strid should also be well known. Trespass Trio have recorded a couple of other great albums worth searching for if you like this.
  8. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Collocutor: The Search On The Corner label. A fabulous album that just arrived.Only 6 vinyl versions left on bandcamp too. It's worth noting that I have purchased some great new jazz releases on vinyl recently, and all feature female leaders. On lesser known labels, and the vinyl pressings have been nothing short of excellent. In this case it is Tamar Osborn, who plays baritone and alto sax, as well as alto flute.
  9. NRL Footy Tipping

    They'll work it out eventually. But think some tough calls need to be made and several players (and the coach) axed. I really couldn't believe pre series when Mitchell Pearce was again sprouted as the Blues saviour for 2017. It was deja vu all over again after the roasting he copped after last years series loss. But I was glad they picked him. Cordner, Jackson, Frisell, Peats, Klemmer and Tedesco deserve to stay I think, maybe build a team around that core of players? At the end of the day attitude and passion for the jumper is more important. Maybe take a leaf out of the Maroons book. They tour all the regional areas to meet and greet the legions of fans, don't hold closed training sessions, and when their backs were up against the wall in game 2, found a way out. And keep finding a way to do it. I'm sure players like Cronk, Thurston and Smith have a lot to do with that though. They lead, others follow. A positive for QLD was the new blood into the team. I'm still not convinced by Glasby, but Wallace, Hess and Napa will only be better for playing this year. We spoke of this prior to game 3, but I was wrapped when QLD went with a running five eight in Munster over Cherry Daley Evans. Born to play Origin I reckon.
  10. I own and love the Omni/Ori model. If I had to choose between the Atticus and Eikon I think the latter would suit me better.
  11. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Mate, your memory must be going. You burnt me copies about 5 years ago. All the AEOC I own is courtesy of you, have about 5 or 6 of their albums..
  12. Currently Spinning

    Jane Weaver: Modern Kosmology Anyone else heard this? Great album of indie pop. I have listened to it a couple of times over the last couple of months via Tidal, but only just now ordered a vinyl version.
  13. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Yazz Ahmed: La Saboteuse I ordered the vinyl version of this back in May. Was supposed to ship mid June, but mine didn't get shipped until July 5. Grrrrrrr. Still waiting. A truly great album in my book.
  14. Less chatter, more albums please.
  15. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Not sure it's on vinyl. I have the CD.