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  1. The Drones: Wait Long By The Fire & The Bodies Of Your Enemies Will Float By. Great title of an excellent album. A treat over 2 lp's.
  2. Perception; a strange cat. I myself see no religious overtones in JWH at all. Apart from the reference to St Augustine in "I dreamed I saw .........". I'd more describe it as rootsy americana, similar in feel to The Bands self titled classic. But that's me.
  3. Of course. For years, Blonde on Blonde was my favourite, followed by Highway 61. But over the last decade JWH has entrenched itself as my go to album when I want to play Dylan.
  4. Great album, as are all his 60's albums. Even the debut is a ripper. But his best? Many will agree, but the second album after Highway 61 is his best IMO. Closely followed by the album that preceded it. Which is the album after the one you are playing.
  5. Miles Davis: Freedom Jazz Dance - The Bootleg Series Vol.5 3 LP This arrived on Friday, it's maiden spin.
  6. Too late. I ordered last night. Will attempt to check the album out, and maybe order it.
  7. These two albums from Dark Tree Records. En Corps has been unavailable for a while, has just been reissued. En Corps Generation is the new album from this trio, and just released. Purchased as a package for $35 landed.
  8. Hi Rob I'm new to stand alone dacs, have till recently relied on the internal dacs of my 2 cd spinners to get me by. I also picked up a Dac not long ago (Denafrips Ares ) and love what it does. Was using Jriver and Roon to play my toons (my ceedees ripped, and purchased downloads) through my laptop and Dac. I had been reading though of the latest Audirvarna Plus 3 release, and of many saying the sq was excellent and favoured by many over Roon with HQ Player etc etc. I needed another laptop anyhow, so ended up buying a s/h Macbook, purchased Audirvarna Plus 3, and mucked around with settings to upsample by power of 2 my flac files. Only own a few DSD files. Anyway........I do think they sounded better, but maybe it's a placebo effect. I recently sold of my usb regen, curious regen link cable and an LPS, because they added nothing to my Dac. I guess I'm on that steep learning curve.....but am thus far enjoying the ride.
  9. Thx. I'm glad that my "Drunk" vinyl is on black wax, not really into coloured if black is available. I might pick up "Is the Actor happy?" And that "Mystery Release" intrigues me.
  10. My month trial of Roon ends in a couple of days. Cancelled. While I did like the layout and found it user friendly, I've since found Audirvana Plus 3 sounds better. And for me, SQ is the most important factor. I had to buy myself a s/h macbook to use it, but happy I went that route.
  11. I will live with bent covers as both records are fine. As for this album, I already have the 2CD set, track listing is the same. I too have Vic covered on vinyl and cd, but had to have this one on wax Not sure what you mean by mystery bonus albums???
  12. Vic Chesnutt: Drunk 2 lp reissue. Just arrived a short while ago. My fave VC album with an excellent 2nd record of bonus tracks. Great SQ too. A bit bummed though with the packaging by Amazon. Creased in 2 corners.
  13. Agreed, A stunning album both content and sound quality wise. Going to see Sir Ed next weekend.
  14. Kronos Quartet: Caravan One of the great KQ albums. Their take on Misirlou (Misirlou Twist) to end the album, is a cracker.
  15. At the end of the day it doesn't matter. We all like what we like. Back on topic, hope the OP now has enough info to buy the pressings he wants.