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  1. Laurent De Schepper Trio: Aquanaut I came across this German band via bandcamp yesterday. Sampled their wares, liked what I heard, and purchased their catalogue. Looking forward to getting the vinyl copy of "Into Olymp" which is the new album. Aquanaut can be heard/purchased on bandcamp, and it's also on Tidal.
  2. No Shane, haven't purchased a vinyl release as yet. Tempted though.
  3. Willie Nelson: Teatro I was initially attracted to this album through the production work of Daniel Lanois, and Emmylou Harris supplying vocals to a large number of tracks. Not a Willie Nelson or country music fan by any stretch, but this album seems to sit in a vacuum.....far removed from most of his other work. All that said, it's a mighty fine album. There were rumours circulating a couple of years back about a new vinyl issue, but they seem to have died on the vine.
  4. Which DAC are you interested in? The Denafrips Ares is a super dac for the money, and Alvin will give you customer service second to none. 3 year warranty too.
  5. I'm not. The West Tigers are a basket case at the minute and need to rebuild after ridding themselves of the mob that don't want to be there. I'm glad they didn't give Moses an early release either, the kid thinks he is worth more, and better than in reality he is. Still think that Aaron Woods is so over rated. He makes yards due to his size, but I don't see any special skill set. Can't wait for the Maroons to smash him in SOO.
  6. You're not alone. Decent game of footy though.
  7. Aaaaaah Brissie. What a great place to live....and a fertile breeding ground for some of this nations finest musicians. Well done @Bris Vegas, a damn fine snapshot of this fair city.
  8. CUONG VU 4-TET : Ballet ( The music of Michael Gibbs) I pre-ordered the vinyl version of this album this morning. Playing the flac version download that came with purchase. Cuong Vu - trumpet Bill Frisell - electric guitar Luke Bergman - bass Ted Poor - drums
  9. C'monShane, you know how it goes. All teams benefit from poor decisions at times. Even yours.
  10. Thanks for the heads up on Texas- Jerusalem Crossroads album. Haven't heard of it or the band before, but it is on will check it out.
  11. Josh T Pearson: Last Of The Country Gentlemen Too lazy to play the record, so am streaming via Tidal and Audirvana 3.
  12. My fave Dylan album too. The mono vinyl release from the box set a few years ago also rectified the screeching harmonica throughout the album.
  13. Lambchop: Is A Woman The first US vinyl release of this mighty Lambchop album. Just released over 2 lp's by Merge. Excellent pressing too.
  14. G'day Shane Sadly not. I still have the problem of having no room to run 2 tables even though my phono stage can do 2 decks. Enjoyed it though, was keen to see what all the fuss with the SME 3012 tone arm was about. Suited the TD125 MK II very well, although I found the sound to be a little too laid back for my tastes. That might have been down to the AT 20SLa cartridge I was using though.