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  1. BMW M135i

    No adjustment beyond bass / treble. Unfortunately this HK system is not logic 7, there is no processing for the center channel, just a summed signal going to it.
  2. BMW M135i

    At low volume the HK Audio is pretty meh. No authority in the bass and it sounds tinny and harsh. When you turn it up, the bass starts to come through, as does the midrange. It's acceptable at this level but not Hi-Fi by any means. There's also no semblance of a soundstage. I've read that this is due to the center channel getting a summed L/R signal hence blurring the stage. At some point I will disable this and see how the audio is improved. Having said that, for phone calls, voice comes through incredibly clear.
  3. BMW M135i

    Too busy driving to report. Simply love it! just needs a louder exhaust in the cabin
  4. BMW M135i

    I got an umbrella and a full tank of petrol. I did read some people received track day invites in the mail up to a year after purchase. Fingers crossed, it sounds like awesome fun.
  5. BMW M135i

    It was definitely an enjoyable experience buying the car. They were very courteous and the service was great. Also got an umbrella to keep the rain off me during this typical Melbourne weather. Pity it's not big enough to cover the car too.
  6. BMW M135i

    And one with the cover off.
  7. BMW M135i

    My baby!
  8. BMW M135i

    That EB M performance is beautiful. Pity its a manual. Love the colour!
  9. BMW M135i

    For the LCI2 60k + ~800 TAC / Registration + ~3500 dealer delivery + 10% GST + LCT Thankfully they are doing them for $65k drive away on their current special, keeps it under LCT... until you add heated seats / lumbar support that they removed as standard. I don't have the cost breakdown for my car handy but it totaled 79k rrp. 65k LCI model + ~2k sunroof + ~800 TAC / Registration + ~3500 dealer delivery + 10% GST + LCT
  10. BMW M135i

    Some dealers have demo's of the LCI2 M140. You'll know straight away if it is as it'll have a completely black dash when the vehicle is off. I still haven't driven an M140, only an M135 and M235... and I was impressed with that! Can't wait to get mine... Dying with anticipation! Did they drop 10k off their current special of 65k drive away for the base model LCI2? Or 10k off their inflated retail? My vehicle has an RRP of $79k drive away (including options) and i believe the base model LCI2 has an rrp of $75k drive away... Crazy!
  11. BMW M135i

    Next Thursday morning i'm booked in to pick up my car! Can't wait!
  12. Z - love

    $50k new for the base model in manual. Is it worth it? If you're after a 2 door coupe with 6 cylinders then sure. I'd personally give up the coupe and go a BMW M140i for not much more... oh wait, I did... While i think they still look good from the exterior, the interior finish and technology is very dated. Driving one was kind of fun, very low slung seating position, and a "close-feel" interior (ie: cramped) made it feel very sporty. Sadly it sounded too much like the VF Commodore SV6 i was driving at the time, not to mention it felt very heavy, albeit maybe more tail happy than the VF.
  13. BMW M135i

    I wish. BMW will reg it with normal platws if i want, but they will be full size compared to the slimline i ordered, so there may be extra holes put in the bumpers. Also there will be q transfer fee to change the plates. Annoying! thinking of waiting longer for the plates to arrive but im so impatient. Will be seeing either Clint or Dan. Need to have a chat to them forst i guess. Open to recommendationa, i havent looked into paint protection yet.
  14. BMW M135i

    You're only a suburb away! Sadly the custom plates i ordered are up to 3 weeks away. I don't know what to do except cry
  15. BMW M135i

    My baby arrived today at the dealership... Now a minimum of 3 days for dealer delivery, and still waiting for funds to transfer/clear. Waiting waiting waiting :/