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  1. BMW M135i

    As much as I'd love a manual, it's sadly not practical... Besides, I want an M240i.
  2. BMW M135i

    Pity the M140i Performance doesn't come fitted with an LSD Alcantara does look tidy. I've seen several steering wheels wrapped and finished off with ///M coloured stitching. Looks great if you ask me!
  3. BMW M135i

    I believe there were only 12 or 14 units of the M140i Performance brought into Australia. Better get in quick! I'll also take one less 50% Maybe we can do an SNA group buy?
  4. BMW M135i

    Who wants to get me a deal for 50% off an m240?
  5. BMW M135i

    I recall this as well, a stock car doing 12.8-12.9. They later tuned their vehicle (not a piggy back system, also with exhaust and intake iirc), and hit 12 seconds flat. This was a gentleman in Sydney if my memory serves correctly.
  6. BMW M135i

    Sport Mode (left TCS on for my safety).... Full throttle joining a freeway, the rear end wanted to squirm and get away. I only had ~30 mins in the car but it was most certainly enjoyable. Supposedly Southern BM can provide your BMW with upgrades (Quaife LSD and Tune) without voiding warranty. I'd also look at M Performance Exhaust for the snap, crackle and pops, as well as M3/4 lower control arms to try and assist with the camber. 300kw+ and a 12 second 1/4 mile seems very easily achievable with these fun beasts.
  7. BMW M135i

    Took an m235 for a spin on the weekend. Such a tail happy car, needs an LSD or something (xDrive like in the States) to help keep traction. Do want! Maybe soon... very soon!
  8. 2-2.5" midrange drivers

    Faital have some smaller drivers available, although it looks like the cone drivers only go down to 3". I've used these before and have some excess available... http://www.faitalpro.com/en/products/archived_products/product_details/LF/index.php?id=401000090 Peerless and Vifa have a range of smaller drivers as well You can find some midranges locally through SpeakerBits. http://www.speakerbits.com/index.php?option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=146&category_id=1210&page=shop.browse&limit=20&limitstart=20
  9. Anyone driving from Sydney to Melbourne got some spare space? If so i'd take these
  10. Canon EOS M5

    The M6 is really interesting me for it's portability. I'd like a camera I can easily take anywhere (ie: motorbike, backpack, etc...). Do you think the kit lenses are suitable for "general purpose" shooting or do you recommend a different lense? I'd imagine most shooting will be cars/bikes/groups of people and scenery.
  11. Interested in one, possibly two depending on cost. What sort of amperage are we talking about on the +12v rail?
  12. http://gedlee.com/downloads/Philosophy.pdf Have a read of that, in particular the part where he talks about HOM's from page 8 onwards. If only manufacturers provided more technical information and less audiophile fluff it would help us make a more informed decision. For example, if companies showed time domain information such as the graph below, we would very quickly and easily determine it is quite flawed and will "ring" as per its time domain response. This speaker system shows ringing particularly at around 13khz although you can see it lower in frequency too. And see here RE: Spectograms http://www.daytonaudio.com/OmniMicV2/hs17.htm
  13. A poorly designed horn will "honk". A designer must pay close attention to the propagation of the wave front from the diaphragm of the speaker driver, through the throat and out of the mouth of the horn. If it is not designed well or terminated correctly, it will create HOM's (higher order modes) or internal reflections. These internal reflections create aberrations in the time domain of the loudspeaker which may or may not be visible in typical frequency response measurements. Just because a horn costs a lot of money, or has a large following behind it, does not mean it is a well designed horn.
  14. Show your motorcycle ride

    New to riding, still on my training wheels, but here's my baby.