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  1. Relatively new to the distribution side of the Australian HiFi industry but firmly stamping their authority, Indi Imports have today announced the immediate appointment of Michael Wilson as National Sales Manager. View the full article
  2. While in Australia for his cartridge building demonstrations recently, A.J. van den Hul took time out of his busy schedule for an exclusive interview with StereoNET that reveals another side of the man not often seen. A truly inspiring read and insight into a very influential pioneer within the HiFi industry. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. View the full article
  3. It does look like manufacturing swarf to me. But the elephant in the room is the track you're playing. 1812 Overture with live cannons. The DR of this track is staggering and certainly pushes any speaker to (and beyond) it's Xmax. I wouldn't be telling them you were playing that, nor allow that video to be seen.
  4. Frame has just arrived in Australia. This time next week I should be riding!
  5. vOne needs only spend a few minutes with Roy to understand he's not one for big dollar mark-ups, unnecessary bloat and bling, but truly about delivering the best possible performance and the best possible price. View the full article
  6. Yep, classifieds for this one.
  7. Funnily enough I was just shopping around fares this morning, but no not as yet.
  8. Crapping on a retailers event thread who gave up their time and hosted and provided hospitality for StereoNET's members, is more lame IMO. These demos will happen at stores around the country, AND the HFi Show, where you will get every chance to question everything yourself, first hand.
  9. Ged, I spoke with Cameron at Maxmedia late last night. He had no idea this was not yet resolved, and was indeed most concerned. The parts were being sent out today. Cameron and Maxmedia have always been great to deal with in my experience, and the only mistake here I believe (not attributing blame to anyone) but with the benefit of hindsight, persistence and communication directly with Maxmedia would likely have seen the situation rectified much quicker. Hope it all ends well for you Ged.
  10. You have to hand it to NAD, they haven't sat around reminiscing of the glory days of HiFi. The days where the classic 3020 just walked out the door of retailers and provided many years of reliable service to their proud owners. View the full article
  11. At 50 cents an hour of playtime, can this affordable Japanese cartridge from Hana be a worthy addition to an audiophile's analogue arsenal? We take a closer look. View the full article
  12. That's what has been puzzling me also.
  13. The AVID HiFi Ingenium is quite simply the little turntable that could. The entry level from the U.K manufacturer, StereoNET takes a much closer look at just what it is capable of. View the full article
  14. From Finland to Australia and recording studios around the world, Amphion is now available locally thanks to Adelaide based importer Magenta Audio. View the full article