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    If I could afford to buy 20k cables, I would not give a fcuk what you morons say
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    Hello everyone! Im a Chinese audiophile who studying in melbourne When I just arrived in Melbourne(October 2016), one of my friend told me there is a shop called JBhifi then I went to this store, it is a wonderful, but basically it is nothing to do with HIFI...... I was so disappoint and I thought Australian people don't like HIFI gear However, my father also is a audiophile, he told me: Australia must have a lot of audiophiles, they will not just come to you and say "G'day mate i am an audiophile",you need find patiently! so I didn't give up......with the improvement of English, I found this site! Im so surprising and exciting! plenty of people here discuss hifi, Im not alone any more. Anyway, back to my hometown, I used 3/5A(a clone made by chinese....you know chinese people like clone), EL34 push-pull amp and a clone of Violectric V800( 1:1 clone except Logo, with a incredible low price), they are cheap but sound good. I find there are some interest differentiations between different cultures which Id like to share: 1.Australian audiophiles are so friendly and gently, I almost didn't see any severe negative feedbacks about any equipments in this forum. Our people like directly to criticize 2. Australian audiophile like vintage Sansui right ? I never saw any chinese audiophile discuss those gears, Vintage sansui are unpopular in my hometown. Maybe I should learn more about Sansui from your guys 3.Our people have some "superstition" about vintage UK amps such as Naim, Linn and Merdian. Especially for early audiophiles, they called them "the sound of British". The price of vintage UK amps are exceeding high. So I never have a chance to own a NAIM......But Australian audiophiles are much rational. I saw a lot of vintage naim and Merdian amps with reasonable price. I think our people like vintage import goods because they lack of confidence with MADE IN CHINA( I know you too), however, i believe that our level is also rising. 4. Im so surprising that some audiophiles in this site bought SU-1 USB interface and Hifiman headphones, they all design and made in china. Hifiman is one of the best headphones in the world, however, some chinese audiophiles refuse Hifiman products because............the characteristics of the Hifiman boss is a bit strange. And no one discuss SU-1 in chinese website, the only comment all say it is wonderful, but it is just unpopular. Anyone own SU-1 can talk a bit more to me?thank you! It is my honor to discuss any questions about HIFI with your guys! And sorry for my English
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    With the lovely Victor QL-A75 heading off to make music at another SNAer's place, a vacancy at chez Hensa needed to be filled. I decided to continue with vintage direct drive from Japan... Enter the Denon DP-60L. Having seen and heard [mention=137821]Nap250[/mention] 's in action, it wasn't a difficult decision. Sounds wonderful with the ZYX R50 Bloom mounted on the S arm. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Finally managed to move my Thales across to the Technics Mk3.
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    Strictly alphabetical, except Classical which are together. Current buys and spinning Into the real shelves
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    Ordered a JICO HE stylus (couldn't afford the SAS) for my Shure cart last week and it unexpectedly arrived this morning from Japan. What I found in the pack was the stylus, a thank you card, a little apple sweet and a piece of ORIGAMI . Now that is great customer service from EMJ MUSIC Japan
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    Item: Gryphon Diablo 300 Location: Perth Price: $16000 Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: Change of direction Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Deposit Extra Info: The Gryphon Diablo 300 is about 3 months old. An Australian delivered model and was purchased from the Australian distributor. I have been using the Gryphon with a pair of Magico S5 speakers. Very nice match. Local rrp of this amp is around the $25K mark. It is incredibly powerful at 300w that doubles into 600w @ 4 ohms. I have tried out many different amplifiers (McIntosh, Vitus, ASR, Modwright, Bakoon) and this is one of the best all round integrated at the price. Superb resolution with amazing micro and macro dynamics. Build quality is beyond reproach and it weighs in around 38kg. Comes with original box, manual and remote control. You can program one input assigned to HT. Highly configurable with additional modules that can be added in form of phono stage and DAC. If you are in the market for a new amp, this is worth considering. Haven't seen one for sale yet in Australia 2nd hand and very rarely do they come up worldwide. Will send via insured delivery via courier Australia wide. Reviews: http://www.avhub.com.au/product-reviews/sound-image/gryphon-diablo-300-integrated-amplifier-review-415110 http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews2/gryphon3/5.html http://www.enjoythemusic.com/superioraudio/equipment/1116/Gryphon_Diablo_300_Integrated_Amplifier_Review.htm http://www.soundstageultra.com/index.php/equipment-menu/668-gryphon-audio-designs-diablo-300-integrated-amplifier-dac http://www.hificlube.net/media/8375/gryphon-diablo-300-review-by-jvh.pdf Please get in touch with any questions.
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    Item: ATC SCM50ASL CLASSICS Location: MOONEE PONDS, MELBOURNE Price: $7500 Item Condition: VERY GOOD Reason for selling: TAKING A DIFFERENT PATH (SEE BELOW) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Okay, I've been pondering this for some months now. I've got a pair of ATC SCM50ASL Classics to sell. I've been an ATC fan for some five years now having owned SCM10 (x 2 pairs), SCM20 (x 2 pairs), C$C centre, SCM40 mk2 and these SCM50 ASL's. Initially I bought a pair of 20's to see what all the fuss was about, I was hooked. I then spent about two and a half years searching for a pair of active SCM's and in that time a total number of zero pairs came up for sale in Australia. I got sick of waiting and put my hard earned cash into a pair of current model SCM40's, the passive variety. I've lived with and loved these since and always content until quite out of the blue I was contacted by a guy who was selling his very good condition SCM50ASL's (these ones). I spent a few days thinking about it as I wasn't financially viable at the time but decided to have a big sell up and raise the funds. In the middle of all this I was confident of raising the funds so I bought the 50's and continued with the sell off which included my 40's. The 50's were clearly better than the 40's in most every way apart from maybe looks (in the eye of the beholder) and the new ATC tweeter in the 40's is ever so slightly nicer than the 50's. I've had alot of speakers over the years including a fully active DEQX/Legend system and it was obvious right from the first track I played on the 50's that they are the real deal. I've had a few muso's over for a listen and their comments are that they sound 'real' and live. My speakers are the full active model with the SL bass drivers. The midrange drivers are the 'S' version which means they have much larger magnets than the domestic versions. The tweeters are the Seas excel 001's. Each driver is powered individually and with no passive crossovers in the way the drivers get all the power direct from the amps. For more technical info please visit the ATC website and check out the various reviews available. ATC monitors are used in a large majority of recording studios around the world. They range from small to large and apparently the main difference between models is the bass output. The 50's are the baby of the SL pro range but at nearly 60kg each they can't be described as small or light weight. They play what's fed to them. If there's not much bottom end that's what you will get, if it's in the recording you will hear it warts and all. They respond well to different sources. I've tried a couple of different pre amps and dacs. Each has been a delight on the ATC's with the speakers just revealing the nature of each component. I'm currently using a tube based pre and dac but have also used ME and Elektra pre amps. The speakers are in very good condition. The model hasn't changed much since its inception apart from the very latest model which has ATC's own tweeter. Apart from that they are much the same from all those years ago. My speakers are the previous generation (not the current tweeter model) and are a cherry finish. They are in very good condition with one blemish across the side of one cabinet. I have pictured the speakers and blemish, normally the blemish can't be seen and I had to do a bit of light trickery to get it to show up. One of the grills has what appears to be a spot of paint on the top. I never used the grills as I reckon they look crap anyway. The speakers look much better without grills, they really look the business. They come with ATC stands which bring the midrange to about ear height in lounge chairs. Current RRP on the SCM50ASL classic is over $30,000. My reasons for selling are quite complex but yet simple. When I was doing the big sell to fund raise for the 50's I had a buyer for my 40's. This was going to help put the money together to pay for the 50's. I'd just done a demo on the 40's to the buyer and had explained to him that the 40's are a bit weighted to the front and to be careful not to let them tip forward. I had put the speakers away against a well so they'd be safe and when as I was moving one I had a little slip and the speaker toppled forward onto a cable on the floor. The cabinet of my 40 suffered a little cosmetic damage but it was enough to render them not suitable for sale. They are worth alot more to me to keep now than to sell. It was swear central in the house for a few hours after that. I banished the 40's to the back of the room for HT rear speakers for a good 6 months before I could even look at them again. I'm still paying the bank account back for the 50's and have decided that something has to go to inject the funds back. I love the 40's and given the damage have accepted that for the time being I can live with them. I have some packaging from when I bought them but it's just Pack and Send boxes and a whole lot of bubble wrap. I also have a pallet they arrived on. I would prefer a local sale as I can't package them up sufficiently safely. If you want pack and post I can only suggest getting a courier to pick them up, package them and forward to you. Demonstrations are welcome. Bring your favourite music and enjoy. Pictures:
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    I jumped onto computer audio a few years ago. Like @frankn I remain format agnostic. I started with a fairly basic DAC (Peachtree DAC.IT) and have jumped up several rungs since then (now have a Metrum Hex fed by an Audiophilleo 2 with Pure Power). I've also retained and upgraded my analogue front end. A few observations I have made along the way: None of the upgrades to front end components made as much difference as upgrading speakers. If improving sound quality is your primary goal, start here. None of the upgrades to front end components gave me the same bang for buck improvements that room treatment did. As above, if improving SQ is your primary goal, this should be step 2. My DAC gives me better SQ than my CD. However, I've heard other systems where the reverse is the case. It all depends upon the quality of the gear in your system. If you choose to upgrade your CD player, it's worth bearing in mind that you're limited to the SQ of the CDs in your collection and you are limited to listening to only the CDs you own or have burned. With a DAC you have the internet at your fingertips. Don't underestimate how powerful that is. My digital rig gives me access to a whole world of super high quality music for relative peanuts. I'm using Tidal (running through Roon). If you are looking to access new music, you just can't ignore the value for money proposition of running a lossless streaming service like Tidal. It's mind blowing and I would sacrifice many other of life's luxuries before giving up Tidal. If you already have a DAC, give it a try. There's a free trial period. Ditto for Roon. It's simply the best interface out there that money can buy. My analogue rig sounds better than my digital. I have spent less money on the hardware too. It's more immersive, more involving, more real. Don't give up on your analogue system too soon, just in case you find digital is not for you. I like having the best of both worlds. While my anague front end is less expensive than my digital, the records in my collection have cost me a hell of a lot more than my lifetime subscription to Roon. Unless streaming services become ridiculously expensive, my record collection will cost more than a lifetimes subscription to the streaming service of your choice ever will. I had a large collection of records before embarking on the upgrade path, so for me it was worth keeping and upgrading my analogue front end. I'm glad that I did. Regardless of which path you eventually choose to go down, never lose sight of the fact it's all about the music and enjoying the music. Get out and see as many live acts as you can. I've been super fortunate to listen to some of the best systems in Australia, both with a digital front end and an analogue front end. Neither truly comes close to capturing the experience of seeing live music. Sure, it can sound amazingly life like, but it's never quite the same, regardless of whether it's an acoustic performance or an amplified one. In addition, when watching live you're getting to see what the musicians are doing at a particular instant to achieve a particular sound or effect. That gives you an even greater appreciation of the musician's skill set. You just can't equal, let alone beat the experience of seeing live music no matter how much you throw at this hobby. Enjoy and tell us all about the great music your listening to. Most of us here love learning about new musical talent.
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    Artisan 300B. Good in every way that matters. It makes me go ...
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    Hello everyone, well after waiting for over a year now for Clay's Konverter DAC preamp I finally came home and their was the box I had been waiting for sitting in the hallway. As you do when something like this happens you grab yourself a brew, sit down and gently unpack your purchase. I must say the first impressions of Clays DAC was of a piece of equipment that has been put together with a lot of thought with not a hint of being slapped together, I had seen pictures of the internals but I had to take of the lid and have a closer look, Clay I love your work ! To put the Konverter into my system required a bit of rewiring so I decided to pull the whole system apart and give everything a good dusting and rearrange some of the gear. My system consists of a pair of ML2REF speakers, a pair of Quad EightyII mono blocks, Mark Levinson ML1 preamp, Auralic Aries streamer and a Auralic Vega DAC so the pre amp will go and the Vega DAC I sold a while ago, the Konverter will replace them. Also I will be connecting to the Konverter a Audio GD cd transport, a Yamaha cd Recorder, a Technics sp10 turntable, and with the help of a tape selector switch box a Sony TC765 reel to reel and a Pioneer CT-F1250 cassette deck..... Few ! Well after about 3 hours of dusting, polishing and connecting I was now ready to sit down and listen to a bit of music. The remote that comes with the Konverter has volume up and down, muting, channel up and down and a power button, Clay has configured the remote so with these few buttons you can change the inputs, the filter settings the display modes and toggle the Home Theatre bypass on and off. At first trying to navigate through the different modes I found a bit confusing but having live with it for a few days you quickly learn how it works...... So how does it sound ? I believe that if you call yourself an Audiophile you have the ability to store audio memories of not only your own system but also other systems you have listened to over the years, so what I'm trying to say is that I know my own system sound very well I started to stream a few of my favourite tracks and what was apparent straight away was the amount of bass weight that my system had gain it was like I had added a subwoofer to the system, the Konverter goes deep, very deep in bass.....wow The more music I played the more excited I became, tracks I new well we're now being presented to me differently, the sound had a smoothness to it and the image was rock solid. It seemed like every piece of music I played had new surprises, some of the instruments in the songs I knew well were louder than on my old system, the sound stage was much more wider and things like cymbals were smooth with no hint of being splashy, I was having a great time. I then played some HiRez music and the sound as you would expect was taken to a whole new level, another thing I noticed was that the background was very black, no background noise that you could notice I can confidently say that the Konverter sounds much better than the Vega DAC particularly in the bass region, I will also say that my digital music now has a much more analog sound which is what I'm after So how did the analog inputs sound ? Just as good as my old system. I must admit I was a little worried about taking out my Mark Levinson pre amp as I really loved the vintage sound of it and I thought that if that sound changed that much I could always run the Konverter into the Mark Levinson pre to get back that sound back but there's no need to, the Konverter is a dam fine preamp as well. Makes me wonder how much better the sound will be ones it has had a good burn in Clay I must congratulate you on a product that looks good, built very well and sounds bloody brilliant, an outstanding achievement, the wait was worth it ! Thank you.
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    Item: Weston Acoustics Rare Black Matching Touchstone Pre Amplifier and Time Machine 300b tube mono blocks in gloss black over wood grain. Location:Perth Price: $8500.00 Original recipe shows 12k including extra cables made by Earle, Upgrade remote and Balance section. This amps hold their value better than almost anything an would be double or more if a European or US brand name was attached, they are stunning, if they don't sell at this reduced price i will keep forever. They are that good. Item Condition: MINT Reason for selling: Change of Room and System requirements and too much equipment and need to focus direction. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Preferred, Direect Payment Paypal plus costs 3% i believe Extra Info: Hand built to order as are all of Earle's master pieces. Earle's first set in Polished Black finish with heavy duty remote control for volume and has extra balanced inputs, very very rare 6 input Preamp. Have shots of them being built and as below. A Good Selection of spares tubes as well about an extra full set in total and supplied by Earle's own hand made RCA cables. http://www.westonacoustics.com Perfect and as new without the very long wait list, 6 months or so and look awesome in black at night with the rest of the system glowing. Have instruction books and come with standard power cords as supplied by Weston Acoustics. Shipping possible at buyers expense and they would need all the tubes moved and boxed and then padded and packaged into 3 boxes each weighing 20 kilos x3. Pre Amp Specifications. Max Voltage Output ......5 volts rms. 14 volts peak.Frequency response.......6hz to >50khz Separation.......……….... >55dbSignal to Noise............. >88db A WeightedSignal to Hum…….…......>68dbDistortion.................…..<0.05% at 0.5 volt rms outputHum Level…………….......<0.1 millivoltGain.............................6dbInputs………..…………......6 Outputs .............................2 Mono Block Power amp SPECIFICATIONS Power Output - 18 watts per channel pure class A Frequency response -3db - 6hz to >75khz Signal to Noise - >90db A Weighted Signal to Hum - >80db Distortion - <0.05% at 1 watt rms Hum Level - <3.0 millivolt Sensitivity - 500mV Input impedance - 62K Inputs 1 Speaker output 8 ohm (6 to 12 ohm is fine) Damping Factor >5 (20hz to 20khz 8 ohm) Weight ~20kg (~44lb) per monoblock. Dimensions 440mm x 370mm x 220mm (width x depth x height) per monoblock. Pictures:
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    Item: CORAL FLAT 8 Custom speakers Location: Keysborough VIC 3173 Price: SOLD Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Will make another pair...exactly the same. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Recently finished this pair, but will make another pair later for myself. Just superb, with great bass and imaging. You hear detail in your music, you do not hear with other speakers. 1020H x 360W x 280D, about 30 Kgs each with sand fillable compartment at base od speakers. Will audition for serious SNAers only. PM me with questions. Will not post these. Pictures:
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    Half way thru one of the most stressful days in my life, a kind person suggested " Why don't you stop pacing and go away for a few hours?" So I did. I went to the local Black and Yellow trader, all of ten minutes away. The young lady stacking the shelves was holding a copy of 'Sgt. Pepper". How is that selling, and who is buying it? I asked. " About fifty / fifty really old people and young people" she said helpfully. I have always lived by the mantra: when in doubt, just buy it. So, now back home, de-stressing glass of Pinot Grigio in hand, I am on my second spin of the the remix. At this point, the best analogy I can make is one of eying off the new neighbour, whilst knowing the love of your life is the one you already have. This 're-visit' is like trying to replace the threads of the BAYEUX TAPESTRY with polyester, because the cotton and flax did not shine enough. I just don't buy the line that the original stereo was a rushed hand- job that should be disregarded because no-one was paying attention. The original stereo mix is the BAYEUX TAPESTRY of sound. It has warp in the weave, scars in the leather, ghosts in the mix and above all, M-Y-S-T-E-R-Y . This remix puts things under the microscope that were only meant to be seen thru the vaselined lenses of the sixties. John wanted his voice messed with. On the original, this was a fine almost indiscernable thread. You knew it sounded weird, but you did not linger long enough to wonder why. With this mix, you can pick out every engineering and tracking trick used. For example, as has been noted elsewhere, the ' AAAHHHHSSSS' in ADITL now sound engineered and studio pasted. With the original, the voice floats in and out of the sound picture, ebb and flow, rise and fall, totally hallucinogenic. Again, all the mystery is gone. Pauls bass sounds excellent, and Ringos percussion mixed well, but..... Oddly, I don't begrudge the existence of this edition. Anything that brings in new appreciation of this masterwork has value. It could certainly slap the face of those oh-so cool cats who bang on about ' Rubber Soul' and ' Revolver' being the apex of The Beatles. Even within The Beatles canon, this is a freak of nature. And like many freaks of nature, it is not broken, so probably did not need fixing. To my ears, this is a MP3 style mix for the utube generation. I cannot face the alternate versions yet. At this point, I just don't want to see the weavers at work. Let me enjoy the mystery and majesty of the '67 mix a while longer. For the rest of you blokes, go for it. have fun. But remember, that sexy new neighbour may just be a mirage. Billy.
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    The Beatles, Revolver Parlophone PMC 7009. Mono UK 1966
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    Forgot how good The White Album sounds. And This. 50 years today. Happy birthday Sargent Peppers.
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    Something slightly alien at the Heide Museum of Modern Art.
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    ITEM: VPI TURNTABE ARIES 3 (complete system) LOCATION: Melbourne PRICE: $ 5250 ITEM CONDITION: Excellent (presents as new & unmarked) REASON FOR SELLING: Liquidating one of my systems PAYMENT: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Up for grabs for serious vinyl lovers is the awesome ARIES 3 including the JMW MEMORIAL CLASSIC 3, 10.5” TONEARM with Nordost Valhalla wiring. Comes complete with all standard accessories, owner's manual, JMW Precision metal Alignment Jig and the original packaging. Magnificent as this deck is reputed to be in the standard configuration I have further improved its performance by implementing a number of worthy additions and upgrades and these are all included in the sale: SDS (240/120V Synchronous Drive System): http://vpiindustries.com/sds.html (approx. $1000 USD) Upgraded VPI Metal Platter (approx. $900 USD) ((Original Acrylic Platter also included, see the indicative pic #6) Upgraded VPI Feet (similar to those on the reference HRX model) for extra level of isolation (approx. $450 USD) (Original Conical Feet also included if a lower profile appearance preferred, see the idicative pic #6) VPI Deluxe Derlin Stainless Steel Clamp ($150 USD) Soundsmith Counter Intuitive for VPI Tonearms ($50 USD) Also included is: Additional new VPI Motor in Stainless Steel Housing (as a spare and/or for alternative aesthetic appeal) I am the first owner having purchased this unit brand new in the U.S. It has performed flawlessly at all times and I found it be a wonderful player that sounds as gorgeous as it looks! Couple of links to some of the appraisals available online: http://www.enjoythemusic.com/superioraudio/equipment/0708/vpi_aries_3.htm http://www.audiophilia.com/reviews/2016/5/25/the-vpi-aries-turntable Please note there is no inclusion of cartridge in the sale. Would very much prefer a local pick up, but could ship nationally if buyer wishes to account for required insurance and courier costs. Genuinely interested parties, please feel free to ask any questions via PM. Richard Pictures: Please note pics 1 to 5 are of my actual unit. I have also added a stock photo (pic #6) to show the alternative configuration when fitted with the standard acrylic platter and the conical feet, both of which I am including in the sale.
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    @rantan was making reference to a post I made in another classified ad, pointing out that we discourage responses that simply say 'PM sent'. The reason is that it means nothing and could potentially discourage other prospective buyers. Alternative suggestions are 'PM sent with intention to buy' or 'offer sent' or maybe 'lowball offer sent with hope in my heart'
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    I realise I never updated this thread. The is what I ended up with... Line Magnetic 219IA a beast and a beauty
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    I dont even bother with streaming services.... i.e. the paid ones...found all pretty restrictive either in range or whats needed to stream off them. got sick of tidal. just listen to digital radio, free services... which is no different really to the old days of listening to the radio... to introduce to new music... perhaps am a laggard... so i dont see my practice as such change much... since once introduced to new music... tend to buy on a physical format... disc of some sort.... cd/sacd/lp/blu-ray ps a lot of music I get introduced too... is also at gtg.... irrelevant the format as such... like what i hear...tend to track down and buy it again this hasnt changed for me in some 10+ years ...
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    Item: Pioneer spec system. 2 racks and speakers Location:Ballarat, Vic Price: $14500 without TT, $16000 with. Item Condition: Very good to excellent Reason for selling:Moving on Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This is a cut and paste of the ad thats scheduled for later this week on ebay. All is the same except lower price for here and without the ebay guff. Serious auditions welcome. Any questions answered to the best of my ability. Make an offer if you want, lowballers will be ignored. Dont ask me if I want to seperate it, the answer is no. ----- Complete Spec system on offer Same drill, if your looking, you probably know what your looking at. This is a serious collection, one of the best one in the country. Live the dream. All units are multi voltage so no need for step up transformers, or could run on different country voltages. All facias are 9.5 out of 10 for appearance, all lettering intact. Spec 1 serviced 2 years ago. Spec 2 and 4 recent service with blue LED's installed EQ, reverb and dynamic processor switches all function correctly. Spec 1 will run both Spec 2 and 4 amps Can be hooked up in a mind boggling amount of combinations, but I like to set it up with both amps running their own speakers. With total of 420 watts (150 and 270) RMS, theres no shortage of power. Rack 1 JA-R2S RT-909 with PP-220A large reel hub adaptors and 2 BASF take up reels CT-F1250 with JA-R102 rack mount handles TX- 9500II in JA-R101rack shelf Spare JA-R101rack shelf (for CD or digital network perhaps) Rack 2 JA-R2s Spec 1 preamp, has modified remote control volume pot (original pot included) SG-9800 Graphic EQ (illuminated sliders) in JA-R101 rack shelf RG-2 Dynamic processor with JA-R104 rack mount tags SR-303 Reverb amp with JA-R104 rack mount tags Spec 2 power amp, recently serviced with new relays installed Spec 4 power amp, complete overhaul, many parts replaced HPM-100 Speakers. 200 watt version. Crossovers re capped with Janzen Capacitors (some marks on one cone) HPM-900 Speakers. 200 watt Both sets of speakers come with grilles. The 100's grilles are showing signs of age. PL-30LII with Ortofon 2M black cart and graphite straight arm. Arm damping. Interconnects included Things to know; Spec 1 wont play on phono 1 (selector switch faulty, new one supplied) Phono 2 is fine. CT-F1000 needs FF and REW belts replaced (supplied, Play belt has been replaced) Phono has internal transformer removed for noise reduction and needs external power supply Japanese version (240V power supply and original 100V transformer included) TX-9500II tuner needs servicing and alignment. Rack screws are not original Pioneer ones. They have plastic washers, no rack rash. If you are interested and are doing comparative pricing, be sure to look for multi voltage units as US ones are often 110 volt only, include shipping to somewhere you can pick it up. You wont find them all in one place like this so add shipping to each component. Add duties for the high price items. Also, allow for the risk that the items may be faulty or need some work. Final value on e bay may not be your final spend, so look for reconditioned/guaranteed working items from good seller. After that, you'll find the asking price pretty good. Buyer will also get Pioneer floor rug and first option on some RTR tape. Pictures:
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    I misread the thread title and have been busy placing onions all around my gear. Strange thing is it's sounding better than ever.
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    Ok, so as some of you are aware I've sourced a turntable from Croatia. The S.A.M. Aldebaran. When I got home from work yesterday afternoon I had three boxes waiting for me. I got to unpacking and assembly right away. The turntable was extremely well packed. There's no way I could ever repack it if I needed to. Little bits of foam went everywhere so out came the vacuum cleaner. Once everything was on boxed and unwrapped I began assembly. This took me some time as there were no real assembly instructions. I must say that the build quality of everything was top notch. Being a mid tier model cheaper materials were used. The stone isn't real stone for instance though rather the stuff kitchen or bathroom bench tops are made from. What looks like a frosted glass cover is actually plastic/acrylic. Of assembly the thing that look the longest was mounting my vintage Koetsu Rosewood on the Calista II tonearm. I've never had an arm without a removable headshell and I'd have to say that replacing the body on a Denon DL103 is an easier and less nail biting task. Nail biting, due to the value of the cart being mounted. Took me a good 40 minutes of farting around. Now for first impressions of playback I'll start with the pros and move to the cons. Please note that by the time everything was ready to go it was quite late so I only had time for one side of Frank Sinatra's Songs for swingin lovers and another Deutsche Grammophon collect of Johann Strauss waltzes conducted by Herbert Von Karajan. Pro: The platter spins up quickly and stops as quickly Inky black backdrop to music with perfect tone and timing. This is an extremely accurate and neutral table and reveals absolutely everything that is there Absolutely dead spot on speed stability Cons: This thing has the noisiest motor I've ever heard in a turntable. It's not just audible between tracks from my listening position 3m away, though during quiet passages in the music also. I'll be having a chat to Ivan at S.A.M. regarding this. Based on my initial experience dealing with him he's top bloke so I think we'll be able to sort this out. The spindle is quite thick which means records can be pressed on no worries. My thin Deutsche Grammophon pressing on the other hand took me a good 10 minutes or so of waggling to get off the spindle The other con is the table lacks the outright musicality of the Ariston table it's replacing. I suspect a large portion of this is simply my preference for the way Fidelity Research tonearms present music. The Ariston RD110 SL + FR-24 Mk2 is sublime. I believe my disappointment in the sound is purely down to my preferences so I guess I'll be tracking down another FR-24 Mk2 arm unless I can find someone can make a bracket for my spare FR-24 Mk1 so the arm rest attaches to the arm post. Anyway, I believe that the foundations of this table is strong. I just need to address the motor and arm for the perfect table Sent from my Redmi Pro using Tapatalk
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    Bugger. Bird pics. Fairy Wren. New Holland Honey Eater. Emu. Some sort of swan or goose perhaps. Looks edible.
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    Item: Darren69's system (well, most of it) Location: Waterview Heights, NE NSW Price: $20,000.00 firm Item Condition: Very good. Reason for selling: Debt reduction leading to active Meridian speaker ownership/simplification. Payment Method: Acc transfer. No lay buy-instalments on offer for this sale. Extra Info: Everything pictured below except the telly (I know how some of you like it), the PVR's and the Meridian CDP. Pics of kids/grandkids also not for sale. Bespoke shelving with cooling fans/sensor incorporated for monoblocks. 1840W x 650H x 600D Parasound JC1 monoblocks and JC2 pre amp. Pre amp remote included- http://www.parasound.com/products.php Studio Connections XLR IC's throughout, Nordost Valhalla speaker cables. Power cables are mix of Studio Connections, Isotek and RK Cable. All AU plugs. Isotek Evo 3 Aquarius power filter, AU plugs.- http://www.isoteksystems.com/products/performance/evo3-aquarius/ Focal 1038 Be's in 'basalt'- https://www.focal.com/en/home-audio/high-fidelity-speakers/electra-1000-be-2/floorstanding-speakers/electra-1038-be Adelaide Speakers twin sub woofers with Tasmanian Blackwood face veneer in artisan cabinets, 12 in Dayton drivers driven by one 500W Dayton plate amp each. Sub cables are Canare (cant remember if they are 3 or 4m) split by Audioquest Y-splitter. Acoustic Solution tube traps in black. Queries regarding splitting off of components for separate sale will not be answered, nor will I 'remember you if I do go that way'. Nothing personal, it's just that my brain...well...wont. I have done the maths and believe the price is good, therefore firm. I have Parasound packaging. All strictly pick up only. More info can be found in my thread- Images- Front end components exc CDP/telly/PVR's. Will throw in Bass Trap Bhudda for free. Thanks for looking, PM if you have the funds and are interested.
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    Robert Johnson - King of the Delta Blues Singers If only these recordings had been captured 20 or 30 years later. As lo fi as they are, you just can't miss the emotional impact of these performances. Superb.
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    The Op-Shop is where the true digital revolution is happening. Now 50c a CD at my local.
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    Item: Goldenear Sonic Enhancers (1 Pair) Location: Delivered Worldwide. Price: From $15,000.00 Limited Stock Item Condition: As New Reason for selling: Simply don't need them anymore. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: With the new and improved Goldenear sonic enhancers, the search for perfect sound is over. After years of research the team at Goldenear has developed a product guaranteed to give listeners the ability to hear music the way it was intended to be heard. No more need for cumbersome interconnects, bulky amplifiers, dubious jitter reduction devices and DACs. With the Goldenear unit, all you need are your ears. Just slip them on and listen. You'll be amazed at the clarity, the detail, the staging. Buy a pair and be amazed! Available in 14 karat, 18 karat and state of the art 24 karat models... To purchase, PM @Luc as he has agreed to be the custodian of stock for this very special product. Pictures:
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    Stumbled across this place, while looking for a yoga retreat of all places. Werner Musica. Really awesome shop, lots of interesting gear as you walk in. Consonance, Airtight, Siltech, KEF, Pylon audio the list goes on. The salesman asked if I needed help or was just looking? I replied "just looking". We were then promptly ushered down stairs into a very cool little stone walled listening room where they were having a demonstration of some very nice gear. He set up two more seats for me and my partner, I was almost in the sweet spot, along with maybe 5 other people. They place a really wide selection of music on both vinyl and cd, the last song was by Angus and Julia Stone which really surprised us. This was the setup. List of gear: - Graham Audio LS 6 speakers. - Icon audio 845 stereo PP integrated. - Consonance Reference cd 2.2 mk3 hd. - Icon audio phono stage. - Acoustic Solid 111 Metal with matching base. I think? - Siltech Anniversary Classic 770L speaker cables, not sure about other cables. - Pagode rack. This system sounded amazing, even my partner was impressed and said she really enjoyed the experience. The bass control from these monitors is amazing. I have never heard Graham audio speakers before and I was mighty impressed, they portray music in an effortless and very musical manner. Very similar sounding to Harbeth, but they do share a lot of DNA I suppose. Married up to the Icon Audio amp it was truly special setup. I was a very happy chappy, had a bit of a chat to the salesman and the owner who made us feel really welcome. Highly recommend a visit if you are in Barcelona. ( we didn't even get into the really high end rooms upstairs) Cheers Dave. More to come.
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    Q. In da house..... I dare anybody to shift them.
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    Hello folks, Just thought I'd write a short article and re list our loudspeaker range for everyone here and hopefully I can show you something that you weren't aware of. It's no easy task being a loudspeaker manufacturer and in particular, in Australia, where we are more than spoiled for choice to say the least. Dave and I started Wyndham Audio so as to give us a platform by which we could initially anyway, introduce our CH range of loudspeakers to you all We have in the last 12 - 18 months subsequently introduced our excellent BR range of loudspeakers too. Our CH1 loudspeaker pictured above is simply sensational and is particularly good in a small to medium sized listening room, with remarkable depth of bass from such a fine enclosure with an extremely small footprint. Yes, the bass is remarkable, but the true beauty of the CH1 is the clarity of the mid range, which is exquisite. The CH1 is available in either a natural timber veneer or painted finish in your choice of veneer or colour. You can view the CH1 and read more on our website here. Our price for the CH1 is $2,795.00 - PM Dave or myself for your StereoNET member's discount price. Our CH2 loudspeaker pictured above is the flagship loudspeaker in our CH range and it is simply a stunning loudspeaker, with a rich, deep bass response, a superbly resolved mid range and beautifully extended top end that is totally free of distortion. You have got to listen to the CH2 to fully appreciate how good this loudspeaker is. As local Australian manufacturers, Dave and I are extremely proud of what we have produced with our CH2 loudspeaker. The CH2 is available in either a natural timber veneer or painted finish in your choice of veneer or colour. You can view the CH2 and read more on our website here. Our price for the CH2 is $5,985.00 - PM Dave or myself for your StereoNET member's discount price. From L-R BR3, BR2, BR1. Our BR loudspeaker range pictured. and the BR1 on the far right of the picture is a high end bass reflex two way as can be attested to by the many happy customers who have these as the main loudspeakers in their high end systems. The BR1 is available in either a natural timber veneer or painted finish in your choice of veneer or colour. You can view the BR1 and read more on our website here. Our price for the BR1 is $3,490.00 - PM Dave or myself for your StereoNET member's discount price. Our BR2 above is a high end 2.5 way loudspeaker, which is a superbly resolving loudspeaker, from the deep and tight bass response, the delightful mid range and to the absolutely superb top end. I can personally attest to this each day, as the BR2 is the loudspeaker I use in my own system and I can't recommend them highly enough, for a medium to large sized listening room. BR2 loudspeaker in matt black painted finish. The BR2 is available in either a natural timber veneer or painted finish in your choice of veneer or colour. You can view the BR2 and read more on our website here. Our price for the BR2 is $4,380.00 - PM Dave or myself for your StereoNET member's discount price. Our BR3 loudspeaker is a high performance, world class 'reference' dual 8" three way, with an incredibly flat impedance curve and only 5 degrees of phase shift, which makes it extremely valve friendly too. It has all the performance parameters of our BR2 loudspeaker, but with an outstanding bass response to 30Hz. The BR3 loudspeaker is a truly world class high performance loudspeaker for the discerning music lover and one that will perform beautifully in any high end two channel system. The BR3 is available in either a natural timber veneer or painted finish in your choice of veneer or colour. You can view the BR3 and read more on our website here. Our price for the BR3 is $7,990.00 - PM Dave or myself for your StereoNET member's discount price. Our entire BR range of loudspeakers come with magnetically attached grills and base spikes. Cheers, Keith
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    McIntosh MC-2000
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    Magnificent. SQ has stepped up considerably. Each table have their own strengths and not so strengths and could live with any of my 3 top tables - TW Acustik AC-3 & Exclusive P3. Early days and with some further tweaks in the coming months, it should be the best sounding table overall. As you are well aware, the tonearm is not the limiting factor anymore - which is ultimately what I was looking for.
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    One from tonight. i made sure I wasn't there after midnight, just in case Ghost fungi (Omphalotus nidiformis)
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    A few from the weekend, #1 Eastern Yellow Robin #2 Superb Fairywen #3 Little Wattlebird #4 #5 New Holland Honeyeater #6
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    Miles Davis Miles In The Sky. Columbia PC 9628 US 1977 reissue.
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    My Pioneer PL 7L. Running a Kiseki Blue cart. (NS) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    If I ever find myself avoiding music I like because its "not good enough" for my system then my system will be up for sale quicker than you can say jack robinson
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    Continuing on the theme of Mulligan Meets: Thelonious Monk And Gerry Mulligan, Mulligan Meets Monk. Riverside Records 673 012
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    Well after years of trying all sorts of MC cartridges, I decided to take a punt and buy a Moving Iron cartridge. My ears are overly sensitive to ringing and brightness and no matter what MC I owned, purchased, demoed or heard, I could never get past a subtle thinness and brightness I always seems to detect. A few few weeks a bought a Grado Statement Reference V2 MI cartridge. The minute I installed it I was grinning. Brightness - gone Sibilance - gone Thinness - this cartridge has balls I have been instantly converted. Some 50 hrs later and I would describe this cartridge as highly analogue sounding with a density that MC can't match. Just wanted to share my experience as it has taken me by surprise as I was a "only MC cartridges sound good" guy. So any SNA'rs tired of trying to get MC synergy , I can strongly recommend giving an MI a try.
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    David, @daveyonthecoast If you hover the cursor (arrow symbol on the screen) over the picture under Stump's name a box will appear. At the bottom left of the box is a picture of an envelope and the word "Message". Move the cursor to the envelope picture and left click - a new message box will open - just write your message and click on "SEND" in the bottom right of that box. Hope that helps. Cheers.
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    Item: FS : Earle Weston KT120 Tempest monoblock amplifiers in Maple Location: Canberra Price: $4750 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: new amplifiers Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Second owner, manual, no boxes, can supply Kt 120s, Kt88 Golden Lion, or El 34s instead Pictures: http://www.westonacoustics.com/service5.html these are my actual amplifiers ...no pre already sold....
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    Happy birthday to you.
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    Umm, you are not the first. But you would know that. With 270 posts this is not your first visit to an audio forum, so you know full well all you are doing is kicking the hornets nest and pissing on other members choice of equipment. I don't own any $20K cables BTW.
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    a couple of birds about this evening: Superb fairy-wren : Brown thornbill cheers mick
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