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    I posted here few weeks ago about the purchase of a Kenwood turntable with a SME tonearm, badly the tonearm was damaged during the shipment. I have heard nothing form seller, but two messages from two very kind users of this forum, one of them even offered me a very good Rega tonearm for free. I could not accept this free offer so we ended up with a price in my favor. I have the tonearm setup this morning, and the sound quality is amazingly good, I pretty sure it is much better than the original SME that i bought. Yes, it was sad that thing happened during the shipment, but it end up with a good story. Thank you so much, Greg.
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    My technics sp10 mk3 coming along with micro seiki cu-180 copper gun metal mat and stillpoint feet.
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    So "Un-Halcro"???? Perhaps asked the people who were lucky enough to get one if they are disappointed....... This was an act of generosity on our part and I'm proud to have offered these to the good people on this forum........ These wonderful players may have sat unused in our factory for years otherwise..... At least now they are being enjoyed by music lovers and genuine enthusiasts who are part of this community..... if that's un-Halcro then welcome to the new Halcro - where music matters most,,,
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    A recent midweek GTG at @djb s with a sizable guest list - doesn't anyone work any more? Anyway good way to waste an afternoon amongst some of the more shady SNA characters ! L to R : @Max054 , @djb , @jamesg11, @generichs , @Ian McP , @Point Source and @buddyev and I taking pic. Lot of plonk here! 3 wise Monkeys chilling in front of the Maggies and lookimg suitably miffed by the intrusion! Raising bar - quality of food wise - djb in his element. dinner is served - note @buddyev extending foot out as David passes ! Around the table Divying up The Quince Tart "Where he belongs!" - oops locked the door snigger. Who let djb carry the red? Brian cleaning up after him "From Rabbitoh to bottlo" Very enjoyable afternoon - minimal listening was done with more emphasis on the social aspect, something we Victorian's excel at ! (probably not discerning or sober enough for serious listening )
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    Ok, picked up the Aldebaran from Geoff this morning and the first LP I put on was Roxette's Look Sharp, a pressing from Germany so pretty decent. I'm absolutely gobsmacked by the sound I'm getting. With the Hana EL on the FR-14 arm soundstage wide and deep, insanely dynamic and with bass that I simply didn't know turntables could provide. This exceeds what I've heard from the few idler drive tables I've heard and by no small margin.... Needless to say there absolutely no comparison between this and my JVC TT-71 either. Actually, I'm lost for words. I've never heard music like this non stop. Actually until now I though that my digital setup was approaching vinyl playback...... I daresay that will still be true, provided I rip my LP collection and play back over it. Insane! This table was definitely worth the time and effort.
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    I have always had a soft spot for the "skeletal" turntables ever since I saw a friend's Scheu Analog Premier many moons ago and ended up with the Project RPM10.1 evolution. I always figured the RPM10.1 did everything so well, why would I ever need to get a more expensive turntable. That was until I had the opportunity to set up the Acoustic Signature Thunder turntable over a year ago. It was such a joy to work on the table (and a lot of sweat - more later) that I spent a lot of time fantasising owning one. The customer had his quite well loaded up with options - with dual motors, PS1 linear power supplies and the piece-de-resistance, the (then) new Acoustic Signature TA-5000, the 12" variant. I also fitted an Ortofon Cadenza Black. Acoustic Signature is known for two things - heavy mass and those almost frictionless ball bearings which make the platter seem to spin almost forever with just a nudge. The tonearm is also ball bearing based. In combination, that setup was phenomenal but the customer did have a pretty fantastic system - Audio Research Reference 5SE with Ayre MXRs and Karan phono preamps. But I couldn't tell if the improvements were due to the turntable alone. He too had moved from a ProJect RPM turntable - an RPM9 I finally got mine in anodised black aluminium a couple of weeks ago but resisted setting it up. The main reason is that I was waiting for a second arm. The other is that my rack isn't rated for more than 25kg. But I finally decided to risk it when the second arm arrived. Like my customer I ordered the TA5000 (which sadly only came in silver carbon fibre so it does stand out a bit more from the table) and I also ordered the PS-1. I initially ordered a single motor but have a second one ordered on its way. So last Saturday I began work. The Thunder base comes with 3 heavy feet and provisions for 3 arm bases which can be moved to accomodate different lengths and arms. But adjusting the length was very tedious - especially when dealing with such a heavy table. First you gotta loosen two bolts that hold the arm board so you can slide it to suit the arm. To get the correct distance, you would need to mount the arm first - and install the platter, which is another heavy behemoth and gently slide the platter spindle down the hole where the ball bearings are - taking care not to drop the platter - and destroying the ball bearings or crushing your fingers. Then to tighten, you gotta lift the entire contraption up and tighten the two bolts to secure the arm base. Then you got to check that the armbase didn't move in the interim. This time I was lucky enough to get an SME mount for the Wand and the TA5000 so I could still make fine adjustments. But it still took me an hour to get that done. I started to mount The Wand Master first. Thankfully the tool made it really easy to get the distances set up pretty well. It was still a bit of challenge to use the SME adaptor tool from The Wand because the manual is a little scant on details, I suspect because the Master made some changes from the original or Plus models. I wasn't sure which side of the mount was up - and used the TA-5000's adaptor as a reference. I was wrong - it was flipped. But it all kinda made sense in the end. There is a single bolt that has to be tightened to secure the Wand's spindle (for the unipivot tonearm) to the SME adaptor. Then the lifter assembly is bolted to the same spindle above it. Wrong Way Right Way With that out of the way, I could fit the Wand's spindle and lifter assembly plus SME adaptor to the second arm base The TA5000 was a much simpler affair to bolt on and using the protractor Acoustic Signature provided, getting the distance was pretty straightforward too. Next step was mounting the cartridge on the Wand and then getting the counterweight right. The first was easy - there is no adjustment for the cartridge mount. Get the distance from the platter spindle to the tonearm spindle right using the protractor tool and that's it. The head shell position is fixed. The second part of the task was a lot more difficult. I used my old Sumiko Pearwood Celebration II from before with this arm. And I was just on egg shells the entire time - because the Pearwood has NO STYLUS GUARD. Not because I lost it. IT NEVER CAME WITH ONE. So I had the table already resting on the rack while I was going back and forth with the tonearm (with cart on the end with no stylus guard) between the listening room and the dining room where I was setting up the tonearm. Unlike other counterweights where you just twist in the back of the tonearm, the counterweight of the Wand is really a few different layers of metals that are bolted together to the rear of the tonearm assembly. To add more weight, you unscrew the bolts and slide another layer/slice of the counterweight. The manual says 3 are provided plus one "half" slice. And you only need 3 if you have >10g. Mine is 6-7g and I ended up using all but one (5 were provided, of which 3 were pre-installed). Again I suspect it is because the manual was written for the 9"/regular Wand version. Now imagine the number of times I was walking back and forth the room and the dining table and multiply that anxiety by a million. I started with 2 - like what the manual said. Then 2.5, then 3, then 3.5, then 4, then 4.5 then 5. Only after you get the balance almost right do you fine-tune it by loosening the large heavy bolt by hand to decrease the tracking force. It isn't as intuitive - but after doing it, it all makes sense. So after all that drama, I did finally manage to install the arm correctly but it does seem to wobble a little when I moved the tonearm. The designer said if I am used to bearing based tonearms, it might seem that way. Then I realised the tonearm doesn't actually come with tonearm cables [emoji4] it normally comes with female RCA plugs that you bolt to the back of your plinth but the Thunder has no plinth. So I ordered it with a 5 pin termination. The TA-5000 has the 5 pin connector at the base of the arm. The Wand's internal tonearm wiring comes out near the rear and is curled round the arm and tucked away, terminating in a 5 pin female plug. Now I just need to get a 5 pin - RCA cable separately. Onwards to the TA-5000 then. I installed the Kiseki PurpleHeart NS and then tried to balance the counterweight. But to no avail - the counterweight was way too heavy for the Kiseki. I emailed Goran and went to bed defeated by the day's ordeal. Morning came and Goran responded with such a simple solution that I almost winced from my own stupidity. The counterweight is made of two pieces bolted together but the shape hides the seam so well that I hadn't even noticed it before. Loosen the two bolts and remove the lighter half. Voila. Balance was done in a couple of minutes. Then alignment and tracking force. And I had music playing in less than 15 minutes. And it was glorious. Spent the late afternoon listening to record after record. Will pen down my impressions in a later post. Now I just gotta wait for the tonearm cable to arrive. I ordered a ProJect since it was in stock. Hopefully end of the week. Don't know if I want to splurge for an expensive one just yet. And the second motor. But I don't think I will deploy it on this rack right now. I have a custom HiFiRacks on the way that can handle 100kg.
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    Been too long since I have spun this classic. Great sounding reissue vinyl. Sonny's tone & musicality just kills me......
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    They have arrived, now all I need is some @Lenehan Audio ML5's to squash them with. Lovely things, very well made, typical Townshend quality. The pods are a combination of a spring of a given rate along with a small air bellow.
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    Nikon D750 camera + Nikkor 20mm lens @ f/1.8, ISO 3200, 30 secs. --Geoff
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    Chillin' with this excellent OJC reissue on Riverside on the deck after a hectic day at work......
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    Possibly free jazz'd out, I return to the classics Ella Fitzgerald ‎– Sings The Cole Porter Song Book (mono, 3lp reissue 2016)
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    Some birds taken in the last few days: Superb fairy-wren Dusky robin 1 Dusky robin 2 Beautiful firetail cheers mick
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    Hi All This afternoon some Beatles JJ
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    They weigh close to 160kg id say not lite. Well the stage we have all been waiting for. i definitely wasnt ready for how dark they were going to look once cleared but they look pretty good alot darker then I wanted but nothing i can do now. What do you think? Even the front im a bit disappointed because the veneer isnt as striking as i wanted but then again we will see once they are out in the sun or a lighter room. even though they look shinny the clear is satin finish so they will look more natural once dry. Cant wait to see them monday arvo.
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    Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting fellow SNA'er @Silent Screameras my son and I trekked down to Ipswich to give Paul and his CNC a visit. For those that don't know Paul has this epic CNC build and has only very recently managed to evolve the machine to its current state of 'high performance' as he gradually built some of the last parts with aluminium rather than the initial plywood. I love the idea of a machine that builds itself i.e. build it first with ply and then slowly use itself to replace ply with metal in the process becoming more precise and close tolerance. The machine appeals to me because of its obvious elements of 'over-engineering'...something to which as a farmer I have been indoctrinated and have gravitated toward in the build of my own acoustic system. Pauls progress with the machine seems to be at the threshold of 'ready to be finished' with relatively small details to be completed and a few minor functional aspects changed, but it is strong and precise and eminently useful: those finishing touches will take quite a bit of time to actually achieve, so there are still plenty of hours left in the project. Here is Pauls CNC at work in the first of the top-plates... ...with it ready to be unclamped... ...the second plate also finished (note it is a mirror of its partner)... So why did I need this CNC work? Have a look at one of the finished top-plates below. The top-plates for my DSET amplifiers are 8mm aluminium. They act as both a facade and structural element to increase rigidity and as an important element for the cooling of the amplifiers. Two 80mm PC fans are attached to the floor of each amplifier that push air up through the internals and then it exits around the valves on the top plate. Most of the heat generation will be at the valves...those 6C33C burn at 350C or thereabouts and I have three in each amp, plus a bunch of closely spaced smaller tubes. Lots of heat! Anyway, the rafter to which the valve sockets attach is actually screwed to the top-plate when the top-plate is in place and I needed a way to give a low impedance pathway for the airflow to get past the rafter and evacuate through the holes in the top-plate. Notice that the CNC has been used to machine 4mm deep recesses around the holes in the top-plates for the valves. If I then place the rafter in the position in which it will be bolted to the top-plate then you can see that the 4mm recess that the CNC has made will allow airflow around the top of the rafter. Job done. Thanks Paul!
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    Item: Floorstanding Speakers Location: Sydney 2147 Price: $1500 with a donation to SNA Item Condition: Used DIY Reason for selling: Made new ones Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Rear loaded horn design by atilsley (Andrew Tilsley) well known around here for his horn speaker passion I built these nearly 2 years ago, Oct 2015, over the last few months i have been building myself a new set of mains which are finally finished and at home which means these are now not used, i have no room for a second big system, the new ones are exactly the same internal design, same drivers, different external shape and finish The construction of these is stacked MDF horn path (top section) with stacked birch ply horn mouth, 9mm mdf backing (added recently for cosmetic purposes), 5mm aluminium baffle face with the driver rebated flush, 18mm melamine mdf sides and Tang Band W8-1772 drivers. They weigh about 50kg each and are 1100 x 350 x 480 (HxWxD). The side colour is Dulux Burnished Copper Metallic, i cant remember the other colours but have that info at work if required, i could even respray them if a buyer wanted another colour. They are not perfectly finished as the photos show but they are pretty good, i think I need to say that one of the drivers is the original and 1 is new, the reason being, i planned to sell these with both new drivers just so i could say 'new drivers', but one of them didnt want to budge from the baffle so rather than force it and risk damaging it i left it in place, the new driver is at work being 'run in' and has about 120 hours I had these on a tile floor with some rubber material in each corner, given the nature of the construction they don't sit perfectly flat so if on carpet they may need spikes installed which i could do The sound, well i will never forget my first listen, it was that one defining moment of my short audio 'journey', i had been to nearly every shop in Sydney listening to all sorts of speakers/systems but i never thought something i built for a relatively small amount of money could sound this good, im not going to carry on too much but suffice to say i absolutely love them and think you would have to spend a lot to equal them Auditions definitely welcomed I could pack and organise delivery if required https://www.parts-express.com/tang-band-w8-1772-8-neodymium-full-range-driver--264-893 Pictures:
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    It appears that I have bought another one ...
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    Can't seem to get enough of Ben Webster recently after loving the Gerry Mulligan meets Ben Webster LP. This one is also very enjoyable. The Complete 1960 Jazz Cellar Session with Johnny Hodges. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Well finally have everything buttoned up. New tinted acrylic cover over display and aluminium front for the draw. Lettering done by a mate who is a signwriter. Printed on very clear and thin stick-on vinyl. Left it looking like brushed stainless as I did not mind the look, but I may end up painting it further down the track. Excuse the crappy picture quality. Good luck to all the other owners with their pimping efforts.
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    Ella Fitzgerald - sings Cole Porter. 2LP - Speakers Corner reissue 2000 - German pressing.
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    1. Genesis - Selling England By The Pound 2. Rolling Stones - Exile on Main Street 3. Genesis - Nursery Cryme 4. Bob Dylan - Blood On The Tracks 5. Electric Light Orchestra - New World Record 6. Santana - Caravanserai 7. Sly & The Family Stone - There's A Riot Goin' On 8. Deep Purple - Machine Head 9. Mahavishnu Orchestra - The Inner Mounting Flame. 10. Julius Hemphill - Dogon A.D. 11. Free - Free Live 12. The Doors. - LA Woman
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    1. Traffic - Hole In My Shoe 2. King Crimson - In The Court Of The Crimson King 3. Bob Dylan- the Freewheelin' Bob Dylan 4. Led Zeppelin 1
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    Hi guys & thanks for all the positive comments. The new DAC only is extreamly close now. I actually took a prototype version to Lenehan Audio last week which we had a good listen to via some Lenehan ML5 references. I must admit I get a bit nervous when trying out one of my new products at Mikes as he always gives an honest (& ruthless) opinion & past experiences have not always had a good outcome. Well the prototype passed with flying colours which was a great relief! I was about to order $1k plus worth of transformers from Jensen so I just wanted to be certain the new DAC was right up there sound wise. It definitely was! The bonus is that although this is just a straight DAC we have managed to include variable output level (on remote) by using the AK4497's internal level antenuator. This is done in digital form so you are throwing bits away with lower volume settings but fortunately due to the AKM's 32 bit architecture & as long as you are not listening to very low levels it shouldn't be a problem. Bottom line is the new DAC will drive a power amp directly so perfect for a nice simple set up & this is how we tested it at Mikes. Max output level is 1.8 v rms but this seems fine on the three different power amps I have tested it with so far. I'm working on the final board layout at the moment so hopefully I will be ordering the pcb's in about a week. As the finished product is very close I will start a new product release thread shortly with lots more info & details.
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    Finally got the Thorens Wand Phasemation thing happening, sounds great
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    From the man that paved the way for Jazz to become mainstream Miles Davis once said- You know you can't play anything on a horn that Louis hasen't played -- I mean even modern Presenting - Louis Armstrong Mono
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    Keith hope you don't mind me starting a thread in your section. Since I purchased the Tonearm from you, figured people might be interested in my impressions on a product you sell . With a massive thanks to Keith for arranging the Tonearm and delivery and a massive thanks to Greg @Hensa for installing it yesterday, I'm the lucky owner of a new tonearm - Brinkman 10.5. https://www.wyndhamaudio.com.au/products/brinkmann-10-5-tonearm I didn't quite understand the difference Tonearms make, and certainly over the past 2 years I've seen a few comments from SNA'rs who gave recommendations on where I should look to upgrade across the end to end chain of my system. So after about 6 months of discussing it with Keith (and then saving) I pulled the trigger on the Brinkman. I trusted the advice from Keith and it also speaks volumes that it is the tonearm of choice for Keith in his system - so you know it will be good. Greg volunteered (well I pestered him til he gave in) to install the arm yesterday. Obviously I wasn't much help but Misha supervised so I knew it would be Ok. A few funny moments in the installation but when we fired it up in anger we both just said "wow" - (well words similar but can't swear on here). Immediately the bass was richer, fuller and deeper. Not bloated, just better and deeper. The clarity was a big change as well. Many more layers to the music presentation. Remarkable a tonearm can make this kind of difference. We played "Rag n Bone Man - Human" - we are both very familiar with this pressing and we could both hear the improvements in the sound presentation. More of the background effects were audible, the bass was just sensational (deep and sounding awesome), the best way to articulate the change is to say it is more "Holographic" (to borrow Greg's description of the sound). Each Album we played afterwards we could both hear the improvement. For me, money well spent. The uplift I reckon is around 15% in overall system performance - on what was a pretty decent sounding system already. I'm being conservative as well with that percentage. Loving the new Brinkman tonearm Thanks again Keith and thanks Greg!!! Woo hoo............... Some pics from yesterday, before and after shots - with one of the supervisor (Misha). From phone so perhaps not as good as others produce on here. Jelco 750 Tonearm to Brinkman 10.5 Tonearm
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    GRIZZLY BEAR - Shields Its taken me a little while to "get" this album. But I think that I finally do, as it quite gelled with me this afternoon (except for one spot when the record got stuck - haven't had this happen for ages). Ali Farka Toure with RY COODER - Talking Timbuktu Simply stunning album, well recorded, mastered off the original analogue tapes (if you're into that sort of thing - :)) But more importantly beautiful fusion music, Malian blues played by some great musicians.
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    Saturday night wanderings along the Yarra - Sandridge Bridge 2
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    Spun it once, now spinning it again (only louder) , because it has been too long........one of my desert island records.
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    Now onto the late great Leonard Cohen and his superb debut album. Mono UK first pressing.
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    This is the Vintage Gear page on my blog/website (I have a weakness for this sort of stuff which I am working a ten point plan to try and cure!) - http://www.homeentertainment.com.au/retro.html
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    A big shout out to @Marc for supporting the industry so well. I got some pretty snarky emails from the Chester Group around the time Marc ran his first show in Melbourne so I could reasonably guess they were giving him a hard time too. Massive kudos to him for supporting a 'rival' show and in doing so, putting the industry and SNA readers ahead of the sniping of others.
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    1. Traffic - Mr Fantastic 2. King Crimson - In The Court Of The Crimson King 3. Bob Dylan- the Freewheelin' Bob Dylan 4. Led Zeppelin 1 5. BobDylan - John Wesley Harding 6 Bob Dylan - Highway 61 7. Moody Blues - To Our Children's Children's Children 1969 8 Frank Zappa - Hot Rats 9. Aretha Franklin - I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You 10. Elvis - Fun In Acapulco 11. Small Faces - Ogden's Nut Gone Flake. 12. Eric Dolphy - Out to Lunch 13. Pentangle - Sweet Child 14. John Coltrane - A Love Supreme 15. Van Morrison - Astral Weeks 16. The Kinks - Kinks 17. The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Are You Experienced 18. Miles Davis - Miles Smiles 19.The Beatles - Revolver
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    Ornette Coleman , Something Else! The Music Of Ornette Coleman. Boplicity Records ‎– COP 024. Reissue UK & Europe. Wifey was OK with Free Jazz, but thought it best to tone it down a bit with more of a conventional bop sound.
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    Yesterday afternoon was immensely enjoyable. As anyone who knows me will attest, I am more of a music guy than a gear guy, so apologies to everyone whose equipment I mis-attribute or just get plain wrong. Speaking of music, I've had enough female jazz vocals in one afternoon to last me a lifetime. What is it with hi fi guys and plain boring female jazz vocals over-saturated in reverb? There were a number of highlights for me. Among them was a visit to the Audio Note room with @Viognier It was great to meet @guru and his lovely wife. As several have already mentioned, the sound in this room was relaxed and natural and a welcome relief from some of the hyper real, super bright, over polished presentation of some of the big brand, big ticket products on show. Despite the fact that Brian was just plain too lazy to put a 45 RPM record on for me , he wowed me nonetheless with a plain old CD recording of Vincent Belanger. Anyone looking for a superbly well recorded virtuoso performance on cello need look no further and I can only imagine how great this would sound in a well set up room regardless of format. Anyone looking for a superb CD player should give Brian a holler The system that Bill McLean had on display presented the great blues he was playing with aplomb. Again, it was a relaxed and natural sound that I could have spent much more time enjoying. The Studio Connections room with its Bricasti products on display also impressed. I listened to a track from the Bill Evans Trio and was quite taken, apart from the drummer needing to be 12 feet tall to reach from the toms to the cymbals - something that I suspect had much more to do with the room than the gear. I also had the pleasure of meeting @WarwickF in the Pure Music room with @Nap250 (where we ran into @metal beat), but I was disappointed to see so much analogue eye candy on show with none to be sampled. Thankfully my vinyl cravings were well sated by the guys in the Telos room, who just let the music coming from the sensational Dohmann Helix One speak for itself. No annoying sales pitches about why their gear was better than everybody else's (none of that in the aforementioned rooms either). They also had the best selection of great music at the show for mine. The Kyron room sounded fantastic, but I would have liked to hear the speakers without the subs on. For mine, the bass was just over-powering. Some agreed with me, others didn't, which just goes to show it's all about personal taste. Which brings me to say there was no 'best' sound - just different flavours. Some were seasoned to perfection for me, others over spiced. Easily the worst sounding room was the one we filled at Harts Pub after the show and had to put up with @Hensa pontificating about why middle of the road mush is better than music with genuine innovation, passion and excitement . It was also the room where I had by far the most fun on the day and it was great to see such a big contingent of SNA'ers in attendance. Many laughs were shared and the camaraderie was absolutely first rate. I can't wait for the next Sydney show.
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    There is a jazz brotherhood in this thread Josh. Welcome & we look forward to your contributions
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    Item: Jeff Rowland Continuum S2 Integrated Amp with optional MM/MC Phono Location: Briar Hill, Vic 3088 Price: SOLD Item Condition:MINT! Reason for selling: Different path (off to the rubber room I go...) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: Bought in April last year this was supposed to be "end game" for me (...yeah we've all heard that before) but like always the tide has turned and am at the crossroads i.e. looking into the abyss in either upgrading or even downgrading as frankly im no audiophile and maybe a lot of the Jeff Rowland goodness is wasted on me but I will say with 100% authority this has been the best sounding amp in my system bar none and if you don't believe me check out my journey so far... Also for all those tech heads keen to see whats under the hood see here... Those that need power hows 400w/8ohms & 800w/4ohms sound. Less than 1.5 years old and still current model. Comes with all original packaging , manuals and even the absolutely insulting cheap s**t remote (which even though pisses me off each time I pick it up must admit it does work a treat). Also check out my past feedback. Im not here to scam or rip anyone off and am just looking for a happy home for this while I seek therapy for being an idiot and selling this....
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    sunlight on a wall. 35mm, fp4 @ 80iso film, ilfosal3 developer.
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    I try to avoid forums these days, I dont have enough hours in the day as it is, but one of my customers pointed out to me that the old "build quality" issue had been brought up again by the same old crew. I cant be bothered replying in detail, but let me say that this year i've had a couple of twenty year old + preamps come back for service. They always need new tubes, and maybe I'll replace a few electros if necessary, but it rarely takes more than a few hours to bring them back to as new condition. Yes the wiring looks confusing to most, but its actually pretty easy to follow if you have good tube design knowledge. Certainly a lot easier than trying to decipher a circuit board. There are around 500 preamps around the world and they are all still functioning perfectly. Despite the "build quality" . And I mostly do these services free of charge, because I know they will be easy. Exceptions are preamps modified by "gurus" , they usually sound horrible and are full of rubbish components that "sound better" . Nearly 30 years of building preamps now, I must be doing something right, although some like to disagree. Now I've got to go and listen to a preamp I've just finished for a music lover, will leave the last word to the armchair critics. Mick Maloney- Supratek.
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    Well they look amazing in the sun be interesting to see when there setup.
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    but what if the listener is almost always drunk when listening to the stereo?
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    Received a few deliveries through the week. Amazing in that all but one came with paper inners... The exception is this superb release, purchased based on a recommendation from this thread when i asked for Nina suggestions. Nina Simone - silk and soul ORG release 45rpm. Quick play this morning as we're going out for lunch but you just hear the quality straight away. Love it and her voice. Sent from my SM-G925I using Tapatalk
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    1. Queen-Live Killers 2. Rock of Ages-The Band 3. The Guess Who-Live at the Paramount. 4. Robin Trower-Live 5. Neil Young - Weld 6. Nils Lofgren - Acoustic Live 7. Deep Purple - Made In Japan 8. The Saints - Live At Pig City Brisbane 2007 9. Miles Davis - In Person, Friday and Saturday Nights at the Blackhawk, San Francisco 10.Bob Marley & The Wailers - Babylon by Bus 11. Bill Withers - Live At Carnegie Hall 12. Magnolia Electric Co* ‎– Trials & Errors 13. Roger Waters - In the Flesh 14. James Brown - Live at The Apollo
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    The Ornette Coleman Double Quartet, Free Jazz. Atlantic SD 1364, Reissue, Gatefold US. "FREE JAZZ was recorded in one uninterrupted "take" of 36 minutes 23 seconds. This performance by Ornette Coleman's Double Quartet is heard exactly as it was performed in the studio, without any splicing or editing. Side One ends with a quick fade-out, and the music resumes with a minimum of interruption on Side Two. On stereo Ornette Coleman, Don Cherry, Scott LaFaro and Billy Higgins are heard on the left channel, Eric Dolphy, Freddie Hubbard, Charlie Haden and Ed Blackwell are heard right. " https://www.discogs.com/Ornette-Coleman-Double-Quartet-Free-Jazz-A-Collective-Improvisation-By/release/5791159
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