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  2. Impressive Al! 5 axis electronic image stabilisation, I take it that is on the sensor? GPS, although can chew through the battery, I love geotagging my images, particularly when on holiday.
  3. Another newie for me that I am enjoying immensely, will have to check out their catalogue.
  4. Neil Young-Old Ways I bought this in 1985 as I loved the cover, played it once, thought it was crap country and western. Playing it this morning for the first time since. I don't like it any better really. One or two alright tracks but it will probably be 32 years until I play it again.
  5. Hi Owen Just distilled water and the iso/alcohol mix listed in the instructions ftom the Poland seller. Ive added triton x to the same mix and the results improved dramatically Sent from my SM-G925I using Tapatalk
  6. Pro-Ject Debut in Brisbane Just received an email of price drop to $180 . Has speed control . Could be a bargain first TT $180.00
  7. Body is one thing, but most of weight and volume is taken up by lenses, especially zoom, long range ones. No doubt there is a huge choice of dslr lenses and superb ones, but M43 offers some decent choices. And cheaper...
  8. I may gate crash this event.
  9. Just managed to grab three of her albums from The Muses and absolutely love them all, just rich lush dark stuff, right up my alley. Thanks all (the Rev-Tubey-Metal Beat et al) for introducing this material to me! Fantastic stuff.
  10. Will give them a go.
  11. What terminals did you use? I love the ETI speaker pods.
  12. I'd wait for arrival (that might influence your attitude ) - as @Hensa sez. Then maybe suggest splitting the difference - everyone is then happy or unhappy Cheers, Owen
  13. Mirrorless have smaller bodies and lenses. The advantage of considerably less weight and volume seems small (a few kilos less, more than half of volume) but when traveling makes a big difference. Olympus & Panasonic M43, which I have, is the biggest player in mirrorless market. Nikon & Canon dominate the non mirrorless market and with a long history of good cameras and huge range of lenses, brings a certain element of prestige! Most professionals have multiple ones, and you can see many tourists carrying thousands of dollars $ $ $ worth of gear. My bias is using discrete M43 cameras (Olympus looks old fashion, unlikely to attract attention of thieves!). Mirrorless cameras used to have slightly less capability eg. fast moving & very low light, but latest models have bridged the gap. At the end of the day, both types are good. The hard decision is which brand and system you pick. Yes, there are lense adapters between brands, but often is a compromise. Best thing is to have a look in a camera store and see what you are comfortable with.
  14. @scuzzi - just for information, what was your previous mix? Cheers, Owen
  15. How about the audio technica in ear monitors? I had the 50's and while sounding great they can really clamp to your head and be a bit uncomfy.
  16. They're mostly just a CD player with a tube buffer. If your amp is tube no need really if the motivation is to keep things tubey. But you may like particular tube players to sound good to you which is not unusual. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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  18. Not at this stage , @ex brickie mainly just moving all my double ups .
  19. Thanks everyone for the advice, photography is just like the audio world - too many choices. I do have another question, does it matter at my entry level whether it is mirrorless ? I can't determine if that is a issue to worry about.
  20. Any opinions, experience out there in reference to these Audio Technica headphones. im after a close back because the BOSS says she doesn't wanna hear what I'm listening to on my Beyerdynamic T90. Im after something that's efficient to be able to plug directly into an iPhone and it should give me the "wow" factor for very little money. I tried the M50 close back and thought "that's sounds Awesome". Ive heard headphones right up to $7k and not impressed on the money one would pay, the idea is that you can stick a pair of cans on top of your head and doesn't require $0000.00 to drive them properly, if you have to spend like this to get what you want so be it but I'm not interested in pay for a dedicated set up or $$$$ wise. I just need something simple. The T90 did that but it's open cans!
  21. I'd like to come along for the listen. Always good to catch up with a few other crazies too.
  22. Thanks Red, hope to see you over in SA again someday..... Many phonos??......well I am sure you can have one more or just make the Ayre THE phono stage!
  23. It was up for a second. Nice car. Flared guards and aggro front bumper look great on the 1m, especially in white.
  24. Incorrect anti skating over a long period will create that slant in the cantilever especially on a high compliance cart. You can remedy it to a point by anti skate adjustment. Rather than set for a specific amount on the dial, watch the cartridge head on while it's at a number of points on an album and adjust so that it is straight. Your stylus is dirty and needs a good clean. Onzow Zerodust and use a good stylus brush before each side of an album, the dirt is probably stuck on so a liquid cleaner gently applied would be helpful in this case.
  25. Sounds like most audiophile accessories to me [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  26. It may sound different or it may not. Depends more upon your ears really. Perceived difference is often different output levels.
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