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  2. This will be the reference the Pi and other seas speakers, need a blue cable ,supply and amp (keyboard monitor) nice speakers. Let the interrogation commence
  3. It's a scam has happened to me on ebay and they are always from overseas. Sent from my SM-G928I using Tapatalk
  4. Amazing sub!!! glwts
  5. Hi everyone! I am having the same problem, Benq w1070+ (560 hours on the clock) and after 10/15 minutes turns it off and Power and Temp lights are Red. @MattWalker anyone on the Gold Coast/Brisbane area that could help me out?! I will call Benq support!
  6. Some updated pictures of starting the veneer work and fitting peices together ive done small veneer work but nothing this big so hopefully it turns out
  7. PIL - Metal Box.
  8. Update .. found a pair
  9. Measuring via a mike via Audessy will only lower the volume anyway, just manually set them to maximum. The Marantz isn't a truly balanced amp in any case so get some xlr to rca adapters and the output should be 2.4v per the specification. Sent from my SM-T113 using Tapatalk
  10. I am interested and have pm. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  11. Well my x70 is all fixed and hope it last a bit longer this time around.
  12. I know what you mean I love JVC but my bad luck given me a bad taste. JVC is much more professional in the user in picture settings
  13. Pink Floyd. Meddle and Animals please. PM on its way.
  14. Item: Burson HA-160 Location: Newport NSW 2106 Price: 200 Item Condition: Noice Reason for selling: Found it under my desk Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, bank transfer Only Extra Info: Has the usual issue with this model which is the stepped attenuator. Pse google for info. Would prefer pickup so you can try it first but will ship at your cost. (Please - no PMs asking for a price with postage included.) Listening now - it sounds noice. Let me know if genuinely interested, price is as stated plus postage, please don't ask for lower. Thanks! Pictures: That will cost extra
  15. It is interesting for sure.
  16. Today
  17. Keith at the moment it looks and unfortunately sounds terrible which is to some extent to be expected. Going to calibrate the sound card tomorrow.
  18. Arrived today, great stuff. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  19. What dont you like about it now? Flutter echo I imagine? Treating the room to make it look nice and just part of the place i.e. not hanging bright coloured panels here and there will be very expensive or time consuming (if diy). Id forget the side walls and try to add as many absorbers behind the mlp as you can. See how it behaves and add more if desired. I had a living room like that. Everything else in terms of treatment is redundant imo until you fix the echo issue. It drove me mad. Best of luck with it
  20. She doesnt mind.
  21. Please explain @fish
  22. as a note at end of lease or early termination your GST is charged on the residual... this is factored in on final reconciliation and payout. so the saving in GST of $4k on purchase is actually only $3k there abouts. and yep you dont buy cars as investments. have wasted a lot of money myself in novated leasing over some 15 years or so... but then I did own and enjoy some really nice cars over that time...
  23. Can anyone comment on source changes along the chain to modulate bass? Also have any maggie owners achieved good bass via certain means?
  24. nice detective work @chrisb0
  25. How much are they ?
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