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  2. Thinking ARC P9 but price [emoji24][emoji24][emoji24] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  4. Very sad day. RIP to an amazing rider and by all accounts, a top bloke.
  5. I have one FS, has a box and can ship anywhere. OP can pm me if that item is of interest to him.
  6. If you are worried about interference, you could always build yourself a Silk Filter. Less than $20 in parts. I would grab one of those 19" rack mount power boards because a lot of them are made of metal, replace the cord with a double shielded power cable and fit the Silk inside. Search for it or go to Lampizator's website.
  7. Regardless of what you have or how much you paid, how good is the feeling when you discover that there's more to the music you've been listening to? Very tidy work. Don't stop asking questions, that next piece you find could be another door down the rabbit hole. Sent from my E6653 using Tapatalk
  8. Too much for me and my clumsey habits Steve
  9. Have a look at the VINCENT PHO8 2 BOX . Its a cracker for abuot $350
  10. Yes, I have tried some of Geoff's analog cables with good results. Interesting experience on the Meitner. A friend has the Berkeley alpha USB bridge which I might compare to the Singxer as well.
  11. You won't like it, best sell it to me.
  12. Who knows, there may be a whole new career in children's storytelling just waiting for you. The next j k Rowling ..... and then you will be able to buy those new power cords.....
  13. Thanks @Bell Ringer I passed the info on. Looks like a good arm for the money.
  14. Easist way to tell a fake ... take it to a dealer, listen to a system with a real one in it, then listen to the potential fake in the system ... I imagine it should be pretty easy to hear which is a fake especially for the dealer who will be very familiar with the AC 12 sound.
  15. The narrow sound stage of se846 is even more noticeable compared to andromeda
  16. I wouldn't bother the only thing I have is a couple of surge protectors, won't protect from a lightning strike but I've had a few appliances control boards get frazzled by surges in the past hence the surge protectors if you don't want to pay the outrageous prices for these exotic power boards then don't power in Australia is pretty clean power filtering is a waste of money just my opinion though.
  17. Audirvana+ (and I guess other computer music file player software) can upsample the native file to DSD prior to decoding by your DAC, assuming your DAC can decode it. The idea being you use the grunt of the computer (Mac Mini in my case) to easily upsample, then presumably the DAC does a better job of decoding high bitrate DSD to analog (than PCM for example). I have been doing a bit of this in the last few days and have to say that the results are good, certainly no worse than the straight PCM file. Marginally more "air", maybe better detail and imaging. This is despite a personal view of believing it's best to keep conversions of the signal to a minimum, ie reducing the opportunity for degradation. I was just wondering if anyone else has tried this upsampling of digital files and had any comment about your experience, good, bad or indifferent.
  18. I sold my Nakamichi 610 a little while back. It was mint and I think $300 or so was all it got. They are amazing units. And here is the receipt from 1977. Also purchased with the NS-1000ms which are the ones I'm currently working on. The whole set was $1850. The pre I think was around $600. The receipt for the tape deck is $600. I have the mint manuals for the tape deck and pre of anyone would like to make me an offer.
  19. thankyou Scott, the harry potters have indeed all sold. I have updated though the main post to remove all sold items that have now gone off to new owners. also added a few ...
  20. Price drop then it goes on the 'bay
  21. Go for the ME75B in the classifieds. Amazing amp and you'll never need to upgrade.
  22. J.J. Cale - Don't Go To Strangers
  23. If you think Adelaide's bad you should try Tasmania. The retailers have little to recommend them except maybe Quantum Audio in Hobart . It's as if hi-fi ( if can use an old fashioned term) never arrived here.
  24. Slippery slope ...
  25. Payment received
  26. a couple of birds about this evening: Superb fairy-wren : Brown thornbill cheers mick
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