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  2. I had no idea Dali got up to such things, amazing. GLWTS.
  3. Hi Suopermanni My suggestion is kill 2 birds with one stone & with that budget puchase Event Opal active studio monitors Will make most of the above sound like sad plastic toys. Go hard, go pro. Trust your ears & if you have the ears to hear you will never look back. If my suggestion offends some it's because they need offending with the musical truth. Ignore the inevitable flamers I will cop Just LISTEN TO THEM! YOU SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH AND THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE. AMEN!
  4. Suggest changing the vertical tracking angle to see if that helps. Looks like your arm can be adjusted for height.
  5. Never seen one of these before, sounds intriguing. Does it support all the latest codecs and stuff?
  6. @Unsound I reckon if you get Peter to Aus there could be a number of people that would be keen on a "tutorial" of setting up a LP12.
  7. My platter came up shiny using autosol by hand. You saying you give yours a polish once a month doesn't make me feel so bad as it has remained respectable for about 3 months even with our humid weather we have had.
  8. Welcome to the jungle George.
  9. Welcome George
  10. I was holding out for the UHD, but nothing showing on pre order at JB, even though released in the states... I'll pick up a copy today.
  11. @christianb have you considered keeping the Kondo Ongaku and moving to Derby? Back in my days in the Kimberley Derby was by far the more enjoyable community. YMMV.
  12. Hi everyone. I've been a member for a little while now, but haven't posted much as yet. I'm building a 2 channel system which is a bit of a mix of golden era vintage (speakers/turntable) and some then some more modern components. SN has already been a fantastic resource of information! George
  13. Oh is the discount withdrawn? Sent from my JAZZ using Tapatalk
  14. @Yamaha Man Hi Buddy. Can you please tell me if the KAS monoblocks are still for sale? If so, I would like to have a chat with you. Cheers.
  15. Thanks, John, for making your home and your terrific system available for Sydney SNAers to audition so many of our products. Dave and I are very grateful that we are able to give Sydney SNAers the opportunity to experience our range of loudspeakers and for any Sydney SNAer genuinely interested in our BR range of loudspeakers, we are happy to talk to you about arranging a home demonstration in your own system on a trial loaner basis, similar to the very popular Slee Loaner Program. John is a wonderful host and I highly recommend you put your hand up for the GTG on March 12, you will not be disappointed. If there is room and I can make it down myself, I will do my best to attend as well. Cheers, Keith
  16. Hi Samurais My advice is take your time and go for S/H. Audition with the amp you decide on if you can. There are plenty of excellent value speakers in the classifieds right here. By savvy shopping you will be able to afford a better class of speaker. Also it helps people help you if you can give a bit more detail of your musical taste eg rock, techno, rap, jazz, classical or kabuki seing you use the Samurais handle. What is the size and constuction of your listening environment. EG fibre board, wood panel plastered brick or plain brick. A picture is worth a thousand words. Do you listen loud or laid back @ moderate volume or both. The more information you supply the better those who can help will be able to do so. Do you like dynamic and live sound or are you one who prefers analytical sound like ribbons or electrostats. Go & audition speakers 40% above your maximum outlay to get an idea of what is available S/H. Cheers
  17. No probs - will forward later . Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  18. Yesterday
  19. Youll need to shoot me info on how to approach this mysterious Edmund.
  20. I find once you've done a mechanical polish and got it gleaming then a quick hand polish with Autosol once a month or so keeps it like new. I'm not sure the LP12 platter comes up the same. I gave mine a bit of a rub but decided to leave it. Were they ever shiny?
  21. If you mean the old plinth and base board - yes. It's a black non-fluted plinth. I'll get rid of the top plate too, as I have a Tiger Paw Kahn. I'm trying to get Peter Swain down to Oz to do the work for me and others. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Yes Edmund is very obliging selling individual parts - should be a few 100 for the case and a worthwhile improvement on the inbuilt board plus can put a base on . Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  23. Yep [emoji106] A worthwhile upgrade in itself.
  24. And what are peoples recommendations for slowing the rate of oxidation once polished? In my case I am referring to a LP12 platter.
  25. I work in the courthouse Christian, drop by around lunchtime.
  26. yes I do. Been polishing by hand using 1200 sand paper then Brasso.
  27. It was driving a pair of ELAC FS267s which are a 4 ohm nominal (min around 3) impedance. Room was around 6m x 8m. Low levels are almost always going to be problematic, especially for bookshelf speakers and I didn't actually hear them at low level anyway. Sounded really nice, not at all harsh. Smooth yet detailed. And it had drive in the low frequencies too.
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