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  2. Server cloning

    The options I quoted: System image - makes an image of what is on the drive, like Clonezilla. (as opposed to the backup option which does cumulative backups and isn't as good for your particular purpose). System repair disc - if you need to restore the system image, you boot from the repair disc and then choose to restore from the system image. That control panel doesn't exist in Windows Server 2012, which is probably what you have, though, so ignore me on that. Instead you get this help from Microsoft: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc770757(v=ws.11).aspx Clonezilla looks a lot more attractive than that...
  3. Nice. Having owned and tried a variety of Arthurs gear myself its rock solid and sounds magnificent. Arthurs also a true gentleman to deal with. GLWTS @blybo
  4. Greetings from the lower Blue Mountains

    Welcome Scootsie. I love my Auroras as well. I'm not in a hurry to let them go. Cheers.
  5. item:Perpetuum Ebner PE 4040 Turntable Location: Adelaide Hills Price: $3795 (without cart) - NEW price is $6395 Item Condition: like new - played twice. Here is another stupid deal for a lucky person. We were offered this brand of Turntables from Germany ( Perpetuum Ebner) with view to distribute them into retailers. After some thought we decided to pass on the distribution, but i have this one Turntable I'm prepared to sell at a silly price. They really are superb! Here's a link to a listing on our website. First in first served. A true bargain!! I have a number of different cartridges in stock we could mount for customer, at any budget. http://magentaaudio.com.au/product/perpetuum-ebner-pe-4040-turntable/
  6. Buying Speakers from USA/Europe

    In the past I have auditioned , Bowers and Wilkins, Elac, Wharfedal, Kef, Jamo and Focal. I went for Bowers and Wilkins in the end. Although I had read they were bright I found them to be right up my alley with the high and mid range delivery and further more to that when I got them home the low end was more satisfactory then I had at first thought after reading up about them. Out of of all those editions I have auditioned I enjoyed most was the Elac, Focal and B&W in that order for me they seem to deliver a wonderfull staging across the board in my opinion with the voice in the Elac being second to nothing I have ever heard. Must be those ribbon tweeters. So if if that helps I kind of will sacrifice low end for clarity in mid and high end frequencies.
  7. ohh man, I so want that preamp!!! I suspect a local buyer will snap it up though; being in Wollongong makes a pickup difficult!!!! GLWTS Steve :-)
  8. Currently Spinning

    Just to complete the trifecta......
  9. Buying Speakers from USA/Europe

    My apologies, I do mean the second hand market yes. Haha Hi Happy I want those B&W Matrix you mentioned!! And they are only in the USA and Europe at the moment. Thanks heaps guys guys ther is a lot of information for me to follow on here and much to consider. Specifiaclly I seem to be attracted to Bowers and Wilkins offerings and JBL 44** models. The thinking I am applying to my purchase is that in the past I have purchased PC's for 3k and most of them are somewhere in a dump at the moment. I would prefer my money to be spent on something which I can feel comfortable knowing that in future it would still hold a decent value if I was to resell it. So with that in mind I am setting the bar quite high for myself so I can really get something that really wows me. As as far as brands go I admit that I am a little ignorant as to the offerings and would need to really dive into more research but with such a large market of offerings to choose from I am trying to formulate the best ideas that I can do that I research the speakers I want and am attracted to both aesthetically and off coarse first and foremost listening pleasure. I would mainly be listening to Blues, Classic Rock, Rock, Some Heavy Metal, Jazz, Reggae, Classical, World music, Maybe a few more styles that I can't think of right now but predominantly quite. Large mixture of different types of music. So so need something thumpy as I like to hear the glass rattle sometimes Regards Andrew.
  10. Server cloning

    Thanks @rmpfyf understand what you're saying about responsibility but I must admit you're talking another language!!! @Eggcup The Daft yes its windows server. If i use the windows backup function and the system crash's how do I get to the restore page? Hopefully someone over this way may be able to assist???? Please.... Thanks guys
  11. Server cloning

  12. When did we become so lazy ??

    I exercise regularly so I deserve a remote control. Oh and any AV equipment without a remote control is snake-oil-voodoo and a rip-off.
  13. Currently Spinning

    After about 8 listens; background, headphones, intimate darkness, soft, loud and with the wife just chillin.......................I'm thinking it is one of the best things he has ever done and that is a bloody high bar to beat. Can't fault a song. Listening to his 2 part interview on your tube, discussing each track, really brings the album into focus. Musically he just kills it. Pariah (his Bush/Gabriel 'Don't give Up' ode), Refuge and Detonation are pure SW. Even 'Permanating' is a truly joyous 3.34 mins of perfect pop music. Brilliant. Just Brilliant!!!! Regards Cazzesman
  14. Vinyl lover

    Welcome to the group. I grew up with records and radio, (eventually had a record shop) but these days use a bit of everything, from CD & LP to Streamed music from (i) the hard drive, (ii)Spotify and (ii)JazzRadio.com. Today has been mostly LP while I've got together a batch of LPs for despatch to Melbourne, and cleaned a few of those plus some of my own.
  15. Buying Speakers from USA/Europe

    i think he's probably referring to the secondhand market
  16. Nissan Stagea + MacQuarie Pass = Heaven

    The surface on the pass is actually pretty good. I'd give a good 7 (maybe 8) out of 10. It would be firggin' awesome on your bike though. The weird camber changes would likely cause you less trouble than they do a car. The trick is to wait at the bottom, to ensure no one is in front of you. There's almost no place to overtake easily. And yeah, the pies at Robertson are significantly better that servo pies. Still, nothing beats a beef brisket pie from Bourke Street Bakery. Brilliant pies. Even better, are the lamb and harissa sausage rolls. Made with real BUTTER, so you don't get that horrible dry mouth feel. Amazing sausage rolls. Best of all, Bourke Street Bakery opened an outlet at Kirrawee! About 4 clicks from Sunny Oyster Bay. NEVER go to Bourke Street Bakery (any of their outlets) at lunchtime. The queues can be phenomenal. Two more things: 1) Don't do the pass on the weekend. You'll almost certainly get stuck behind a Land Cruiser, or something similarly useless. Take your sunglasses off. You won't need 'em. The funniest part is that the posted speed limit is 60kph. It's actually pretty difficult to exceed that speed in a car. A bike like yours is another thing. I hit a little over 100kph in a few spots. I couldn't stand the squealing (from SWMBO) though, so I slowed it down a bit. 2) For a more challenging drive/ride, try Jambaroo Mountain Road. Slower, tighter and narrower. It's often wet too. Lots of water seeping from various places onto the road. Best bit? Trucks are forbidden from JMR. I've only driven JMR once.
  17. You've likely heard of Roon by now, "the music player for music lovers" but the cost of admission may have held you back. ELAC's Discover Music Server may be just the ticket. Read on to understand more about Roon Essentials. View the full article
  18. Available later this year, headphone specialists Audio-technica will release a special edition release of their ATH-MSR7 over-ear headphones. View the full article
  19. Tivoli Audio are no strangers to radio. Their iconic Model One hit the market 17 years ago as a throwback to the classic valve radio. Some 17 years later they're now enjoying a new high-tech range and new lower pricing for Australia. View the full article
  20. New member from Melbourne

    Welcome aboard! Melbourne is actually a good place to be into hifi. I'm always seeing good things going at the right price down there. Usually "pick up only" so not much use to us Northerners! But you should have no trouble feeding the habit, with that and now this mob to refer to.
  21. FS: Audio GD NFB 11

    9018 or 9028? Upgraded usb?
  22. Buying Speakers from USA/Europe

    I'd be interested in knowing which Australian brands you've considered in light of your 'lacklustre' comment. IMO, it's the other way around, unless you are looking at high end speakers over $30k. We have numerous world class manufacturers here whose relative prices are very competitive. Plus you get the not insignificant advantage of top class advice and service, and in may cases being able to try before buying. It would help if you indicated a rough budget so members can advise you of what's around. Plus the existing gear you've got regarding compatibility. Cheers (and welcome!)
  23. Perth members?

    Hi folks, any Perth members who could help me out with a pickup this week? I have a piece of gear that needs to be picked up from the south side of town and I'm trying to avoid Pack and Send—last time I used them in Perth they damaged an amp with their miserable packing. For this one I'll sort out the packing, I'm just looking for a simple pickup. Happy to reimburse for time/travel and of course return the favour for anything you need done in Melbourne...
  24. Trouble shooting Tweeter

    +1 likely to be a solder joint. Can't imagine a capacitor failing completely without having sounded dreadful in the lead-up. resistors and inductors don't fail. Be brave, try pulling lightly on components and the wiring... if one is loose, there's the problem. A little trickier is a "dry" solder joint which may still attach, but not conduct. That's where your meter comes in handy.
  25. Sorry guys the serial number is 430
  26. I only set it up on the yamaha to take pictures normally it sits on a stand on its own with a peice of marble under it.
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