VAF Research Speakers for Arts Centre Melbourne Exhibition

Australia has a rich history in loudspeaker manufacturing, and VAF Research is arguably one of the most iconic brands that has enjoyed global success since being founded by Philip Vafiadis back in 1978.

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Kii THREE, More Than Meets the Eye

The Kii THREE is more than meets the eye. What may look like a cute pair of speakers at first sight is really an audiophile listening pleasure that outperforms larger and more expensive systems with ease.

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LEAKED: Chord Redefines Portable Audio with ‘Mojo’

Slated for a worldwide release later this week at a special event in London, Chord Electronics have been harbouring a little secret. While speculation had been rife as to what might be launched, we can now confirm the announcement of 'Mojo'.

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Give Dad a Portable Electrostat Speaker for Father’s Day

BenQ, the creators of the world's first portable Electrostat speaker, treVolo, are offering a great promotion for Father's day. What to give someone that already has everything? .... treVolo!

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Yamaha Turns Up Multi-Room Audio

Turning up the heat with their new range of multi-room products, Yamaha have recently launched a new revolutionary technology called MusicCast.

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Astell&Kern release new AK380 masterpiece

Whoever thought that portable digital players had seen the end of their existence since the rise of smart phone use was certainly wrong.

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MicroMega’s Miracle M-One

Brand new from French manufacturer MicroMega, the M-One is everything you could want in a one-box solution, and then some!

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Munich High End 2015: A Taste of the Future

This weekend, May 14-17th, will see manufacturers, designers, audiophiles and music lovers alike flock to Munich, Germany for the annual High End show.

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Creating a Smart Home with Control4

Control4, the leader in home automation and 'smart homes', has released a number of updates designed to make your life easier, move convenient and even save you money.

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Smart Homes and Power Savings

The electronics in a smart home enable many things. Energy management and the subsequent cost savings are increasingly important ...

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The DEQX Factor - Why Timing Matters

DEQX, the humble company from downunder have dedicated themselves to improving sound in homes, studios and venues around the world.

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Involve Audio Surround Master

The Surround Master from Involve Audio. This little piece of kit claims to be able to decode pretty much any type of stereo-encoded surround sound, into 2.0, 4.0, 4.1, 5.0 or 5.1 discrete channels of surround sound audio.

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