UPDATE: Roon Coming Soon to Bluesound & NAD

Quietly added to the growing list of Roon partners overnight, was the addition of the Bluesound and NAD logos as Roon Ready network players. While still stated as 'coming soon', this is the first confirmation that Bluesound will in fact work with Roon.

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Trinnov Amplitude8 for the Ultimate Home Cinema

France's TRINNOV Audio have released the ultimate in home cinema multi-channel amplifiers with the Amplitude8, 8 channel Hypex NCore powered amplifier.

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High Fidelity Sound on the Water with B&W

Famed for brilliant sound in your home, Bowers & Wilkins have now released their Marine range of speakers, specifically designed for the harsh marine environment.

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Nordost Speaker Cables for Custom Installation

One component often overlooked when running long lengths of cables for home cinema or integrated audio systems is the speaker cables. Nordost comes to the party with their Leifstyle range.

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Krix Announce Helix In Ceiling Loudspeaker

Australian loudspeaker manufacturer Krix have announced the Helix, a 6" coaxial in-ceiling speaker for their concealed speaker range for custom installation.

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NAD Stereo Network Amplifier for Multi Room Audio

NAD Electronics have released their CI 720 Network Stereo Zone Amplifier and RM720 companion Rack Mount, allowing six independent stereo zones all accessible via the BluOS operating system.

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Artnovion Acoustic Panels Now Available in Australia

Artnovion, the Portugal based designer and manufacturer of acoustic treatment that not only looks the part in a modern interior, but has the results to back it up, is now available in Australia.

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Kordz Moves to Advance Audio

You might have heard of Kordz cables. What you may not have known is that despite being well known and sold worldwide, they're actually an Australian company.

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Audio Connection Catalogue

Sydney's Audio Connection have released their latest catalogue featuring the many brands they specialise in. Check it out now to learn more about Audio Connection.

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Bluesound Adds MQA Capability

Bluesound, the multi-room audio solution adds to their feature list with an upcoming firmware release allowing MQA playback capability.

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EXCLUSIVE: Bowers & Wilkins, Into The Future

What happens when you take one of the world’s most successful loudspeaker brands and merge it with a next-generation Silicon Valley tech company?

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Review: Bluesound Node 2

Haven't heard of Bluesound before? You should, because they're currently taking the lead role in the multi-room and streaming audio category right now.

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